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  1. Windows optimizer recomendation

    Here are two keys that speed up Win7. Autotuning will be enabled by these two , Autotuning=off by default. This gave me a jump in performance. Here's the registry tip: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings] "TCPAutoTuning"=dword:00000001 Add this key too for a 64bit Win7 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings] "TCPAutoTuning"=dword:00000001 I found a huge increase in performance on my system and i can recommend this tweak to everybody.
  2. file manager

    Thank you very much GrofLuigi. First thing i did after downloading and installing was updating the PEiD file to 0.95 , and i works great. Even on Win7 64 it runs smooth. Thank you Nitro322 for writing this prog.
  3. file manager

    Hi , using Win 7 pro i want a better filemanager. Not just any file manager , but one wich can show me the contents of a download too. Example : I downloaded the new Free ZoneAlarm Firewall ( just released ) and i want to read the Readme.txt file or a file with extra info BEFORE i install this prog. Now , the download is a setup.exe file and i want to see it's content before install. Any suggestions ?
  4. Hidden internet server in win7

    Yes i've done the "All Service Ports" scan , and it was shown as " full stealth ". So , i've got nothing to worry about i suppose. Thanks for the input.
  5. Hidden internet server in win7

    Thanks mr. Jinje. You must have missed my " edit " to my post , but i don't have IIS installed. I've checked " admin tools in Control panel " and " Turn Windows features on / off " , no webserver or parts off is installed Win 7 pro on a standalone home pc.
  6. Hidden internet server in win7

    Thanks mr.Jinje I followed your " Links " to articles and it says " IIS " server , wich i don't have installed or at least it's not showing as such. Does this mean " no worries " or do i have to worry and take steps to secure it , if so " HOW ". This is a stand alone home-pc , running Win7 Pro.
  7. Hidden internet server in win7

    No , i can't tell wich port or what protocol , this is infact what i like to know. The test was telling me the hidden server was enabled and running , and it showed me a warning. Maybe Cluberti , you can visit grc.com and check for yourself and see how YOUR system is doing. This will make my question more clear once you do the test yourself. Port 443 is closed and the other two tests showed my system as " stealth ". Edit : you can find the test in : services - shields up. I tested the Files sharing - Common ports and all services ports.
  8. Hidden internet server in win7

    So i did a test at the Steve Gibson Research Centre ( grc.com ). The result shows , i've got an hidden internet server running. My question is , can i disable this and how to disable it ? Or , do i need it and how can i make it secure to prevent hack attacks or coming to be a part of a zombie / hack or other distribute network.
  9. Windows 7 Registry Tweaks

    To JBM , why are settings listed under " Hide " desktop icons ? If this reg setting means " Show-up " on desktop , can this reg tweak also be used to FORCE icons to show-up??? I found a lot of questions from people missing desktop icons , while they where present at first. i.e. after reboot. If the reason of missing icons is a short of icon-cache , how can i enlarge the icon-cache to prevent this in Win 7 ? Thanks.
  10. Win7 WinDefender Antispyware

    There are daily updates for Microsoft Security Essentials. Current file is 1.69.955. ( Nov 15 ) I update manually and found that at least twice a day new updates are available. To me , i find MSE a lot better than Defender.
  11. Download AeroVG Se7en Theme for Windows 7

    Hey Vishal, can't we just get the " Maximum Transparency " through a register tweak instead of downloading a whole new theme ?? I visit regularly your homepage Vishal , it sure is a cool place you've got for us tweakers.