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  1. you need to use /VERYSILENT /SP- for both packages that come with the gimp 2
  2. banzai

    MTA 0.4!

    Im not sure how it would work on a lan, but you need to install it on the pc your gona run as the server and then make sure its installed on all the clients whats the prob exactly
  3. Hi guys, Im trying to get the following things to install silently but not having any luck as they both seem to use their own installers, Kodak easyshare The Driver for my Epson Photo 200 And im also having probs getting nero to install silently Thanks
  4. Dose this work with the BT Voyager USB ADSL Modem not the 100?
  5. banzai

    MTA 0.4!

    MTA 0.4 released (23/07/2004 @ 00:43 CET) After what seems an endless stream of bugs and difficulties we have finally got the latest version into what we feel is a releasable state, you can download it here. A sample of the new features. An all-new GTA3MTA, Spectator mode, Synchronised weather, Synchronised time, New career in place of racer, Admin+ For more changes and additions and to learn more about the above refer to the manual. A massive thanks to our community for its support, loyalty and patience over the past few months. We hope your reward is an exciting new playing experience in Liberty City, and some great new features in Vice City. But please note MTA is still a beta, and as such will not be totally bug nor crash free. From http://www.multitheftauto.com/
  6. I like motoGP and British Supper bikes
  7. Hi people, Im posting in this forum which normaly means one thing, IM NEW!!! Well 2 things could happen, 1 i will use the site allot and be a big poster, 2 i will use the site a little and make few posts, Only time will tell, Ill take this time to say that the Unattened windows guide really pays your site credit. Hope to enjoy my stay here. See ya around.

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