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  1. Also is they a way to make windows see .7z files as folder so Driver updater can scan them and install the drivers
  2. I dont unstand why this works in VMware but when I tryed it on a real computer it did not work??
  3. I removed windows media player from WIndow XP setup and have Windows Media Player Classic in its place how can I make all video files associati with Media Player Classic.. this they a reg setting or some thing??
  4. Some systems can not boot a Windows XP Disk.. does anyone know where I can get a floppy boot disk to boot a CD.. but I what one that loads setup from the CD not the disk like the microsoft one..
  5. this works very well 7zip packed drivers.. and it speed upinstalling windows if you have a lot of drivers.
  6. Anyone know when Winamp 5.05 Msi will be out??
  7. Also try packing Office with 7-zip it save a lot more megs then RAR..
  8. unpacking 7zip with out black box.. I puting office 2003+windowx xp pro sp2 plus a load of programs.... But can I unpack a 7zip file with out command line tool is they any other way of unpacking it?
  9. Whats the Reg setting to set theme.... I tryed search but it gived me a error.... reg setting or do I need to change some thing in one of the system ini file
  10. that be cool if it works.. that 7zip does better compress then winrar?
  11. I know how to do that but this they any way to do like 300 files.?? I what to compress drivers..
  12. Hello I need some hello.. how can I compress a load of dll and sys and so on.. I what to pack my drivers??? going to have drivers in the $OEM$/$1/drivers/ my unstanding is windows system can read compressed files.. if they named .dl_
  13. MMm could the file be put inside a cab file?? would windows still read them?
  14. typos in your readme file OemPnPDriversPath="DRIVERS\S\;DRIVERS\S\C;DRIVERS\S\CR;DRIVERS\S\CR\L;DRIVERS\S\N;DRIVERS\S\R;DRIVERS\S\S;DRIVERS\S\T\A;DRIVERS\S\T\D; RIVERS\S\V\E;DRIVERS\S\V\V;" \S\T\D; RIVERS\S D is missing from drivers other typos tooo Should be OemPnPDriversPath="DRIVERS\S\A;DRIVERS\S\C;DRIVERS\S\CR;DRIVERS\S\N;DRIVERS\S\R;DRIVERS\S\S;DRIVERS\S\T;DRIVERS\S\V; Also Folder name is SND but in txt file it is S and drivers could be packs using makecab

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