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  1. Any chance of reuploading the Darkside modified logonui.exe for SP3? The download links in the linked to post don't work. Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. I personally use LClock, but it belongs more with the Vista Transformation Pack (version 3 contains it, but it seems somewhat broken). XPize is aimed at making XP looking more like it should, not changing it into Vista (IMO). Not that I wouldn't mind seeing it included.
  3. Assuming XPize is compatible with IE7, just use the XPize reloader to patch the system files again. If you had used nLite or the i386 patch option in XPize, then never mind. Unless you had customized your files with another shell patcher (i.e. Vista Transformation Pack or WinOSX), you might as well download XPize again and repatch the EXEs and DLLs. I think the graphics are either in the main iexplore.exe or one of its related DLLs. If you did use something like VTP, I'm pretty sure there is an option to repatch in case XPize removes those customizations (or you could follow the guide on using Force Reload). On a side note, is IE7 Beta 2 (5296 or 5299) fully supported by XPize. Just curious as I want to avoid any potential problems like what occured with MMC 3.0. If they're incompatible, which file(s) should I avoid patching with XPize Lite?

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