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  1. problems integrating drivers

    how? mdt? --------- i downloaded drivermax which backuped all my drivers currently using in win7 (MS and 3rd party drivers; very nice tool!) but the problem is how to integrate more than 50drivers into dism (they all stored in main dir and sub dirs just want an easier way to integrate a full map without using commandlines/batches, which can become more of a problem than a simple solution
  2. Windows 7 x64 vLite "extreme removal"

    ah well, ur right, missed that. well now i am trying to follow some guides and do it myself but still cant figure it out why i am having problems finishing installation. Replied to other topic but with no results. maybe u can help out i followed the guide made by liquid and finished removing components with dism. problem is that at end of install i get error that setup couldnt configure win to work with my comps hardware.. didnt even edit the removal/components batches
  3. hello, 2 questions in general; - a while ago i vlited 7229 rtm (x64); removed allot of components, still working properly; only 1 issue; i cannot import one of my dynamic disks with this install -> are there packages i can install manually regarding disk mgnt? what am i missing? didnt remove any of those components or services.. - now i am trying to vlite 7600 rtm (x64) and EVERY single time i get at the beginning of installation; "cant find the correct drivers for cd/dvd rom; insert..." cant manage to vlite 7600 rtm in any possible way?
  4. Windows 7 x64 vLite "extreme removal"

    jeronimo, can u pls reply to my PM? i sent u a msg didnt get reply, would be appreciated