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  1. This will not work as Install Wim Tweak is for taking ownership of the reg hives in the install.wim so you can Remove Packages and such, it will work for that and that only. This has to be done by a take ownership as I did, no application is going to work, this is a winsxs folder MS has locked all these files down hard, so applications to do it in just a few seconds will not work here, nor will using the windows Security - Permissions setting native buildt into windows as I tried that last night also, even though I can do it and use the Change Folder Date Time.exe it still corrupts the files so even MS's own Permission tools sux here. Its all about getting that take own to work, thats all that has worked for me so far out of all the things posted here. I have a feeling its a Language barrier with the reg tweak I posted and the Change Folder Date Timexe.exe, I dont know how to work with these issues to get a working solution if this is the case. after appling the reg tweak I posted does the language change to Your native language or how does these things work in say French windows environment?? I am clueless here.. Is there any native English users here that can try this and say if it works for them or not?? that would be a help, dont know how but I think if someone else can get it to work that would be a good thing. I'll check back later today, as today is a busy one for me.
  2. did you get to run the takeown successfully on the winsxs folder?? this maybe the issue if not even with a program changing the folder date ( just guessing here )
  3. Sorry its being a pain for you bapt, not sure what else it could be on the take ownership. ahh possible that your Administartor account is not Administrators and is actually Administrator if so then take ownership may fail or better yet here is the reg file with just administrator try this to see if it werks.. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ;Add "Take Ownership" to context menu ( This one will do many folders deep unlike the other one ) [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\takeownership] @="Take Ownership" "HasLUAShield"="" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\takeownership\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrator:F" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrator:F" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\takeownership] @="Take Ownership" "HasLUAShield"="" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\takeownership\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrator:F" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrator:F" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\shell\takeownership] @="Take Ownership" "HasLUAShield"="" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\shell\takeownership\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrator:F" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrator:F" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\takeownership] @="Take Ownership" "HasLUAShield"="" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\takeownership\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrator:F /t" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrator:F /t" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\runas\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrator:F /t" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrator:F /t" I tested 2 versions in x86 so far by doing this and it does werk on it also as both Starter and Home Basic now are able to be modded in Vlite and no corruption on install. I am sure there is a easier way to get around this, but until its all werkd out and a simpler guide is created I'll keep at it until someone can say it workd for them. And Yes ONLY the winsxs folder needs take ownership ran on it , the Windows folder you can change date time right after mounting the .wim file Only Windows and winsxs folder needs attention, no other folders from my results. EDIT: ok for the x86 do the system32 folder too then see if that does the trick, imma getting ready to do the x86 Home Premium so I'll post what I do for it to werk in a few ( hour or so )
  4. Yes I tested the x86 version and yes issues with the winload.exe is corrupted when using Vlite and x86 MSDN SP1 , do the same thing to the x86 as I stated above in changing date/time for all ( Date Created, Date Modified, and Date Accessed ) will fix the issues, it did for me. I have fixed my ISO files, they now werk fine with Vlite and are the same files except the date changes were changed to July 13 2009. Mounting the install.wim is easy with GimageX, take ownership of the winsxs folder is really a hard issue if you do not know how the "easy" way.. here is a simple ( source code found in google ) change folder date time I used source code included - .exe in main folder to use ( needs Visual Basic 6 application to use the source code, for those that needs to know this ) Change_Folder_Date_Time_Code.7z here is my right click take own reg tweak I have been using for over a yr now.. NOTE: You have to take ownership of the winsxs folder before you can change the date on this folder as You do not have *access rights to modify it* NOTE 2: running take ownership of the winsxs folder when mounted will take some time ( 10 ~15 minutes or more *depends on Your PC speed* ) so be patient with this step Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 ;Add "Take Ownership" to context menu ( This one will do many folders deep unlike the other one ) [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\takeownership] @="Take Ownership" "HasLUAShield"="" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell\takeownership\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\takeownership] @="Take Ownership" "HasLUAShield"="" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\exefile\shell\takeownership\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\shell\takeownership] @="Take Ownership" "HasLUAShield"="" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile\shell\takeownership\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\takeownership] @="Take Ownership" "HasLUAShield"="" "NoWorkingDirectory"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\takeownership\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell\runas\command] @="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t" "IsolatedCommand"="cmd.exe /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d y && icacls \"%1\" /grant administrators:F /t"
