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  1. Please report any issue in here. Thank you.

    hello xper

    Congratulations on the new look forun, very nice! :thumbup

    Let me relate a few things I noticed ...

    - Does not show the images in posts (from imageshack.us)

    - Is taking a long long time to load pages :boring:

    - Error when trying "Rate this topic" -> [# 10,345] You do not have permission to rate this topic.

    - Error in "Vote up this topic" -> Action failed: You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day

    'll keep browsing, finding something else I report here in this topic

    Good work" ;)


  2. far as I can understand this happening usb driver incompatibility.

    USB drivers who are in the project are NUSB 3.3e

    you can also try to compile win98livecd without NUSB to see what happens

    and also have not tested booting from USB Disk, CDROM only (but I'll get there)

    support for USB were implanted recently, has a lot to improve it still

    here has been tested in some 20 different computers and worked all ...

    "not all computer with USB keyboard/Mouse"

    install a PS2 mouse or keyboard to access the device manager and verify that all USB drivers are installed correctly

    pls, let me know the computer you are using,, be able to describe for me to research something about it can be useful.

    you tried to burn to a CD/CDRW, and boot from the cdrom?

    Referring to the win98 version in English, not have any problem because I have win98 in English

    "I have little experience with Windows 98 + USB devices, maybe some member of MSFN can suggest something"

  3. When I boot the usb up, it pops up a window titled Setting up Hardware and another windows titled "Insert Disk". It tells me to insert the disk labeled "Windows 98 Second Edition CD-ROM", and then click OK.

    It requires a file called ec.sys

    I clicked Cancel

    It also requires a file called battc.sys

    I clicked Cancel again

    Finally it shows me the desktop. I cannot use the mouse nor the keyboard at that moment. It seems stuck. How come?

    I am already reviewing that failed to install the drivers, adding to the scripts that lacked these files

    You can try the following; get the Windows 98 CDROM, "Base5.cab"; extract "EC.SYS" and "Battc.sys"

    Then go to the root directory of WinBuilder and paste "EC.SYS" and "Battc.sys" in "Work\WIN98" dir

    if you have drivers for your computer, type the network card, SCSI controllers, you can try to put inside the superfloppy, they must be uncompressed (*.inf *.sys *.pdr etc...) in "Work\WIN98" dir

    Run the Winbuilder and compile only script superfloppy by clicking on this 'small green arrow'.

    Then copy the "TEMP\WIN98" file WIN98.IMG back inside the "Win98" folder of your PENDRIVE, replace it

    boot from pendrive and see if everything worked ...

    wait for feedback


  4. I got another problem again.

    FileRename - Failed to rename file: [%BaseDir%\Target\WIN98LIVECD\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\850.dat] to:[%BaseDir%\Target\WIN98LIVECD\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\charset.dat] :The system cannot find the file specified

    I used a Chinese version of Windows 98 SE and got stuck in the first script. Attached is the log file.

    What should I do? Thank you.

    Sorry, but does not work with the Chinese version of Windows 98. :no:

    This version has a better structure of files different from the others, in addition to 5 FONTS, so that they have a size of about 25mb

  5. P.S.: last time I used it, EXTRACT used to EXTRACT files, not add them....:w00t:

    Edit :blushing: :

    You are right! :thumbup


    Extract -l <file> [<Files names>] List file in an image

    Extract -e <file> [x:outpath] [<Files names>] Extract files

    Extract -x <file> [x:outpath] [<Files names>] eXtract files with pathname

    Extract -i <file> [<Files names>] [-Fnnn] Inject files on an image

    but I'm finding a problem, I can not inject a folder within the image and that image contains the folders. WIN98, and DOS ...

    Can be solved if I rewrite my scripts and make all files will be at the root of superfloppy ...


  6. Just for the record, for a number of reasons, not yet completelyt clear, in some cases VDK can "hang":


    Start with a freshly booted system.



    you aware of any program from the command line able to edit / insert files from one disk images (.IMG, .IMA) without having to mount this image?

    some programs that I tested did not work, because this is a superfloppy image (16MB) and those editing programs recognized this floppy image with disk error

    Another tried and it worked very well until it was Winimage-8, but not free :no:

    wanted to eliminate the VDK and IMDISK .. this way you can run the WinBuilder from computers running Windows 98/ME ;)


    I found this: http://www.winimage.com/extract.htm FREE

    the first tests that he did this to add files to superfloppy image correctly, I will now create a script for WinBuilder! :thumbup


  7. with qEmu, VirtualBox or MobaLiveCD not emulate corectament the Win98LiveCD, for this reason I even removed the qEmu script ...

    Well, no, at least for Qemu.

    It depends on versions and settings.

    I briefly tested it with Qemu Manager 6 and it seemed like working mostly fine (with some issue depending on the chosen video card).

