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  1. Lol i thought because you had a Dutch name you were Dutch :lol:

    Your Welcome! :thumbup:yes::thumbup

    My significant other is a little, stubborn, Dutch, brat originally from Holland. She's taught me some Dutch but I'm far from great. I can get by... somewhat. :) You can thank her for the username I go by. :rolleyes:

  2. Before I go wasting any of my time does anyone know if Oblivion will install and run under Vista SP1 x64?

    Nee Oblivion werkt niet op de Vista, ik had hem op bol.com gekocht, maar hij deed het niet :}

    Ook bij de wehkamp en alle andere sites werkt het spel niet.

    Laat dit een waardevolle waarschuwing zijn.

    (Srry if you don't understand, it's Dutch--> This is a reply send to a Dutch person)

    PS. Een tip: Fallout 3 komt uit op 31 oktober (2008) en het is van dezelfde makers als van The Elder Scrolls reeks, Ik ga hem kopen (voor de PS3 dan wel)en hij is voor de PC-PS3-Xbox360

    Kijk maar eens een paar filmpjes en reviews als je meer over dit spel wilt weten.


    I didn't understand every single word but I understood enough. I have a little experience with the Dutch language. :)

    It's unfortunate there is a problem because I had hoped to not have to dual-boot. I haven't booted into XP in ages. I guess I'll just skip over the game.

    Thanks for the information!

  3. This is just a wrong situation. You've done nothing wrong yet, MCT. Now that you do know that she is married it becomes a whole different story.

    I have to ask myself the obvious things like why she doesn't wear her wedding ring. Why does she not use her husband's last name? Okay, maybe her and her husband aren't all that "close" and maybe they'll end up divorced or planning on it. Maybe her and her husband have an accepted "open marriage". Maybe her husband has no clue that she is going around acting like she's not married in his absence. What happens when her husband is home again?

    I cannot help but feel annoyed at this woman. She doesn't wear her ring so she's not innocently just being nice and flirting with guys. It appears she is courting the attention like any single woman when she is anything but single. You obviously feel a connection with her and have just now found out the truth of her situation. Her feelings for you haven't been discussed but if she had any interest in you or sensed interest from you then she should have told you the situation.

    I consider finding out that she is married to be a bit of a bombshell and, frankly, I don't know if I'd be able to trust her in terms of anything else nor would I want to. Personally, I'd start running from the entire situation. There are too many negatives and I see no positives.

    What she is doing is wrong to begin with. You can't change her actions but you can definitely decide to do the right thing in terms of your own. You can still be friends if you really want to but that might be difficult to do if you are really attracted to her. That's never an easy thing.

    Best of luck!

  4. Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1

    ASUS Rampage Forumula

    Intel Core2Quad Q6600 @ 2.4 GHz

    8 GB Corsair DDR2 1066 (2 x TWIN2X4096-8500C5DF)

    Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD 4870 512 MB GDDR5

    4 x Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 750 GB

    PC Power & Cooling 750 Quad (Red)


  5. Many moons ago I used Y! for community chat but the servers were bad, the bots were insane, and the application is one enormous bug riddled mess. I won't even install Y! on any of my systems these days. You couldn't pay me to install it. I stick with WLM these days which is good for many text/video/voice uses in a 1-on-1 situation.

  6. I voted Nvidia in the poll a few days ago, but am considering changing my mind (although it's too late for the purposes of the poll itself.)

    Well. The latest news is that a whole other bunch of nvidia chips are bad. I used to prefer Nvidia, but am seriously considering buying an ATI card. The ATI Radeon HD 4850 looks nice, and allegedly performs on-par with a GTX200, even though it's far cheaper.

    Yes, after my earlier posts I heard more about how much the NVIDIA bad boards has expanded. However, that particular writer for The Inquirer has a serious issue with NVIDIA which is noticeable from previous stories concerning the company. The article may be skewed as a result of the author's dripping hatred for NVIDIA. I'm not defending NVIDIA, mind you, but I do want to see other posts independently verifying what was stated in that The Inquirer article.

    I own an EVGA NVIDIA 8800 GT (G92), as well, and it still functions beautifully and will still get much use for HTPC use but I'm definitely unhappy to read about just how far and wide the problems with NVIDIA boards is spreading. This is bad extremely bad news for the company.

  7. I got the NVIDIA Geforce 3 the day it was initially released and stuck with NVIDIA since.

    So you got the "not TI" version? That one had a big hardware cursor bug by the way.

    I got the original vanilla Visiontek Geforce 3 the day it first was released so, yes, before the "Ti" versioning existed. I still have the card kicking around. I never was aware of a bug and didn't run into an issues using it other than it getting to the point of just being obsolete due to age.

  8. I forgot to comment on how the poll is setup in my previous post. I see that for the ATI cards the Radeon HD4800 series is combining the 4850 and 4870 into one vote. How come? If the NVIDIA GTX 260 and 280's are listed separately then it would have been better to separate the 4850 and 4870 or just list the NVIDIA cards as the NVIDIA GT200 series.

