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  1. nope Metro still loaded with sib, theres just a option i love that seclude all metro apps to the start screen forever.
  2. If only i could use some metro apps with this...
  3. Can I use this beta version indefinitely (no trial) ?
  4. i'M getting this error message Could not load library: InstExpl.dll
  5. I found SpyShelter an awesome security software, it can protect you against the worst malware: the one after your card number and private data: keyloggers, keyrecorder, keytrappers, keycapture programs, trojans and root-kits continuously developed all time all over the world, as well many others threats thanks to it's advanced HIPS. And better: no signatures! you don't need to update several times a day like common Anti-virus software. Even not being a "proper" HIPS, it still very effective blocking other malware than keyloggers - We can find many developed HIPS in security software nowadays: Comodo, Online-Armor, Kaspersky IS, Privatefirewall, to name a few, while many are a combo of Antivirus+/Firewall+HIPS very few are really dedicated into anti-keylogging, here is the importance of a software like SpyShelter that is a dedicated anti-keylogger and a HIPS, and that is VERY important. Some quick points: - Installation is fast and the user can start the program right after (but a restart is required to activate all functions). - The interface is pretty optimized and clear, and the user can manage all options and see the last actions with few clicks. - It doesn't replace Anti-virus, even blocking several viruses into my tests, you need a Anti-virus software to back it up. Think about it like another layer of defense. This and much more are explained in their FAQ. - A manual is provided by the author and can be downloaded here. - The memory consumption is very low (under 20mb) in my system, as well I/O and CPU usage. - It miss a software White list per se but it has a option to take action based on the validity of the software certificate SpyShelter can alert you about any potential dangerous behavior, even from trusted signed files. Right after the installation I have tested some very malicious software (Including TDSS root-kits, and trojans that inject several kinds of loggers) and also some known commercial keyloggers, SpyShelter is able to detect them ALL, not a single logger was allowed in my system. SpyShelter comes in 2 different versions Personal and Premium.
  6. I know server 2003 comes with several desktop features disabled or crippled, so i could expect not being able to change my laptop brightness with the fn keys, but it doesn't work in xp x64 also! both 2003 and xp 64bits share the same kernel so I suppose this problem is some bizarre compatibility problem or bug, the key works out-of-box with windows xp 32 bits, vista, 2008, 7, 2008R2, and linux (ubuntu, fedora, opensuse), no need to install drivers! and so there is no proprietary drivers to install in my laptop (it is an old and custom built-in (no brand) with u50sa motherboard and sis chipset, ati mobility radeon 2400.) So i ask for help if anyone have any idea of how could I increase/decrease my laptop brightness with or without the special key, in server 2003, I made some research and it seem no software can't control the back-light of a laptop. out of luck?
  7. IE is dangerous even completely updated, yes you need upgrade.

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