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  1. The RIAA and MPAA can do as they please and over time they will likely win all the P2P cases but in the end it means very little. The old bastions will remain for awhile. IRC, FTP sites and USENET have been around far far longer. Cases will be won and everything will just go back to being more underground. Piracy will still exist but it won't accessible to the complete moron.


  2. Nero 7 looks/sounds like it will be intersting but I have no actual hands-on knowledge. As for the size there are a few reasons it might be so big. As has already been stated it may be disc image. Another possibility is it [probably] contains the entire non-optimized and multi-language suite. This always happens when the "leaks" of new Nero software happens. When the final comes out the download becomes more modular, localized in language, and smaller in size.

    I'm happy with Nero 6 Ultra and never use Smart Start but I'll probably update to v7. Unless they do something really really crazy I don't think it's possible to make me switch to another product for my general everyday CD/DVD burning needs.


  3. I dont think your retail serial for will work with the new release.

    You will need to purchase a new key for the 6.6.x.x.x.x release

    I don't agree. I'm unsure of the dates of releases but I purchased Nero Ultra 6.x on Feb 5th 2004 and my key works just fine with the latest release.


  4. Besides, I've heard, that in USA no person can be charged for same thing second time if he was decided not to be guilty once. Is it really true?

    You're talking about double jeopardy. Refer here for a pretty thorough explanation.

    The media really did a lot of evil to MJ. Hope he will be OK.

    Jackson did evil to himself. Whether he is guilty or he's innocent of the molestations and being a pedophile the simple fact is he is the one making himself such an easy target. He's the one hurting himself. It's not like the media has to go digging up stuff when he basically hands them all the material they need. Personally I think he's so delusional that he just has no concept of normalcy and the real world anymore. He hasn't for awhile.


  5. I'm a bit surprised at the some of the responses. Amazement that Jackson was found to be not guilty? Why? One of the most important things to remember that separates a criminal trial from a civil trial in the US is reasonable doubt. In a criminal trial the prosecution has to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil case it doesn't matter. OJ Simpson won his criminal case yet still had to pay for the death of Nicole Simpson [after the civil trial he lost] all because of reasonable doubt.

    Now, looking at what the prosecution presented how on Earth can anyone not see the reasonable doubt?

    Do I like Jackson? No. But the law is the law.


  6. eTrust EZ Antivirus was decent until v7 came out. Suddenly out of nowhere I had issues with it. I screwed around way more than I should have trying to get it to stop being unstable. In the end I threw it away. It was a solid product til then. Somewhat often product updates but while they email you about definition updates they don't tell you when a new **** version is released. Duh.

    Kaspersky used to be the best. Over the years they've competed more with the slick UI to gain ground on Norton and Mcafee. The result is a more bloated Kaspersky product that slows down a system unlike the past. Seems like ages between product updates these days.

    AVG is a decent product but as a free AV it is only so good. It doesn't give the full features of the Pro version so I can't rank it on the same level as a shareware AV. Product updates as necessary and not spaced too far apart.

    F-Prot for Windows is a nice light AV. Good on the resources and nice real-time scanning. Timely product updates to fix bugs.

    NOD32 is simply the best I've found these days. It's light, it's fast, it's maturing and evolving, the definitions are updated frequently, and Eset releases product updates at a rather nice pace.

    So the winner in my book? Eset NOD32.


  7. Ok so I use MSN and Yahoo as I have friends on both, but MSN uses 11MB of RAM and Yahoo 21MB of ram.

    Yeah, Yahoo is very resource hungry. You'll note that version 6 is far worse than version 5 with this. One of the reasons is the skinning in version 6. Use the classic skin and you'll notice it'll be a little better.

    MSN also uses Java im told which further increases the amount of ram used (kind of dont believe MS would use Suns language tho)

    Are you sure that you aren't confusing Java with Flash here? The newer MSN Messenger releases make use of Flash.

    Note that you can turn off unnecessary components, which significantly speeds up the loading of Trillian ;)

    As with all IM clients out there you should always turn off the bells and whistles that you don't need. But yes, the plugins for Trillian have an enormous impact on loading it. If you don't need the IRC plugin don't load it, etc. This makes a big diff for sure. :)


  8. Do you like java? I hate it!

    I removed it from my computer when I first installed XP.

    So this leads me to ask:

    Which XP release did you install? XP Gold, XP SP1, XP SP1a, or XP SP2?

    If Gold or SP1 then you removed MS JVM which is nothing more than a bastardized Java implementation. If SP1a or SP2 then Java wasn't installed.

    Of course, I assume you already know this but the difference between the two is important to note. You can't really compare MS JVM and SUN Java. It's like comparing Sweet Corn to Cattle Corn. One is edible by humans and tastes good while the other is edible to humans but tastes foul.

    Personally I dislike normal programs written in Java however it has more than enough uses and positive points outside of that.


  9. newsgroups are the best... but really slow.

    there are torrent sites all over the web they can't get them all.

