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  1. Hi LoneCrusader, MDGx, Dencorso

    I built a Slipstreamer to implement this project automatically installing Windows 95.

    "Folders iosubsys and vmm32"; Moved to CPUFIX.CAB all new files (*. VXD, *. PDR) and extracted from this, not the original Win95 .CAB's

    "Ndis.vxd"; the script extracts the "net.inf" and changes, and "Ndis.vxd" is not copied during the installation, is also removed part of the REGISTRY, no more error: "Ndis.vxd missing...". :rolleyes:

    PS: DUP14-95 correct these changes after ...

    "Client for NetWare Networks"; With a change in the "Netcli.inf", let the installation proceed without disabling this service...

    "DUP14-95.exe"; Added in the Session "RunOnce" from "SETUPC.INF" (HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run,Dun14-95,"c:\win95\Dun14-95.exe /q")

    DUP14-95.exe is installed in unattended mode with Windows 95 Setup :thumbup

    will install the Windows 95 now? :sneaky:

    prepare the hard disk

    copy the "WIN95" folder from Windows 95 cdrom to "C:\"

    copy CPUFIX.BAT, CPUFIX.CAB and DUP14-95.exe to the "C:\WIN95"

    From the "c:\WIN95" type "cpufix.bat" and wait for the complete installation

    Yes, restart






    Download CPUFIX: http://www.sendspace.com/file/enw21a

    Download DUN14-95: http://download.microsoft.com/download/win...us/dun14-95.exe

    give me some feedback

    My System

    Windows 95 4.00.950 B (Portuguese Brazil)

    AMD Atlhon 64 Processor 4000+ 2.41GHZ

    Mobo Asus A8v Deluxe

    512 MB

    Gforce 5200

  2. Update 28/01/2010

    Download: http://win98livecd.winbuilder.net/

    -Added some files from Unofficial SP2 (USER, GDI and others..)

    -New script - Eset NOD32 2.7 trial

    -New script - Lavalys Everest Ultimate v 5.30 trial

    -Fixed VDK erros

    -Fixed a lot file depencies (ask for "Insert CD ROM Windows 98 Second Edition")

    NOD32 Running on Win98LiveCD


    Everest running on Win98LiveCD


    PS: The new scripts does not contain any files or parts attached to the package Win98LiveCdBuider, you need internet connection to download packages from the author site and Winbuilder add them to the project.


  3. @betaluva

    Beatzero, how did you go with windows95live ?

    is indeed possible to create Windows 95 LiveCD, based on this project, but will not know if compatibility, stability ... hardware detection

    Currently I have tested the "KERNELEX" to the project, and had good results, only tested with Firefox 3.5.7, and work fine.

    But I found some disadvantages (for Win98LiveCD projet only) require a lot of dependencies, leaving the image with approximately 100MB

    Another plan I have, add support for multimedia, I made some of experiments, but with little success, there is often the unfortunate error "MMSYSTEM002" This is a classic error in win98 :realmad:

    Finally, the ideas keep coming to mind :angel , but I not have free time to develop :unsure:


    you can set the source directory to anywhere, providd it has the win98 subfolder. Personally, I put it in the winbuilder directory

    good tip, thank's :thumbup


  4. @jaclaz

    FileRename - Failed to rename file: [%BaseDir%\Target\WIN98LIVECD\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\KOMMCTRL.DLL] to:[%BaseDir%\Target\WIN98LIVECD\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\COMMCTRL.DLL] :Impossibile trovare il file specificato

    look in WinBuilder

    Tab "Source"

    Tab "Work Directory"

    in "source directory (%sourcedir%)" text box:

    set to driverleter:\

    NOT to driverleter:\Win98\

    this is a bug that should fix soon, but I'm still confused between many commas and points in WinBuilder Scripts :wacko:

    PS: Do not forget to choose the language for compilation, the scripts:



    A good week :thumbup


  5. @MDGx, thanks for the reply, but I tried all these alternative you suggest, but have not had success

    Some links in "http://www.mdgx.com/dos.htm#ME" are not working




    All other shutdown/poweroff/restart/logoff functions should work as advertised, per M$ guidelines:



    I used the command line "rundll32.exe shell32.dll,SHExitWindowsEx #" (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 ) restart or shutdown computer only.

    WinME with Win95 Shell: "RUNDLL32.EXE USER.EXE,ExitWindowsExec" restart computer only.

