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  1. anyone knows howto change the background images/test for the sysprep mini-setup ? Is this also done in winntbbu or does sysprep use another file for this? Any help is welcome..
  2. Multilanguage Off2k3 & OS XP

    Hi, MUI Installation is easy. For the office mui you can create a *.MST with the office resource kit. Installation of the XP MUI is also pretty easy. muisetup.exe" /i 0411 /d 0409 /r /s /i 0411 = Install japanese (0411 is for japanese) /d 0409 = default language (0409 is english) /r specifies that the reboot message should not be displayed /s specifies that no messages will be displayed during installation Hope this is of any help.
  3. Imaging New PCs

    Wrong place maybe .. but still an answer. Use (Buy) Altiris This can do all you want .. and more.
  4. Office unattended

    Download Microsoft ORK (Office Resource Kit) for your Office version. Use ORK to make a custom installation (*.mst) and install it using the cmd line at the end of the wizard.
  5. Does the user you specify as the domainadmin account have the needed rights ? Adding a pc to active directory is one thing, but moving it (or joining it) from the default computer container to a specific ou needs special rights like create, move, delete object on the default computer container and the specified ou. Works like a charm at my organisation.
  6. What files are needed?

    Yes it is, aslong as the *.cat, *.inf and *.sys files are in the "4200" dir.
  7. What files are needed?

    Your dir layout looks fine. But you need to go one directory deeper in your OEMFILESPATH. See part of my driver path : OemPnpDriversPath="drivers\Audio\ad1980;drivers\Audio\alc650;drivers\Audio\c-media;drivers\Audio\p4pexse;drivers\chipset\i\xp;drivers\chipset\i;drivers\chipset\intel\xp
  8. What files are needed?

    All you really need are *.inf, *.cat and *.sys files. also, don't forget to add the path to each driver in your answer file.
  9. Don't copy from $OEM%

    The $oem$ dir must be within the i386 dir, not next to it. I think that will solve your problem.
  10. Add Domain User

    Don't think it is easy. Since a user has no rights to add him/her self to the localadmin group because you allready need admin rights to perform this action. If everyone of your users is a member of the local admin group, you can simply add "domain users" to the local admin group. Resulting in every domain user being a local admin on every computer. If this is not something you want you can always make a batchfile (with variables as %username% and such). But people still won't have the rights to add themselves to a local group. You still need the use of elevated privalidge or delegation of control (asuming you use a 2k or 2k3 dc/ads). If i think of a better way the next couple of days .. i'll write it here.
  11. Newbie Question

    True, when all computers are using the same HAL you can use (ghost) images. Since images are a static thing (all computers will have the same software versions as your master computer and also newer windows updates aren't included), it is wise to create an unattended installation to install the computers. An unattended installation is more flexible and you can update it with newer versions of software and include the latest hotfixes. Then, when you need to (re)install some or all of your systems you can use the unattended install to install the master computer and use ghost to do this fairly quickly on all other systems. On my company images have a certain lifetime, since they are quickly out of date, so we are only using them to quickly install a batch of computers using our unattended. For home users i understand the ease of images. Since this is just my personal opinion, feel free to totaly ignore what i wrote Just hope this is of any use to you
  12. Question About The $oem$ Folders

    No, this won't work. If you make a $docs\username\ with use of the $OEM$ dir, this WILL make a %systemdrive%\documents and settings\username dir. However, if you make a local (or domain) user, the default user profile is copied to a unique dir using the username as dirname. This will become the users profile. Since the username allready exists, it will be copied to a username.computername dir. So the user won't have the $docs\username you created by using the $oem$ as his profile dir. Hope this is usefull.
  13. Modify the Progress Bar

    in the i386\system32 dir on the installation media there is a file calles smss.exe While is was editting this file i found the progress bar here. So maybe you can edit and/or change size here. I don't think you can set the location of the progress bar with the smss.exe. I haven't editted the progress bar myself yet so i don't know the outcome. Hope this is of any use
  14. Setup Boot Sreens?

    As far as i can see you need to modify the setupldr.ex_ and also smss.exe in i386\system32 from the install dir. Expand setupldr.ex_ and use PE Resource Explorer (which can edit exe files) to edit the files. PE Resource Explorer can be found at http://www.wilsonc.demon.co.uk/d6peresourceeditor.htm (or search for any resource hacker that can edit .exe) I'm still in the progress of editting this, so i'm not 100% sure how it will behave after it has been editted (or if it's even the right files) So if anyone tries this, feel free to keep me updated Hope this is usefull
  15. Unattended Office Xp

    Did you make the source dir for Office XP an adminstrative Install Point ? Asfar as my knowledge goes this is needed for Office XP. I've had the same problem a few times in the past with various causes. - Path too long (we used this over the network by using unc paths .. solved this by mounting the unc path to a drive letter and running the mst from there. as you are using localdrives i doubt this is your problem. - corrupted mst, for some vague reason the mst just didn't work. recreating the mst solved the problem. - quoted the lines (see example) @ECHO OFF TITLE Microsoft Office XP Professional UK ECHO Installing Microsoft Office XP Professional UK ECHO Please wait ... start /wait "\\path\to\source\microsoft office XP UK\setuppro.exe" "TRANSFORMS=\\path\to\transform\office-xp.MST" /qb- EDIT : Try to run this manually from cmdline to see what the error is that makes the installer quit to desktop /EDIT Hope this is of any use