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  1. Hi Guys, Finally it got detected after i installed USB 2.0 PCI card. My motherboard is not supplied with USB 2.0.Its 5 year old.So, it has USB 1.0 only.I checked this. My whole heart ed thanks to those guys who insisted me to go for USB 2.0 PCI card. Thanks once again... Cheers....
  2. here are the answers: it is not shown under the device list. what kind of OS services u are talking about???how do i check whether they are disabled or enabled?? i am using VIA VT8753(P4X266) chipset on my motherboard.
  3. model number of the disk is western digital my passport essential 160GB external USB hard disk.
  4. i will try by purchasing usb 2.0 pci card... but why the hell the manufacturers will not provide backward compatibility?????????
  5. my motherboard is PentiumR 4 socket 478 motherboard. it is having USB1.0 not the latest 2.0. but my external usb hard disk is 2.0. there is no cd provided by the vendor. but as per the information from the vendor this drive supports both USB 1.0 and 2.0.It works with 1.0 at lower speeds. for high speeds we need to connect it to 2.0. kindly provide me a solution because i cannot through this drive(costly) or keep it.. plz help me. regards,
  6. hi.. here are the findings.. 1.yes i connected to USB port.it says new hardware found. 2.yes other pen drives are working in the port 3.yes the disk is working properly in other system.i checked it with my friend PC(intel dual core system 2.4GHz) 4.its says new hardware found.install the driver from the receommended or through disk. plz help me how to use this device... regards,
  7. Recently i got 160GB external USB hard disk (WD company). But it is not detecting in my PC. I am using P4 intel 1.7 Ghz processor with windows XP SP2. I think the windows 137GB barrier is opposing that. If yes, how do i solve the problem. Plz help.
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