  9. IMHO, right now ATI has the advantage. Their solution is powerful and scalable. I foresee it getting even better. NVIDIA released a monster of a card, yes, but then turned around and released new G92 based cards as well. They didn't dive right in.

    I have owned NVIDIA cards since I replaced my 3dfx Voodoo5 5500. I got the NVIDIA Geforce 3 the day it was initially released and stuck with NVIDIA since. I skipped the FX fiasco. Now I own an ATI Radeon HD 4870 and I don't regret the purchase one bit. It's truly amazing. This is the first ATI card that I've every purchased.

    NVIDIA was so sure they'd destroy ATI with the GT200 series of cards yet they got an enormous shock. They're doing damage control on the PR side, as well. NVIDIA has been wounded and they know it.

    The quote below is from an article here: http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/220947/nvision...-from-2006.html

    Fighting back against ATI

    Mottram then turned to the company's most direct competitor, ATI, the graphical division of AMD whose RV770 GPU has put Nvidia's GT200 based cards on the back foot.

    "We underestimated ATI with respect to their product," he admitted. "We've looked very closely at this, and we know there are certain things we can do better. There will be improvements to things from all angles: there are some easy fixes in the software domain that will soon be forthcoming. Believe me, it's a very prime focus of ours."

    Mottram ascribed the company's current embarrassment, at ATI's hands, to its earlier successes. "ATI has had the benefit for a long time of seeing Nvidia's products and having something to shoot for," he argued, "while Nvidia has not had the benefit of having someone to be shooting after."

    He also predicted that ATI would regret its focus on raw graphical power at the expense of more general-purpose capabilities.

    "ATI did not spend on things like PhysX and CUDA. But we believe that people value things beyond graphics. If you compare only on graphics, that's a relative disadvantage to us, but the notion of what you measure a GPU on will change and evolve," he argued.

    "We're forward-looking. And sometimes, when someone's forward-looking, they get a little bit ahead of the game. And that's kind of where we are."

    NVIDIA was all about how they'd kick ATI and Intel to the curb. They'd thrash them with sheer raw graphical power. They didn't thrash ATI. They didn't even come close and things were actually so close that NVIDIA had to cut prices to compete. Now we have NVIDIA saying, "Yeah, they shocked us BUT..." No buts. They predicted wrong and now they're looking for any possible way to find an out as to why their cards are better than ATI's.

    For now I believe ATI is headed in the right direction and has the right technological methodology. Come Q4 of next year when we'll likely be seeing the next generation of cards that fully support DirectX 11 then things may have changed. I'm not a fanboy. My allegiance is to myself. I just go with what I see as the better technology and right now ATI happens to be the winner in my book.

  10. The ASUS Rampage Formula (X48) board supports DDR2 but not DDR3. The MSI X48c Platinum supports both DDR2 and DDR3 but, IMHO, it's an insanely buggy board. I had one and returned it.

    I love my ASUS Rampage Formula board, Intel C2Q Q6600, 8 GB of Corsair DDR2 1066 PC2-8500 memory, and Gigabyte ATI Radeon HD 4870.

  11. I have a dual boot system. I have XP Pro SP3 32-bit and Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 installed. Both have worked for all of my needs. While I consider XP to be more polished and stabilized due to its age I cannot say that Vista is a bad choice given my hardware.

    I haven't actually booted into XP in a couple months because I haven't come across anything that I wasn't able to accomplish using Vista. The last time I did have to boot into Vista was to flash a piece of hardware and I couldn't do so under Vista due to a driver signing issue. It was more an x64 issue than XP vs Vista.

    People should use what works best for them. I've run into no real issues with Vista that I would consider a show stopper.

    Too bad there isn't a choice that is more middle of the road for the poll. Vista has become my default OS but were I to find myself in a situation where I can't accomplish a task then, yes, I'll boot into XP. I consider them both to be functioning well using SP3 for XP and SP1 for Vista.

  12. This is one place where Diskeeper is shooting themselves in the foot. I can name quite a few people I know who have disks or arrays that are greater than 1TB in size. Heck - my desktop at home uses two 640GB drives in RAID0, breaking their 1TB barrier. On that basis alone, there's no way that I'll spend $99 on Diskeeper Pro Premier when PerfectDisk Professional will do just fine - for $39. Not to mention - I can get a three pack of PD2008 Pro for $69.

    As for my storage array (8x1TB RAID5), $1000 for Diskeeper Enterprise server? No thanks. I'll happily pay $100 for PerfectDisk Server though.

    I purchased PerfectDisk years ago and due to their Upgrade Protection program I have continuously gotten updates through the years for all 9 USD a year. I don't pay for upgrades for major or minor versions. Yeah, I'm definitely loving the cost issue with PerfectDisk on top of the fact that is simply a solid program.

    All software has bugs at times. That's a fact of life. By the way TheUrbanMyth talks you would think that Diskeeper has never ever had any bugs at all. It's simply infallible. Give me a break. I hadn't even looked at their profile until it was pointed out that they sell Diskeeper. No wonder their support for Diskeeper is so rabid and also explains why they so quickly all but said I was a pirate. The insinuation was clear, however.

