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  1. Download from https://filebin.net/k3x0x97yygo19ylh is down. Any Chance for reup?
  2. Forum didn't view display my reply, so I pressed post reply again
  3. Forum didn't view display my reply, so I pressed post reply again
  4. Sorry for bumping this thread, but the linked homepage is gone. archive.org has captured the site, but not the files scanner-win7.z and scanner.zip are very generic names
  5. The Graphics of Star Trek Online (STO) were outdated in 2010, when STO was released... Otherwise your guess is as good as mine.
  6. STO dropping support for Windows 7 and older GPUs after Feb 2022 What happens if I don’t upgrade by February 15? Starting in November 2021, if you are running on Windows 7 or using a Video Card with a Direct3D Feature Level 10, you will be informed of the upcoming incompatibility via the launcher. As of February 15, 2022, STO and NW will no longer be supporting Windows 7 or a Video Card with a Direct3D Feature Level less than 11. Players who do not meet the updated requirements will get a pop-up over the launcher indicating this and the launcher will close automatically when clicking OK. It will not be possible to log in or patch without upgrading. https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/11497603-upcoming-os-and-directx-support-changes https://teddit.net/r/sto/comments/pot5du/sto_dropping_support_for_windows_7_and_older_gpus/
  7. Thanks for the good work. I am still using that list to slipstream updates, when I restall Windows. Using Windows 7 on my trusted IBM Thinkpad Armada would be like torturing them. Thank the Gods, I've so many Windows 2003 licenses. Do you plan on updating that list in the future ? As this forum does not work with Opera 12, especially for posting, I'm only lurker.
  8. links gives me ''Invalid or Deleted File''. Could you upload it again ?
  9. On my Computer (Thinkpad X31) Win98se Sp3 beta +KernelEx +RP9 I also have frequent freezes using Opera 10.10. But it is not caused by CPU Usage, but by eating up User & GDI Resources. Opera freezes, while according to RP9 User Resources are at 1% or dropping rapidly. GDI Resources seem to be fine. Installing GDI Extender beta1 and setting GDIMaxHeapSize=32000 win.ini section [windows] seems to make the freezes less frequently. So GDI Resources are somehow involved. As I disabled JavaScript and Plugins, either Opera is ignoring these settings or they are not responsible for these freezes.

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