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  1. Hi, I have found a lot about silent install of KPF and it works fine. BUT I want to install Kerio Personal Firewall to custom path (different from default). Previously mentioned procedures are not usable because there is no setup.exe (which can be used to create response file). So please how to handle this ? Any ideas ? Thanx exXtreme P.S.: Distribution package contains ISScript10.Msi, KPF msi and two folders ... P.S.S.: I have tried googling a lot without success but maybe with incorrect statements. Your help will be appriciated
  2. Nephilim, based on this article I don't think SP2 for MUI will be published. If you find different info, please let me know. And if you resolve problem with slipstreaming MUI with SP2, I will appreciate you will share HOW-TO. Thank you in advance. exXtreme P.S.: From my perspective we are talking about same thing - MUI SP2 is MUI with SP2 applied.
  3. Nephilim, I think all MUI SP2 updates are published now - see Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 841625 "An update is available for the WinXP MUI Pack". Or do you know about something addtitional ? I am interested because I want to add MUI SP2 to my unattend installation (see this thread and also this one), so let me know. exXtreme
  4. Hi all, I want to add MUI to my Win XP SP2 unattend CD. I have applied to this thread http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=23841 but without one particular answer: In case I have installed slipstreamed Win XP and then MUI, I do not have MUI with applied SP2 updates (right?). So is it possible to make MUI slipstreamed from SP2 package and how ? I don't want to run SP2 update again (after MUI installation). Also there is additional work to do with MUI SP2. With SP1, MS declares all updates to MUI are included within SP1. With SP2 it is more complicated, MS have released at least 3 additional packs (distributed separately per language) - WMP9 MUI update, VMM2.1 MUI update and Cumulative Help Update. Thanx for any advice, I have searched forums here and done some googling but without success. exXtreme
  5. Please, is it correct to install MUI on slipstreamed SP2 ? Or how to make MUI slipstreamed also ? Thanks exXtreme
  6. Hi, I am not sure if this will work as expected. Correct installation order for SP1 and MUI was XP->MUI->SP1 (because SP1 has some updates to all MUIs). If you will install XP->SP1->MUI, you have to add SP1 again as last step. So in case I will use your way AND XP on CD will be slipstreamed with SP2, will I have installed MUI updated to MUI SP2. And there is no statement from MS that SP2 includes MUI patches as SP1 has. Sorry, may be it is trivial but I am confused now. Thx
  7. Hi, I have the same question. I want to make one bootable CD of Win XP Pro with MUI (multilingual User Interface Pack - only one additional language) and slipstreamed SP2 (including SP2 support tools, WMP9 and other stuff). And later I want to include Office 2003 slipstreamed with MUI (it will lead to bootable DVD, I know). Please, I know how to make slipstreamed XPs, but there I can't find any info about integration of MUI. Thanks for any advice or link. exXtreme

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