  5. Well after using Vlite with the win 7 dll's I think I have found a much simplier way to get the files to werk with the original Vlite.. Here is the short story.. After running Vlite on these new SP1 MSDN iso files we get corrupted files, with using the win 7 dll's its possible to run Vlite and it will work, then again more issues than good with this, ( trial and error here ).. SO I looked at a RTLited iso I had after Vlite had failed I thought well wont hurt to run it through Vlite,.. yea JUST to see what happens... Well to my amazement, it didnt get corrupted!! Ok, so I was like this is good, I then started looking into what why who, all those things. The only thing I could find that had any kind of offset was date/time of the folders/files inside the install.wim ..... Here I thought, ok what if I took my untouched iso files and mounted the version I needed ( Ultimate ) and changed the date/time on the windows and winsxs folders.. So I did. It was a kinda long process to wait for the takeown to run on 5.52GB of winsxs folders/files but it was worth it, I then changed the date/time back to, yep ya guessed it, July 13 2009 for the WIndows and winsxs folder. unmounted commiting changes, ran it thru Vlite and test install went flawlessly using the default Vlite files for Vista.. So what does this mean, I have no darn clue, but changing the date/time on the windows and winsxs folder was all I needed, I tested this on the other version in my x64 to see if it was just a fluke and I spent all last night testing and it werks for all versions for x64 x86 not so sure about, but surly there is some sort of werk around if x86 is effected too. Simply put - mount the version you need and takeown of the entire winsxs folder and after that has ran and you know own that folder just use a app to change the date/time of the windows and winsxs folder to the July 13 2009 for Last Accessed, Date Created, and Date Modified the time can be whatever ya prefer. Also you may want to make a copy of the folder of the source files after the unmount/commit so this way you have a fresh files to work with after testing it in Vlite ( new fresh clean files unmodded ) So if you have used my silly and crazy method above just un do it by making sure you uninstall the modded wimfltr.inf with the InstWimFltr.exe from JFK removing the Vlite you are currently using ( to get rid of all those files etc.. ) making sure to reboot after the uninstall of these modded files. then install the 1.2 version of Vlite. then do the simple - mount - takeown - change date/time on windows folder and winsxs ( time here about 15 minutes ~ ) - unmount/commit - run the results thru Vlite ( original ) - test in virtual box etc.. Hope this werks better than the crazy modded Vlite files like it has for me ( no issues at all with Vlite Now YaY ) If anyone tries it, lets hear about it
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    try this.. xp sp3
  7. I got the same thing too with it just closing out by itself on that same spot, I had to unmount the folder in C:\Users\<Your_User_Name>\AppData\Local\Temp\vsTemp19 because of Vlite not finishing its job ( crashing ) and leaving mounted files behind.. May help to do a dism /cleanup-wim after unmounting if that is the case and then a reboot to clear any memory that is holding info, I had like 4 errors total then Vlite just did its thing as usual, and has since, its getting past the few errors is were its the trouble some part.
  8. Here is the way I got it to werk, NOW THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE SO TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!! I replaced in Vlite's root folder wimgapi.dll with win 7's wimgapi.dll from WAIK tools ( WAIK tools folder -> x86 folder\wimgapi.dll )( have to download the iso from MS ) and install WAIK to get these files . You will need to uninstall the Vista wimfltr that is loaded on your PC ( if you have ran vlite after installing it ) as the files from WAIK 7 are not the same , not sure how to do it manually as I have the InstWimFltr.exe by JFK from a winbuilder project that I use, that will uninstall the wimfltr of Vista's ( yep fixed that winbuilder project too with WAIK 7 Files ) Also a reboot when uninstalling these files wont hurt, after removal of the wimfltr of Vista's just to clear any memory that might be latched onto these files. From WAIK, I also copied in the x86 and (amd64) wimmount.sys replacing wimfltr.sys by renaming wimmount.sys to wimfltr.sys respectfully in both x86 and x64 folders so yes delete wimfltr.sys in both folders first then copy in the win 7 files . I didnt change the wimfltr.inf at all, I left it as vlite installed it, I just replaced the wimfltr.sys in Vlite's folder with wimmount.sys from WAIK and renaming it to wimfltr.. easy peasy what you end up with is Vlite using win 7 dll files, it werkd for me, but I got a error or 2 at first, then they went away, I made 4 builds back to back with the SP1 x64 and everything was fine and the iso installs fine too. NOTE: even uninstalling Vlite from Add | Remove Programs DOES NOT UNINSTALL the Vista wimfltr! NOTE 2: After running Vlite on a win 7 moddin win 7 have you ever encountered that DISM fails( Pre SP1 iso files that is )?? NOTE 3: I got a few small errors after doing the above from Vlite, but after a few errors passed all was good hence the TRY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. Anyways maybe that is enough for some more knowledgeable person to figure out a better werk around than what I have done. Vlite does the job I want quicker than RTLite, RTLite is way to slow and seems like it wants to just freeze up the whole time I run it,.. a scalpel over a hammer any day lol , this is my werk around for that
  9. since badt has started this thread and I am having serious issues with the same exact situation I will have to say that using Vlite and SP1 RTM iso files are a no go. I have been at it for 2 days now and all I get is corrupted files in windows\system32\oobe a few files in this folder, and then samlib.dll in system32 folder is the next victim, then its well screen shoot says it all.. I get these after the first reboot right after the setting up registry ... and I get these errors 1 right after each other on clickin ok button.... THEN I replace the oobe folder with the clean iso oobe folder then it gets past the errors above, well then I am presented with this here after is passes were the other errors were happening at.... Then this one comes up after fixin the others ... never ending corrupted files for me, I was not gonna take a chance on following the install thru and replacing the corrupted files and thinking the build would be good.. win 7 RTM without Sp1 Vlited builds are great, just this SP1 RTM msdn iso file not sure about the x86 but this is the x64 I am posting about any ideas??
  10. Its old I know but possibly through mounting install.wim and modifying one of the files within,,,when (install.wim) is mounted it looks just like a windows source folder can add and remove things but don't remove because it could kill the function of something BUT for text editing should be simple, do a google search on "modify install.wim" and it should lead you to some good tuts OR through the trusty MSFN tut here..http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=111168 Last thing if doing this ALWAYS BACK-UP THE ORIGINAL FILE THAT YOU ARE GOING TO MODIFY so if it screws up you can copy it back in,, assuming you are using VMware etc... thats the easy way but gotta have time time time for this as its tedious work and really a pain in the butt, some can fly through it quickly , like me slow as a snail... If you need more info on that file after , I'll let you know when I reopen my install.wim back up to do some more modifying , I forgot the exact name of it lol

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