    Unfortunately the Qemu Manager site is down right now. :(


    Qemu Manager V. 6 should be available here:


    Qemu 0.11.1 has an unofficial supprt thread for Win98:


    Binary here:



    of all versions of experiments that this was the only one that worked: Qemu Manager V. 6

    but presented an uncomfortable situation, to emulate from the iso image, Windows not recognize the driver cdrom, only kept the driver cdrom loaded from the msdos, crashing the long file names (LNF) and many of programs that are there are unusable ... :no:

    But if I burn this iso image to a CD, and select this CD into my drive, it works beautifully!

    This I do not blame Qemu is not the windows 98, I think it should be a deficiency in Win98LiveCD during the hardware detection. Lots of caffeine and long working hours that can be corrected :blink:

  8. The compilation is ok after following your script. Thanks.

    I see the welcome screen and then a lot of extracting Windows/... blah blah blah and the welcome screen shows again.

    But finally I reached a black screen in QEMU when using MobaLiveCD but not to Windows 98 desktop.

    It seems stopped.

    How come?

    with qEmu, VirtualBox or MobaLiveCD not emulate this correctly the Win98LiveCD, for this reason I even removed the qEmu script ...

    experiments the Virtual PC or vmware player... work fine! :thumbup

    VMWare Player-> http://www.vmware.com/go/downloadplayer/

    MS Virtual PC 2007-> http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-p...al-pc-2007.aspx


  9. @gothku

    This is because the virtual drive "M:\" was not loaded, "VDK.EXE".

    -check the letter "M'' is available on your system, if not, change to another letter in the "Finish\1 Create Image\01-SuperFloppy Image.Script.

    try restarting your computer ...

    I also noticed that other projects based on that use WinBuilder vdk.exe, this can cause

    I now run this project on another XP machine ....

    'm here and I look forward feedback


  10. If you use HIMEMX.EXE and XMSDSK you can create a RAM Disk of any size but you cannot use all of it if it is very large. Windows will manage all memory allocated by any XMS RAMDisk. When the total of the allocated RAMDisk memory and the designated File Cache exceed approximately 700MB problems will occur. If you have 2GB or more of RAM you will not be able to use all of it with this method.

    It is this method that I use here, but a LiveCD is designed to run on several computers, creating a larger ramdisk, I will execute them problems on computers with little RAM (128, 256). :unsure:

    In this case, I'll edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS with boot screen options for computers with 1gb, 2gb or more, then starting the livecd with pre-defined RAmdisk size :thumbup

  11. the method I adopted was that the Win98LiveCd

    Himemx.exe used in place of HIMEM.SYS






    DEVICE=A:\DOS\HIMEMX.EXE /testmem:off

    this was how I used in my project, and this works perfectly, however the tab of System Properties, always displays this number: 1152,0MB RAM

    I am very interested in this information, because I have plans to create a LiveCD for Win95 :)


  12. This trick enables GodMode in Windows 7, but it seems that also works on Windows Vista (not tested)

    The GodMode meets all iten and sub items of the control panel into a single list, ideal for those who do not want to get lost looking for this time in the control panel

    create a new folder and leave it empty, and rename it: GodMode. ED7BA470 (-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C)

    This does not change anything in the Windows registry, to remove simply delete this folder

    I tested only with windows 7 x86, and really works!


  13. I use the xplorer² few years, and really it is a good file manager. Light, fast and with many extra features.

    I think the tool bar with buttons useless, the default installation, but after you configure them to your liking, looks great!

    here for personal use, I changed the Windows registry, and set xplorer² to my default file manager, and always run when I click "my computer" icon or any folder, always open with xplorer²

    a suggestion, for those who use the win98 with win95 shell, the explorer win95 is very limited in functionality, adding, the xplorer² to this setting a good alternative


  14. Thank you for reporting

    Ok, these files are now properly extracted, however it is extremely slow.

    This was the reason for choosing the 7za.exe, I will try unRAR.exe

    "Warning - VMM32.TMP integrity check failed"

    This appears on the first reboot, then no more

    DUN14-95 was not automatically installed by Setup however.

    I'm working on it, I see that should be written in a file cpufix.bat different for each version of win95 (A, B & C)

    "there may be conflict with the msbatch, if you are using"


  15. @LoneCrusader

    for some reason the 7za.exe failed to extract the files SETUPC.INF,LAYOUT.INF,NET.INF and NETCLI.INF of PRECOPY2.CAB

    (perhaps one difference in the CAB version?)

    edit CPUFIX.BAT:












  16. I saw your post about the slipstreamer, I hope to get a chance to experiment with it soon. Slipstreaming is way above my head, at least for now. If you can do things like this I might have to give you some other things to slipstream :P haha


    give me some feedback ;)

    can test some things with the msbatch ... I post here if I have any success

    OOPS! 03:32 AM... ZzZzZZzz

    Good Night

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