  13. Considering the core of Diskeeper and windows defrag are so radically different from each other I highly doubt Microsoft has stripped down Diskeeper to use in its own software. I also believe that Diskeeper would NEVER allow such a thing as they would make more from us than they ever would with Microsoft.

    How so? As I said the built-in defrag was stripped down meaning it was less powerful. To get more functionality you could pay for the full version. Diskeeper Corporation used to be Executive Software. They made money off Microsoft licensing the stripped down version that was part of the installed OS.

    I implore you to show evidence of your claims as Microsoft has no affiliation to Diskeeper.

    Do some searching on the web. This is not a new revelation. The XP built-in defrag was definitely the stripped down Diskeeper. Executive Software did offer a free version at one point and I don't know what the differences were between that and what was part of Windows.

    I must correct myself. I believe Diskeeper was used in XP and the newer NT-based OSes. Symantec holds some of the ownership of the Windows 98 built-in defrag software. I have no idea about ME and Vista.

    What problems did you have with Diskeeper may I ask? How long ago? And did you attempt to rectify them using Diskeepers Phenomenal support network? Just curious.

    I had issues updating and uninstalling on multiple systems. In short, I couldn't uninstall the software in some cases without reformatting. I did go through support and the results, in the end, were just not enough for me to wish to continue using the product. As for a time period of when I used the software... the company was still Executive Software back then and I've been using PerfectDisk for quite some time. I can't give a definitive answer.

    I recommend Diskeeper to all of my clients and have never heard nor seen a sign of any issue with it. EVER! I currently own three different Copies (ALL licenced through and downloaded from Diskeeper Corporation) and All three do what they do without complaint, and without issues. Even the old Versions only had minor bugs which were always addressed and fixed.

    Good for you. We are all entitled to our opinions and likes and dislikes.

    Was your "Full Version" by chance Warez as you cannot guarentee that Warez is the actual software you are looking for, quite the opposite really, I can almost guarentee that it is most definatly the opposite case.

    Sorry if I have to roll my eyes. You don't even know me and you suggest this? The Diskeeper software was fully licensed by me until I let the license lapse due to my not using it anymore. My Raxco software is fully licensed by me and I continually update the license as needed. The O&O software I used I was evaluating with the trial version.

    I would advise you to bite your tongue before replying to other people like this in the future. I made a simple post and noted I had issues and in your vehement support for Diskeeper you have all but flat out accused me of being a person who used warez. I don't take kindly to that. You've made a false assumption both about my knowledge and that I'm a pirate. Very offensive.

    Anyway, Don't take my word for it. Millions of proffessionals can't be wrong! Even take a look in the forums to see WHO recommends what and Im sure you'll see more than a few trends.

    I read a lot of forums and I also see a lot of people recommend O&O and Raxco over Diskeeper. As I said, people are entitled to their opinions and their likes and dislikes. I, personally, do not like Diskeeper and have my valid reasons for that.

  14. It makes sense that Microsoft would suggest Diskeeper since they licensed it through numerous Windows versions. The built in defrag program in Windows is a stripped down version of Diskeeper.

    I used the full version of Diskeeper for awhile and it caused me too many problems. I then switched to Raxco PerfectDisk which I love. I more recently experimented with O&O on my Vista x64 system. I liked the speed but my filesystem got messed up after running O&O. I've since gone back to PerfectDisk.

  15. this was an internal device.

    A this point and if it's really fresh, I think Volatus is beter off reinstalling, unless he wants to loose a lot of time and hair.

    Volatus may wish to resinstall, yes, but mark_strelecki makes a very valid point.

    I, myself, have an internal card reader/floppy combo drive that will do the same thing. Before I install the OS I have the FDD cable connected to the motherboard but I disconnect the internal USB connection for the card reader. I install the OS and do what I need to do and when I'm done then I reconnect the reader USB cable to the motherboard. It's easy and saves me a headache.

  16. Ah well, I guess it's just me then. I'm completely stumped. I even uninstalled and reinstalled PowerDVD and updated to the latest build. Still the same problem. :(

    That said, minus my problem I love NOD32. I just can't get it to work correctly for me right now.

    It's been months since I dealt with this but I discovered my problem with NOD32 v3. There was a screwup when I uninstalled NOD32 v2 and not all the files were removed. The internet monitoring wasn't fully removed and part of it was still being loaded at startup. This was messing up my internet connection and also the cause for the PowerDVD crash, apparently. Once I manually removed the remnant of NOD32 v2 the problems ceased and NOD32 v3 functions w/o any issues.

  17. ive used power dvd for a logn time time, from version 4 to 7 and dont have that problem with NOD32 at all

    Ah well, I guess it's just me then. I'm completely stumped. I even uninstalled and reinstalled PowerDVD and updated to the latest build. Still the same problem. :(

    That said, minus my problem I love NOD32. I just can't get it to work correctly for me right now.

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