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  1. The problem with a floppy backup is the facts that they are incredibly small and incredibly easy to break. Very easy to lose all your data due to a bad sector. HDD may still be magnetic media, however it is allot more robust than floppy and you wont have to have roughly 700 floppies or more for a 1 gig drive. Not sure how large your drive is, but even for a 250 meg drive, thats roughly 170 floppies or more.
  2. If you have a newer system and that machine has a hard drive that is fairly easy to pull. You can purchase one of these: http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Newer%20Technology/U2NV2SPATA/ That adapter is compatible with Mac and Windows. You can use that to hook your drive from your laptop up to another machine via USB and use a newer imaging technology to make a copy of the drive. I currently employ 2 of those at my job on PATA for desktop and laptop as well as SATA with no issues moving between mac and windows systems. Very good value for the money. Another side benefit is, if you pick up 2 of them, you can hook up another drive, and clone your drive to that one and hold a bootable copy ready to clone back over at any point without having to store an image file on your machine. Or you could store the image file on that second hard drive. Norton Ghost 15 would be a good program to make the backup if you want something like that. If you are comfortable in a UNIX like environment, you can download clonezilla live and use it to image the drive to another one. Clonezilla will detect that external usb drive adapter with no problem.
  3. I'm running that version too - no problem at all (Win98 SE + SP 2.1b + KernelEx 4.0 Final 2). Sweet, thank you. I brought another 9x system back from the brink this weekend. The owners had installed XP SP3 on a Dell L700cx and used up almost all of the hard drive, sans like 400 meg and the 256 meg memory was horrible for it. I explained the situation to them and told them about everyones work here and that ive been running that as my main system for a month now without any issues. They told me to go for it. I think they will be happy. =) Thanks again to everyone here that has put so much hard work into keeping Windows 9x alive. =)
  4. I would like to note that I have Jave 6 update 17 installed and running on Windows 98 SE. Not sure if anyone else has tried or done this, but I havent found any information as of yet on here for it. Java control panel lists it as Platform 1.6 Product 1.6.0_17. I had update 16 running which came as part of the latest release version of Open Office 3. Updated to 17 with no problems. Java testing site found it to be version 17, Suns site found it to be 13?! and did a virtual machine test and it was up and running fine as well. If anyone else has any feedback on this, I would be greatly appreciative. System is Windows 98 SE running unofficial service pack 3 beta 4 and 98se2me. Have KernelEX installed as well.
  5. I thank you for your research. The best that I can figure is I need an OEM copy. I have the ultra edition, however there are no options for labelflash. I know some people here, at least as far as I can figure from some of the stuff ive read on labelflash vs lightscribe, is that some people have gotten it to work. It baffles me as to why when I installed nero 7 ultra that the option isnt there. I wonder if there is some sort of driver that I need that my searches havent uncovered. Thank you again for the info. =)
  6. I have Windows 98 SE with Unofficial Service Pack 3 beta 4 and Revolutions 9. I just installed a Pioneer DVR-118L which is a LabelFlash drive. The problem is, the drive came with Nero 8 Essentials which wont install on 98. I do have KernelEX so if there is any way to install this, im all ears. If anyone has any info on how to get the OEM nero 7 that will support LabelFlash under 98, please let me know. I also would like to thank everyone in this community for all they are doing to keep Windows 98 alive =). KernelEX is absolutely brilliant, and the Service Packs make updating and having everything run smoother so much easier. Revolutions is incredible. Again, thank you to everyone for all you have already done, and if you can help me with this problem, I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. Don't forget about the new users that your picking back up. I use a Mac at home and work, but on those Macs I also run XP through parallels. On my home project system I have also built a legacy gaming box. Windows 98 SE on a 1000a Tuleron running at 1.5 GHz with 150 MHz memory clock. This system outperforms all my others which is impressive considering its age. I will always be a 9x user, imho a much better OS than Microsoft has released yet. I don't even want to get started on that new garbage, Vista and Vista Mark II aka Windows 7.

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