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  1. I've tried just the same thing and you are correct Explorer. Just DISABLE USB during setup of XP and 2862330 will be installed correctly. Good job E09.
  2. I've got a same problem, but I updated "update pack" (hofixes from -X-'s pack) until November. I'm not using IE8 and his fixes, I use IE6 + hotfixes for IE6. KB2862330 is the same problem with me. We are using different update packs and 2862330 is still problem. That is not your mistake, not mine and not -X-'s mistake. There something wrong with hotfix itself. Let's hope that -X- will fix it with some "cab" archive (repack) of 2862330.
  3. OK, just don't kill me. Thank you all.
  4. Misunderstanding. I've downloaded ISO just in puposes of testing not piracy or something. I couldn't do something like that to my company. I'm loyal as puppy. Windows from my company is bought with SP2 already on it. I just want to try CLEAN Windows + SP3 + hotfixes.
  5. If u agree, whole XP is almost obsolete, not only IE6. We all using Firefox or Chrome....maybe Opera. ADD all -X- Updates and SORT them. THEN add YOUR files. That make sense. Jawohl mein Führer. Well I didn't know that! My mistake.
  6. I know that. Just asking myself. You can's slip SP3 onto CLEAN XP! Well at least I didn't try and MS said that you need at least SP1 to slip SP3 onto XP. Are u kidding me??? For a five years I'm listening about ORDER of hotfixes and that the order is not important. Well yeah! My LEGAL VLK works only with VL Windows. Actually, I have downloaded Windows RTM Retail, OEM and VL. I've tried all of them and my product code works only with VL version (no yellow "sticker" during setup with 25 digits (x)). edit - Yes well..... Mister -X- told me few times before that ORDER is not important....and that I should put ALL OF MY and HIS addons into one slipstream process. But that was long ago...maybe he wasn't aware of the ORDER....nevermind. Oh yes! Just to think of it....I don't even need IE. I'm using it only for update of Windows so...I'll stay on IE6. And in "my eyes" WMP 9 is far better than WMP 11. Just tell me once more..... 1st slipstream I should use only files from -X- package??? And sort them BY BUILD DATE??? And then what? Put the rest of the addons into 2nd slipstream process??? DX, .NET and other KB's??? And sorting order (I GUESS) is not important for them??? Oh yes, can REMOVE some of the Windows components? Is it safe to remove MSN, Windows Messenger, Internet Games and similar cr*p from Windows??? And should I remove them BEFORE or AFTER slipping???
  7. Problem occurs guys! I'm using -X-'s update pack WITH IE8 and his fixes. Hotfix IE8-WindowsXP-KB2817183-x86-ENU won't slipstream into setup. I've downloaded PURE/CLEAN Windows XP (VL) setup since my product key is VLK. Slipstreamed first SP2 than SP3. Within -X-'s hotfixes and updates, I'm using few more from WinCert forums, OnePiece's addons and few extra fixes from MS. KB942288 v3 KB961118 KB981669 KB2492386 DirectX 9.0c Runtimes Addon; .Net FX 1.1 + hotfixes addon; .Net FX 3.5 + hotfixes addon; VC+VB Runtimes + Legacy Runtimes. I'll provide you a link if u want for those "extra" addons. And BTW, IE 8 won't work as it should be....as IE6. Ie6 without a problem goes to MS Update webpage and showes me updates. IE8 take time to check for updates on MS site. I have used only your (-X-'s) update pack with old hotfixes and updates for IE6 instead IE8 and WITHOUT mine (additional) addons: .NET, DirectX etc. Everything is OK. P.S. I've replaced DotNET 3.5 with 2.0 due to a longer installation of XP (20 minutes more than usual). Problem is next: Some of my