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  1. Could you please rename my account to DoomN00b? Cheers in advance. = )
  2. Thanks for helping me recover my win HD. :)

    And you're quite the well-known power-poster on the tech-forums mate! 0_o There's a whole host of folks who seems to know you.

  3. I FORGOT TO SAY THANKS!! 0_0 Sorry about that, guys. Thanks for giving me your time of day lads, and for giving me some great tips. Special thanks to Jaclaz who figured out that it was an inactive partition. ( How does that happen btw? Is it the dreaded Readydriver Plus, or is it something I did during the reactivation-process?)
  4. All right, I just tested NanoVIS, from the Bootland community, a pretty novel attempt at a boot-disk I must say. One single file, that then sort of builds a simple win-environment that you can utilize directly. Sadly it did not work so now I'm stumped again... Sigh. EDIT: SOLVED IT!! It was an INACTIVE partition, just like Jaclaz suspected. Man... it was really simple to fix with diskpart... had I known this earlier, I would have been golden. The fault is obviously with Readydriver plus, which seems to confuse the partition-table sometimes or something. I'm going to try and remove it with EasyBCD now that I've got windows again.
  5. Actually translates to: And this: Actually translates to: It will be hard to know what has happened/is happening. jaclaz Well, I just thought about something else that may be the villain of the drama here... Readydriver Plus. I had installed it before, to use some drivers that vista said ixnay too, but it then broke down after a few weeks, for some reason, and borked my windows. ( maybe it was the boot-sector it borked, since it modifies how you boot??), I then reformated my drive and started out new, learning to never trust such an app again. However, even after reformat, the readydriver plus boot-selector, plus or vista, showed up at startup. I don't know why that is, and if it still worked, since I never tried it. But maybe, it's still somehow the erroneous corrupted element that's messing things up?? Also, when I ran chkdsk I didn't run it from a DOS-floppy I'm afraid... I ran it from a command-console off the Vista Install-disc. Could that affect chkdsk effectiveness, as compared to running it from a floppy? I'll be trying Seatools for sure, to check up on the disc. I was actually reading about it just prior to checking the thread. Also, I'm looking at EasyBCD, and it looks to be one heckuva' program. It appears to be able to easily remove boot-elements that are unwanted. What do you think lads? Btw... Can I run, Seatools, EasyBCD, and Chkdsk from one single USB-stick? I do have several functioning USB-sticks, but it would be neat to run 'em all on one single stick.
  6. I ran chkdsk with the /C option, and it reported only one error, problems with the file-structure I believe, no bad sectors or corrupted index. Two unindexed files as well. I tried running with /F, but no dice. It didn't run when I rebooted... hmm.
  7. What are the commands to do it with chkdsk? And can I do it using the command-prompt and the Win install-disk? I'd rather do it tonight then having to wait until tomorrow, when I can make a DOS-disk at work. EDIT: Obviously I can. Never mind that question. http://www.vistax64.com/tutorials/67612-ch...isk-chkdsk.html
  8. Sure, I have a few other medias in the boot-order. 1st device is the Seagate, 2nd is my floppy ( I'm one of those blokes who still thinks it's a useful device) and 3rd is my DVD. I am quite able to select it in the boot-order indeed.
  9. You got it, mate. Here we go: "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press any key" This happens after a completely black prompt with nothing but a line that goes downward a few times, which I recently read is apparently one of the signs of problems with the MBR, right?
  10. Hmm...! First, thanks to Jaclaz for giving me the tip, but it would appear as if I'm doing something wrong... I ran the RE, the command prompt, and then began to enter the commands. X: bootrec.exe/fixmbr , went without a kitch. The prompt returned the message that it did the deed without problem. I then restart, remove the CD and sit in anticipation. No dice. Same as before. Ok, I figure I have to run the command while on the actual affected disc, so I go into Command again: C:/bootrec.exe/fixmbr Ok, no prob' again. Restarting... And still no dice. Windows does not boot. I think for a while, and come to the conclusion that I probably have to fix the bootsector as well, so here we go: C:/bootrec.exe/fixboot "element not found" So here I am, once more... scratching my head intensely and wondering what I'm doing wrong. I should probably mention that the /ScanOs command DID find my C:/windows partition/disc. However, the it didn't show up in the system recovery Options dialog-box (where you select an OS to repair), so I just pressed next there, to get to the command prompt right away. ( And I of course used the Startup Repair tool first, before I started to play around with bootrec) All ideas and tips are heartily received, lads.
