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  1. Gracias, Xeno86, espero algun otro tome la antorcha y sea igual de bueno como tu, tengas buena bentura.
  2. Greetings, this is the best pack for win9x I tried, since it was published, I not had problems, but after installing the latest flash player, flash games no longer run, I uninstalled but when trying to install the vercion above, does not allow me, I could solve this problem, I apologize if this topic is not, therefore, as I said before, everything else wupg98 to excellent results and even Flash player 10 not had problems, thank you and sorry for my bad English
  3. after installing this pack, I could install dx10, unofficial Russian vertion, games are excellent, do not post the link so that you do not consider it spam, but it's surprising run in win9x with wupg98 dx10 really a masterpiece, sorry for my poor English y Gracias,
  4. Gracias, magnifico no imaginado, soberbio, desde aca, desde donde el mundo acaba, les manifiesto mejor que 7. i can not expresing me very good in english, but this actualisation averpass all i imagined. de nuevo Gracias.
  5. Tihiy I look like a moron when I talk with you, cause I dont talk your lenguish, but I can understand all you say, now today firefox asvertice over firefox in iphone, because I live in the end of the world, little can do, what realy is this? despite this would be, you and Xeno86 are the greatest!
  6. Hi forgive my poor English, people here speak only Spanish, KernelEx 4,5 2, has been very successful when I applied to users who do not expect your PC works now, sp3 beta4 ok, but autoparche step to incorporate the new unofficial update, great work would be painful not to continue. Saludos, gracias.
  7. Hi. dont speaking english, but i like comment over kernelex, i installed it and before cud to install in or for order: dotnetfx2, java6, firefox 3.6, shock wave11. directx10 and so, but flash player10 besides i cud installed dont funtion, plis i sayd dont talking english, but need someone, say how to make flash player 10 showme images, Gracias y a todos los creadores de kernelex son lo maximo, los necesitamos, vivan para siempre. Saludos
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