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  1. Well. I was onto editing the bootscreen myself now. But in Xpize, it doesnt seem to be stored in the "ntoskrnl.exe". Does anybody know, where its stored?
  2. Because I really like the black version of Luna Royale as it is. And I really appreciate your work, zedox, when it comes to the blackened elements from Darkside, that black Luna Royale still left blue (logon screen, sign off screen, etc.). I just have to find a black version of the Luna Royale boot screen. Or make one myself. What would be the difference for me though, if I installed XPize Darkside and installed just Luna Royale over it? Mind please, that I have a Core Duo CPU and the Darkside bootscreen does not work.
  3. Great. Worked very well and easy by just patching the files with the Darkside installer, that I wanted. Is there an as easy way to include this kind of half-and-half style into a custom WinXP installer created with nLite without ending up with an installation of both, Xpize and Xpize Darkside? Now I am still looking for a matching boot screen.
  4. The logonui.exe found under your link above doesnt work for me... maybe because I am still running SP2? EDIT This is what I did: I renamed the logonui.ex_ found under your link into logonui.exE and put it under .../system32. Apparently, everytime I sign off, it gets overwritten with the old version. Where can I get Darkside-style shell32.dll and msgina.dll? I am only having them as decompiled folders (darkside21.exe -> 7zip)...
  5. Update: Just realised, I am looking for the Darkside-style "Welcome"- and "Windows turning off"-screens as well. How to get those? Update2: And the selection, if to power off or hibernate your computer / changing users is still blue as well. And thanks very much for the quick reply, Kelsenellenelvian!
  6. Hello, probably, this has been asked a few times by now, but I have been searching this forum for over an hour now without sufficient results. I am using XPize with the black version of the Luna Royale theme. I am very happy with it, I just want to change the logon screen and the boot screen to fit the black style as well. I used the Darkside theme for a while and it had exactly the black logon screen in it, that I am looking for. Now my question is: How can I extract the logonui.exe from the Darkside installer? Also, I would like to redo the beautiful stock Luna Royale boot screen to fit the black style. How can this be done? So far, I am hunting down the Resource Hacker track in that matter... Or is there already a black version around? I hope, nobody feels offended or that I am not violating any copyrights, when I am trying to combine Luna Royale with Darkside. I really appreciate both works a lot but still have my own taste... Thanks for your time and patience, Martin

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