  11. I've been given the suggestion that my Master Boot Record is most likely corrupted, so I will now attempt to repair it with the Win RE. I'll report back with my results.
  12. 'Ello, new guy here. Smashin' forum this, with loads of clever lads. I've got me a bit of a problem... I did the Seagate-fix, and my disc now shows up in windows, and I can access the files via another computer, which I applied the firmware update with. (It's now on firmware SD1a instead of SD15) Buut... even tho I can select it as first boot-device, and it shows up fine now in bios, I don't seem to be able to get it to load Win Vista. I even put back the 1gb/s limiting jumper in the back, but no go. It gives me the following fairly infamous error-message: "Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device" I really need some help here fellas, so let me know what's up, if you have time. I'll provide some info on my system down below. CPU: AMD 6000+ X2 at 3 Ghz GPU: Ati Radeon HD 4850 512 Megs Saphire HD1: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500gb S-ATA (firmware SD1a) HD2: Maxtor 400 gb IDE Mobo: Asus M3A78-EM/CM OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64 SP1 ( currently using Asus Xpress Gate tho..) RAM: 4gb Cheers
  13. YES. http://homepages.tesco.net/J.deBoynePollar...no-answers.html If you also want to know the reason, it is that you fiddled with it in every which way you can (and one more) and possibly you have some corrupted data in the MBR, bootsector, or both. (Most probably the MBR, judging from the message). If you also want help in attempting recovering it, start a new thread here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=19 or here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showforum=67 as it has nothing to do with the bricking which is hopefully solved. jaclaz I see. Cheers for the reply mate, I'll give that a try.
  14. If you are in level 1, you need to type /T to get to the lower level. Try the whole process again. I do not understand what you mean by "and the whole shebang, but no response" do you mean by this that when you start over by inserting the card between the pcb and the motor connection etc? Or do you mean after N1 you get no response? Try the steps again and be meticulous. As Gradius2 warned us, it is very easy to ruin the hdd so please be very careful and follow exactly what he says. Also, after you unplugged and plugged it back in, did you hit ctrl-z like it says in the instructions? I redid the whole thing, yeah. I now know where I erred tho... I forgot to type ctrl-z.. 0_0 I went trough the whole procedure again, and it seems like it worked. =) Well... sort of. It gave off the final ok in the prompt, success. And it then showed up in BIOS, and me and the mate who was helping me, were able to run the firmware-update on it. So far so good. But then when I get back home, install it in my comp, puts in the necessary jumpers and such, selects it as first boot device ( this seagate is used as my C: disk, loading windows Vista 64.) it doesn't load windows! Instead it says insert valid boot media. In short: I have been able to solve the problem from my last post, but now I have a new one. Anybody know why the disk won't load Windows? I'm currently posting this from my own comp btw, using Asus Express Gate, which seems to load partially from disk, and partially from some memory-circuit on the motherboard.
  15. Hey there. First, thanks for the guide, it's great. Second, I've got a straange problem... I have a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 with the busy error, and I have finally managed to construct the circuit to access the disk. Checked with the loop, no prob. So far, so good. I managed to get trough all of the instructions until this line: F3 1>N1 (enter) I turned off power and waited for a few seconds ( can't remember how long, sadly...) then swapped it in, but after 20 seconds I didn't get the expected F3 T>... I got F3 1>ÿ.... WTF... Do you guys know what the heck happened?? The prompt froze after that and became unresponsive. I tried starting over, but no go. No response... I tried it again after restarting the comp and the whole shebang, but no response. I checked with a loopback again after the reboot, and that worked just fine. Any information or suggestion right now would be deeply appreciated.
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