    @Jaclaz and MDGx, Thanks for help

    I will continue my project, but only with support for Windows 98 SE. ;)


  6. I mean, no offence intended and with all due respect to you :), but it would be first time I find something posted/detailed by MDGx coming out as substantially inaccurate.

    I agree, I think I'm forgetting some details ...

    I used the patch to IO.SYS, COMMAND.COM & REGENV32.EXE, edited CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT and worked msdos using the F8 key (here's OK)

    But when you start WinME, I can not restart in MS-DOS, the item "Restart to msdos" not exist in shutdown dialogue (bahh), then created the "EXIT TO DOS.PIF" and asks me a stupid error message: "This program can only be run in REAL MODE, and this version of Windows without the support, bla bla bla"

    5 = Exit To DOS: the "Exit To DOS.PIF" MS-DOS shortcut (Program Information File) is created ONLY IF using Windows 98 (Microsoft REMOVED completely native/real/true/pure MS-DOS mode from Windows ME!), then close all running processes/threads/executables/TSRs and close all open programs, and then shut down the Windows GUI to the native/real/true/pure MS-DOS mode prompt, which can be "unhidden" by running the MODE CO80 command. Read "2 DOS OR NOT 2 DOS", also in MYTIPS95.TXT [part of W95-11D.EXE], to learn how to do this properly.

    FYI: You CAN regain access to MS-DOS mode if using Windows ME by applying the Unofficial DOS Patch, which modifies COMMAND.COM + IO.SYS (from C:\Windows\Command\EBD) + REGENV32.EXE (from C:\Windows\System) to allow Windows ME to boot to native MS-DOS and use DOS mode startup files (AUTOEXEC.BAT + CONFIG.SYS), Windows 95/98 style.


    The patch actually works and adds the msdos native to WinME

    Only in selected boot in F8

    But if you load Windows, and try to restart in msdos, the REAL MODE, there is more

    For now I'll abandon the idea of creating a LiveCD with windows ME :zzz:

  7. @ betaluva, this patch had already been tested without success.

    It only enables the MS-DOS clicking F8 during boot.

    What I really seek is a function "exit to ms-dos" (like Win95/98)

    This feature is important because the first stage of the boot, windows detect and install the drivers ... with runonce.exe patched, after this step, the computer does not restart, goes out to ms-dos and load the windows again, with the drivers installed and enabled.

  8. SO does that mean you could create a batch file that does a silent install of internet explorer 6.0sp1 and then silently runs IEradicator so that your left with a working copy of outlook express 6.0 ?


    Take a look in the cab files of IE 6 setup files, the file "Mailnews.cab" there is "msoe50.inf" should be the basis of studies, just to get OE 6

  9. @beatzero, do you think think you would be able to make a "live" version of windows ME?

    oh and could you PLEASE include a copy of firefix 2 portable version,

    also would outlook express or thunderbird work? it would be good if you could include a email client?

    Mozilla Firefox works fine (ver. 2.0)

    Thunderbird never tested (I believe it works)

    Outlook never tested (require a lot IE DLL's, increase image size)

    The main use a live CD. is a tool for maintenance, repairs, backups, etc ...

    disk tools. disk images, partition manager. removal of viruses and spyware ...


  10. thanks for this awsome project! can you help me, when i run winbuilder i get this error:

    FileRename - Failed to rename file: [%BaseDir%\Target\WIN98LIVECD\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\KOMMCTRL.DLL] to:[%BaseDir%\Target\WIN98LIVECD\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\COMMCTRL.DLL] :The system cannot find the file specified

    What is your version of win98? first edition or second edition?

    What is the language of this version?

    (this project only works with WIN98 SE)

    Take a look in the archives: LAYOUT.INF, Layout1.inf & Layout2.inf, with NOTEPAD, search for "Kommctrl.dll", the result should look like this:

    Issetup.dll = 1,, 13,111

    kommctrl.dll = 1,, 155,363

    LZEXPAND.DLL = 1,, 23,696

    = 1 represents. Where is the CAB file (precopy1.cab)

    go above and see:


    ; Cabinet file names and associated disks

    ; <cab#> = <disk#>, <cabinet Filename>, ID (Unused, must be 0)

    1 = "CD-ROM Windows 98 Second Edition," "precopy1.cab", 0

    2 = "CD-ROM Windows 98 Second Edition," "precopy2.cab", 0

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