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  1. @JFX I did try to make two partitions with many diffrent programs, the result is all the same - windows can't access the second partition, neither can winpe. That's why i use swm files.
  2. Hello and thanks for the great tool! I just want to ask if anybody else experience my problem and if am i causing it. I use a 16gb usb flash drive with syslinux 4.07. It has few tools and live systems. For Windows setups i use WinPE 5.0 x86 (currently) - almost default settings, it just has scripting package and imagex in system32. In my WinPE 5.0 I've also added your tool WinNTSetup 3.0.6 in "Program Files" folder with the adk files it downloads. From syslinux' menu i have an entry for grub4dos 0.4.4 (stable version) chainloading WinPE's bootmgr. Everything's good so far. When WinPE is loaded and runing i do some diskpart stuff and then start WinNTSetup with no commands and settings. Then i search for my windows_aio.swm file ( i've made a single custom .wim file by exporting Windows Vista/7/8.1 x86 and x64 clean sources and i've split the file into 5-6 swm files so that i can put them on my FAT32 formatted flash drive ). When i do all the options and hit setup it start to apply the image and just little before the end it stops. The status bar looks active and the buttons become active aswell, but that's it. I have to mention that XP setup completes fine and i have no problem there, just with the vista/7/8 setup. I've also tried WinPE 3.0 and BartPE, but i get the same result. I haven't tried different .wim sources, but this source worked on the last major release 2.* plus i resplitted the .wim file into new .swm files with /CHECK switch just to make sure there is no corruption. I'll do some testing with new sources these days after the holidays. Have a great time welcoming the new year and keep up the good work on this project
  3. If my memory is correct the desktop PC is: GA-M52L-S3P And yes i used both on the same PC. I'm using HX-MU050DA. It's sectors are set on default and i think that they are 4096 byte according to this link to MS P.S. What's the difference between active and non-active partition, because i honestly don't know?
  4. I'm using WinSetupFromUSB beta6. I have Windows XP Professional SP3 and Windows XP Home SP3 - all placed in //WINSETUP in the root dir on both devices. Both Windows' CDs/Versions are not modified by anyone, because i downloaded them from MSDN and i've also checked the hash sums. My devices are: 1. Samsung S2 500GB split in two: 1. 65.6 GB primary, non-active, NTFS 2. 400 GB primary, non-active, NTFS. I've used "grubinst-1.1-bin-w32-2008-01-01" and placed "grub4dos-0.4.4-2009-06-20" in the root of #1 65.6GB, then i used WinSetupFromUSB beta6 to add both Windows sources. I've never had problem before, i've done many successful installations, but this time on a desktop PC it resulted in error that (i cant quote the exact info) biosinfo.inf is missing, error 14. 2. PQI 4GB USB-Thumb drive: FAT32, Primary, active. I did the same procedure like i did on my Samsung and it works.
  5. I added Windows XP Professional SP3 (from MSDN) using WinSetupFromUSB, I've done no modifications to it (MSDN's .iso image). A while ago i posted here that i get error when using Plop which errors prints that biosinfo.inf is missing, error 14. Now i am not using Plop and i get the same message. My USB-HDD is NTFS formatted, two primary partitons. With this configuration it fails. I tryed with my USB thumb drive PQI4GB FAT32 formatted and it works and i actually copied the files from my USB-HDD, but i had to use grub_inst manually.
  6. On the same PC i ran the setup. First without using plop and it works, but slowly, then i tried with plop, but i get this error 14 and that biosinfo is missing.
  7. Hello, I have a problem installing Windows XP SP3 from my USB hard disk (Samsung S2 portable). I used WinSetupFromUSB. I tried to install Windows XP SP3 from a PC which had no drivers for USB 2.0 (or at least i thought so, because it starts very slowly and when i start the installation it also starts very slowly) there was no problem. When i tried Plop things work a bit faster, but windows txt setup gives an error ( can't remember exactly, but it says biosinfo is missing error 14).
  8. So i must use Windows 7 PE environment (windows pe 3.0)? But how exactly do i use the wim files to install them?
  9. What i know so far is that Windows 7: I'll skip the part where BIOS loads the boot sector of the cd/dvd/hdd or whatever which points to bootmgr - bootmgr loads /boot/bcd - bcd points to /sources/boot.wim - boot.wim loads winloader.exe What i know aswell is that Microsoft uses Windows PE environment to install their OSs (vista/7/server). I want to understand the process, because i want to make PE environment which can install a .wim file with all 7 editions and vista. I know a method to create all 7 editions in one, but i want to add vista's aswell. Thank you.
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