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  1. Thank you Tihiy. Hope this will lead to a Win95 drivers project. I got learn how to write a driver too...
  2. Is there any attempt making a new driver for HD Audio hardware for Win95/OSR/97/98? It seem the Win95 DDK was totally scrubbed from the Net. Otherwise, Win9x could be the fastest windows OS around on new Hardware. Meanwhile, DOS software has solved the problem with HD Audio hardware by having direct access to it. Application such as MPXPlay (media player) already run happily and recognized those hardware. Not only HD Audio hardware, USB support too could improved to work if there any drivers projects for Win9x. Is there anywhere else in the Internet still keep those Win9x DDK?
  3. I used to enjoy my computing activities with Win95B (OSR2) since 1998 to 2007 before being forced to migrate using WinXP in 2008. I appreciated more the security level did I had in Win95 than the WinXP had now. With Win95B, I just need 2 small security tools which is an anti-virus called Armour and a Personal Firewall. The anti-virus was good to take care old legacy DOS viruses and the firewall is to track who was trying to send unauthorized access and attack through the back door. Todays viruses is mostly worms types and less lethal than old DOS viruses that could shutdown the system permanently. The rest, the MS-DOS layer and registry is very useful to track and clean latest viruses and worms trace manually. With a little change in registry and editing shell resource, my Win95B can't be recognized as Windows OS while surfing the Net. So, the changes to get Windows viruses is less and some attacks normally send a file that can't be executed in Windows environment or sometime just a script that only works in Internet environment. Thats make it easy to clean the system and exclude the site that mostly send some attacks thru other popular sites. Another thing that great about Win95B is very fast on P3 CPU than Win98 and over 90% applications compile with Win32 based compiler will run without a problem. It is different case with WinXP. It's only good for multimedia and latest games. Some anti-virus made for WinXP always had hiccup to alarm false positive to an application generated by old compilers. They seem to look for viruses pattern through PE header and not the code contents. So, less productivity for software and personal utility developments. The leaner system architecture that integrate DOS and Windows in Win95 based OS, give a lots advantages to user to have the same chances to protect themselves from the attacker from World wide web. The attacker always get exposed when Win95 users go to MS-DOS mode to track their traces. Live long MS-DOS...
  4. aqcww, So far, no one has it yet. That is why I think this MPXPLAY source code could possibly help drivers developer could port them into Win9x. Even a simple generic driver for HDA would be sufficient enough and would also useful for Asus Eee PC sound driver creation which is use Realtek ALC6628 chip (possible of detection VEN_10ce&DEV_7xxx ). If I had the knowledge to write Win9x device driver, I would probably have done it. But it's still long way for me able to do just that. Furthermore, Win95DDK were no longer available anywhere on the Net and it make it hard to newbie learn about it.
  5. Hi MSFN experts, I'm new here. My interest is to run Win95 (OSR2 specific) OS running on current hardware X-Core/HDA/PCIe/etc. I was managed to boot Win95 from an USB key with NVidia GeForce GS 7200 using 4400 Ti driver and limit the RAM to 256MB (The rest becoming a virtual drive). The only problem is the soundcard driver is not possible since it use UAA based audio sound card from VIA HDA(Gigabytes MB/Intel HD Audio compatible). It has been months I'm seeking for at least a generic driver for it but not success. The good news is, yesterday I was found a DOS media player which is detecting the soundcard as Intel HDA and play the MP3 music in pure DOS mode. Even better, this media player come with OpenWatcom C source code. It's called MPXPLAY (MPXPLAY Wesite). Play various popular audio format with built-in codecs and auto soundcard detection. MPXPLAY screenshot: On the top right box, it detect Intel HD Audio hardware and show IHD initial My question is, with this working application that able to use HD Audio soundcard from DOS, is it possible for any drivers experts here could use the source code to create a Win95/98 driver for it? If this is possible, it will solved most of my problem to run old Win95 games which is not compatible with WinXP with current hardware. I got all my favorite Win95 games already working. Just wait for the soundcard. At the moment I substitute with window speaker drivers which is quite annoying when it unable to match the speed of the game and begin lagging the whole thing. Any comments are welcome.

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