    It's not about them having them all... all they need to do is get a torrent and watch the other people sharing/seeding/etc.

    Little by little they'll find them all. In the end FTP and IRC will still be standing and all the new "technologies" will have died.


  10. It's only been a month since MS acquired GIANT. I tried the program before MS bought it and was amazed at the amount of false positives. It's no surprise this is still happening in MS' first public beta... sadly.

    Down the road this may become a very useful and workable application but for now I don't see it as trustworthy or really of any use. Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware SE Plus are more than enough and they are far far more accurate.

    I do hope that MS turns this into a must-have application but I really don't think they will.


  11. ..How is that when I am sitting right here right now with a OEM version of WinXP Pro, and my key looks like that. I guess Ill state the obvious the X's = the numbers of what make up the rest of the key.. It still doesnt matter though, because the OEM part is a dead give away.

    You are talking about two different things. The XP key that you input upon install doesn't have the xxxxx-OEM-xxxxxxx-xxxxx format. The key uses the XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX format.

    What you are referring to is when you look under System properties after Windows XP is installed. Which since the systems are currently thrashed doesn't help solve the issue of differentiating between types of licenses.


  12. And while the non-smoking zealots have fun... they should think about the people passing the non-smoking laws. It isn't just about your health. Don't actually believe a politician cares about that. It's about money, folks.

    Smoking while it has been proven "dangerous" is still legal. Why? Money. If the US government made the sale of cigarettes illegal as well as growing it... well, the US economy would collapse. So, instead, they slowly confine smokers to a smaller and smaller area that they can actually smoke.

    Look at the NY law with no smoking in restaurants and bars. This law is total BS. Although legally I understand that bars are stuck in the crossfire of the eating establishment aspect of this it is wrong. The owner of an establishment should have the choice to operate a smoking or non-smoking establishment. If a person disagrees with the owners choice then too **** bad.

    I actually listened to an asthmatic bartender whine to me one night about smoking. Does anyone see the absolute absurdity of that statement? Working as a bartender has always meant with dealing with smoke. If you can't deal with smoke then do not work as a bartender. That's life.

    Slowly smoking is being limited. Don't let people smoke in the work place. Don't let people smoke in bars or restaurants. Don't let people smoke in public places. Yet still sell the cigarettes. Hmmm...

    If smoking is so bad then it should be outlawed, period. Don't remove the freedom but still sell cigarettes.

    Think about it. No one cares about your health. It's all about money.


    PS: I happen to be allergic to cigarette smoke.

  13. I've used PerfectDisk since converting over from Diskeeper.

    Diskeeper was a nightmare for me numerous times on different systems. Basically it would hose a system on install [sometimes] and the uninstall had issues as well. After this happening enough times I threw it out and registered PerfectDisk and I've never looked back.

    I've never used O&O but my girlfriend uses it on her work computers and loves it.


  14. I agree with Musicmatch.  It's ripping feature is really fast.

    I registered MMJB a long time ago [version 1 or 2] and I used to use it for ripping or converting mp3->wav or vice versa. For converting it's still alright but it's too bulky in general. For ripping I stopped using MMJB altogether. Back in the day it was decent but, for me, over time it seemed the quality dropped. Regardless of what I did my rips were just not as good as they should be or used to be with way older releases of MMJB.

    I use EAC to rip my CDs these days and I use LAME 3.96.1 codec along with BlueRazorLame to convert the WAVs to MP3. You could always do a 1 step process with EAC but I prefer to do the 2 steps.

    To burn my CDs I either use Nero [99%] or I burn them through foobar2000 [1% of the time when I am super super lazy and already listening to the music with fb2k].

    And... to keep this on topic... I would never ever use Winamp to rip or burn a CD. But... that's just my opinion. Oh... and I don't know anything to add for application switches which is where this topic is located.

    Glad to see v5.06 is out. No, I don't think Winamp is dead. AOL still needs Winamp. They just might not push for advancement so much. Now that Yahoo! acquired MMJB [not new news] it's somewhat of a quiet war, IMO.

    To each their own.


  15. I have registered both Kaspersky and NOD32. They are both good. Personally, I think NOD32 has less of a hit on resources and performance. Kaspersky allows the user to download virus defs that include spyware, etc, etc. NOD32 just has a straight virus defs download.

    Since you didn't mention real specifics not much judgement can be made on this, IMO.


  16. I don't even know what NeroVision Express is, so i don't know if its even worth installing.  What's it do?

    About 30 seconds worth of looking at the Ahead website would have yielded you this.

    NeroVision Express 2 easily leads you through the whole process of making Video CDs, Super Video CDs, and high-value DVDs.

    Now you can transfer all your old home movies and start developing perfect home videos without any difficulty. Be creative and share the results with your family and friends. Store your memories safely on CD or DVD so that future generations will be able to enjoy them too.

    For those commenting on the supposed size of the new version, I cannot say I am surprised by it. This same situation happened when the initial releases of Nero 6 were leaked. The installer came with all the parts combined in one installer and it had multiple languages.


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