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  1. I have created an unattended XP Disk with just the winnt.sif file and sata drivers on the cd, no software and no OEM setup. If i use the disk with the sata drivers on the setup goes fine but on first login it crashed and just goes into a continuous reboot cycle, in safe mode the last file loaded in mup.sys. If i remove the sata drivers from the disk and load them from floppy, but leave everything else the same it work fine. Anyone got any ideas what could be causing this? (txtsetup.sif and winnt.sif attached) Thanks Jamie Sif.zip
  2. Unnattended won't boot

    Nope, everything i've truied hasn't worked. Does anyone else have any ideas or has had the same problem? Thanks Jamie
  3. Unnattended won't boot

    Have been researhcing tis for a while now, aparently MUP.sys is a netwrok driver that ahs something to do with Novell Netware servers. I assume that this is installed when you specify in your WinNT.sif file for windows to install all default network stuff (can't remember exact wording as my PC is in the middle of formatting it self for about the tenth time today). Anyone know a way of telling windows to install the default TCP/IP protocols but not this netware one? Jamie
  4. Unnattended won't boot

    tried a SP1a disc with just my fasttrak RAID driver intigrated and an unattended setup (winNt.sif) file. Same problem, gonna tryit with just the SP1a disc with nothing else. Will post any progress. Jamie
  5. Unnattended won't boot

    This prob is freaky, i've re-installed from my orig XP disc (XP Pro with no Service Pack) and everything is fine, this is very frustrating. Jamie
  6. Unnattended won't boot

    nope, not yet. I'm in the midle of rebuilding my SS Disc now to see if that fixes the prob. I'll post here if/when i find a solution. Thanks Jamie
  7. Unnattended won't boot

    Sorry, don't quite get that last reply, can you explain? Thanks Jamie
  8. Unnattended won't boot

    Done that too, copied all the .sy_ files from the orig XP SP1 CD over the ones on my SS disc, still nothing. Thanks Jambo
  9. Unnattended won't boot

    Tried that too, copied the file from my Laptop (XP Pro Also) but still nothing. Anyone else ever heard of this problem? Jambo
  10. Unnattended won't boot

    Tried re-burning the DVD and trying again but still nothing. Jambo
  11. Just finished my slipstream XP disc, tested it with MS Virtual PC 2004 and it worked perfectly . I then proceeded to install it on my PC but after the GUI install reboots it just keeps rebooting, tried safe mode and it freezes on the line for loading the mup.sys file. This happens after the windows setup GUI but before the GuiRunOnce part of setup . Someone please help. Thanks Jamie
  12. TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.5

    Can you post your .Reg file for me to take a look at please? I've got RegShot and used that to try and ID the keys that are changing but there are alot, and thats just for DVD Author. I too use DVD Author & TMPGEnc Plus. Thanks Jamie
  13. TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.5

    I've been trying to install TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.5 unattended without muhc luck soo far. I've tried all the swithes for the .msi installer but none of the switches to suppress the reboot work. I've have decided to try to edit the Installer with WinInstall LE 2003 without much luck also. Please can anyone out there help with any of the above? Thanks Jamie
  14. .Net Account & Outlook Express Accounts

    Thanks and sorry, i did try to use the searhc tool but it didn't come up with any of those posts, must have not gone back enough. Cheers Jamie
  15. I have created an Unattended XP CD but need some help in fine tuning it. Is there any way of importing Outlook Express accounts and setting up my .Net Passport Username and Password automatically during the GuiRunOnce bit of the windows setup? Also i'm having a bit of trouble installing Norton Internet Security 2003, it just skips over it in GuiRunOnce. Cheers Guys Jamie