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  1. Ok Jaclaz .. all suggestions are welcome, changes in scripts, new alternatives is what I want, with the help of all, perhaps in the future so we have a WINBUILDER for win98.

    regarding grub4dos you're right, allows the use of heath stick ...

    Since the rar.exe, I have found another alternative (yet), I tried pkunzip, uharcd and had crashes on some computers

    MobaLiveCD is interesting, however never used it ... I will try this :-)

  2. Jaclaz, thank you for your interest in the project.

    Let me explain your questions ....

    The files WIN98.IMG would be a bootable image, type a superfloppy, which is part of the system, the files of the drivers, and the principal, which is the WINDOWS.RAR that extracted for the RAMDISK X: \ boot time.

    The IMDISK and utilized to MOUNT / UNMOUNT image (WIN98.IMG)

    During the creation of your win98 livecd, the IMDISK will be used only once:

    The image is Mounted "BUILD_WIN98LIVE.cmd"

    and insert the boot files, folder DOS, Win98 folder, etc ...

    The IMDSK unmount after the creation of the ISO image (RAR.CMD)

    The file REBUILD_IMAGE.CMD (rebuild all images, win98.img, windows.rar, win98live.iso) can be used to test their MODIFICATIONS, without having to re-extract all files from the CDROM windous 98.

    MAKE_ISO.CMD (rebuild a new ISO)

    Plugins ....

    to enable or disable plugins, see folder PLUGIN ... "CFG_PLUGIN-NAME.CMD"

    MSN Messenger disable = run CFG_MSN_MESSENGER_PLUGIN.cmd, choice "2" and click "ENTER"

    MSN Messenger enable = run CFG_MSN_MESSENGER_PLUGIN.cmd, choice "1" and click "ENTER"

  3. This project creates a bootable image of Windows 98 SE, based on Mindows, with only 23MB.

    A WinBuilder extracts the files from the WIN98 CDROM, uses registry files and system files configuration pre-defined, and creates a bootable ISO image. With PREPTOOL_98 in the first stage of the boot, detects and installs devices such as network, mouse, keyboard, configure the plugins, settings, etc ...

    With RunOnce.exe patched and SYSDM.CPL of WIN95, the computer does not restart, it restarts in MS-DOS, and then starts Windows with the drivers and services installed and enabled!

    The current version is 1.11B, and can be downloaded here:

    Download here

    Size: 26MB (Update 11/02/2010)

    File name: Win98LiveCD.zip

    Some Features:

    -Detect and install drivers on boot without reboot computer.

    -Default VGA driver is vbemp (bye bye 640X480X16 colors).

    -USB Suport

    -Customizable plugins.

    -Multi language suport (Russian, Spanish, Polish, english, Portuguese-BR, Portuguese-PT, Italian, Czech).

    -Installation small, based on Mindows, approximately 23mb


    -Windows 98 Second Edition CDROM

    -Computer with Windows XP, 2K3, vista or Win7

    -Virtual PC or VMWare for test your ISO (optional)

    Plugins Included in this Build

    -Eset NOD32 Antivirus 2.7 Trial *NEW

    -Lavalys Everes ultimate 5.30 Trial *NEW

    -Opera 9.50 (Internet browser)

    -MSN Messenger 5 :whistle:

    -7-Zip 4.65 - (Compres / decompress archives)

    -IrfanView 4.25 - (view various types of images, bmp, jpg, etc.)

    -Xplorer² Lite - (replace the old win95 Explorer File Manager)

    -Customizations - (wallpaper, desktop colors, etc..)


    -Lan - (all lan drivers from DriversPack98, VMWare, Virtual PC and others)

    -Storage - (all storage drivers from DriversPack98 and others)

    -USB - (Suport Mouse and Keyboard USB, pendrive, USB HDD)

    PS: The new plugins does not contain any files or parts attached to the package Win98LiveCdBuider, you need internet connection to download packages from the author site and Winbuilder add them to the project.





    Network and sharing




    "I'm sorry for my bad English" :blushing:

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