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  1. Hard drive imaging

    Hey guys, i image a lot of dieing drives eg bad sectors etc. What is the best software for imaging and cloning hard drives. Currently im using Acronis true image 2010. Someone recommended shadow protect. any thoughts?
  2. Disk Spanning

    http://hcidesign.com/dvdspan/ - That is exactly what im looking for!! Thanks. Edit: Just tried it there, its shareware, the only limitation i can see is that it wont let you burn over 7 disks. Anything over 5DVDs is better off on another form of media anyways. Thanks again.
  3. Hey

    I think enterpise edition uses different keys and wont require activation? I think...
  4. Disk Spanning

    Hey Guys, Im looking for some help here, im looking for burning software that will automaticly span the data over multiple disks. Ashampoo's back up feature will do it but it requires software to be on the pc to read back the data. I search and i search and i cant find software that does this I used a peice of software once before that did it perfectly. when you put the first disk in, it ran a small exe file that would guide you to restore the data. i cant for the life of me remember the software. Please help
  5. how to change connected networks name?

    i cant get your pic to load and im a bit unsure of what you want?
  6. just to give my 2 cents, no matter what browser im using. I always make sure IE is up to date. I need to use it now and then for logmein and some specific web pages. unless you have dial up updates don't tend to take too long?
  7. Universal sata driver

    I use driverpack.net for the sata drivers. makes life easy when installing xp!
  8. Hey

    Hey everyone! Im astounded no one has taken this username? Lol.