additional addons are making problem! WHICH ONE??? WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe WindowsXP-KB981669-x86-ENU.exe WindowsXP-KB2492386-x86-ENU.exe OnePiece .NET v1.1 OnePiece .NET v2.0 www.mediafire.com/?tqu9nska2ai62c4 Visual c++ 2005 SP1 v8.0.50727.6229 Visual c++ 2008 SP1 v9.0.30729.7497 Visual c++ 2010 SP1 v10.0.40219.436 ge.tt/api/1/files/1gjgKIb/0/blob?download Visual c++ 2012 ATL v11.0.51106.1 ge.tt/api/1/files/736UbIb/0/blob?download Microsoft Legacy Runtimes Legacy Microsoft VB and VC Runtimes completing the VC8+9+10 Addons Contains: VC1, VB1-4 and VC7 runtimes Native in XP: VB5-VB6 and VC2-VC6 ge.tt/api/1/files/3VpScIb/0/blob?download Bolded links just copy into address bar of your browser! P.S. I've just checked MS Update Webpage and it reports me this. It is very interesting that Windows Installer 4.5 IS AN OPTIONAL UPDATE and still not offered by MS. OK, .NETs are understandeable offered.... What's with the root cert from December??? I thought that December one was "outdated" and the new certificates are in january Release. LAST SESSION.INI
  8. Aw! Why am I the only one with the problem????
  9. As -X- said.No, you're not a @#$%.... Edited first post for clarification (third paragraph)... no longer "clear as mud". I guees that complete IE8 is in UDC pack??? Thanks guys! I've just tried your whole pack within XP sp3. As before and ALWAYS one of the IE hotfixes is not slipped properly, 2817183. But, I'm using few optional updates from WinCert forums: Addon DirectX Runtimes; Addon OnePiece DotNet 1.1 and 2.0 + their hotfixes; Addon VB + VC + Legacy Runtimes; KB942288 Windows Installer 4.5 KB981669 Windows Installer 4.5 Hotfix KB961118 .NET 1.1 hotfix (not included in Addon Pack); KB2492386 But AS always one of the hotfixes for IE6 or IE8 whatever is not slipped properly. Anybody knows WHY???
  10. My GOD! I'm a dumbas*! I don't understand a half of the first post. I only want to REPLACE IE6 with IE8. I don't want to see the trace of IE6 like it never existed on XP. Is that possible???
  11. Hey, hey, hey......I'm back again! Just joking! Hello! How r u? Small problem with one of the new hotfixes within your new updates pack. Hotfix is for IE6 KB2722913. WinUpdate site is showing KB2722913 still available for update and installation. I've got your pack for slipstream (14th August), PLUS : KB942288 v3 --> WinInstaller 4.5 KB961118 --> .NET 1.1 fix KB981669 --> Win Installer FIX KB2492386 --> Optional), PLUS--->
  12. I don't have that disc. I've deleted it. But I'm working on a new one. As soon as I slipstream all hotfixes, I'll post results. Can you wrote those commands again? I can't read them properly. Step by step, cause I'm an id*** with command prompt and MS-DOS also.
  13. So I have .NET 1.1 integrated into system and I can integrate 961118? OK, thanks. File nLite.in_ is in attach in RAR archive. NLITE.rar
  14. Killjoy

    Windows Updates

    Cheers and Regards I'm sorry I was in a hurry. Yes, it's XP SP3. Sooo.......both of them are OK for integration??? THANK U. Sorry again.
  15. My vote goes to Firefox. I've had some issues with passing from Firefox to Chrome. Anyway, when I was installing Chrome, he asks me to IMPORT Bookmarks, Passwords etc. from Firefox to Chrome. YES ofcourse. I've imported only BOOKMARKS and PASSWORDS, nothing more. Then........OMG! Chrome started to crashing every 5 seconds. Startup was so slow......every time. It seems that Chrome isn't optimized as well as Firefox. Firefox is fast as lighning without addons, plugins etc. But even with all of them, he is pretty fast, maybe not fast as Chrome (clean CHROME (no bookmarks etc.)). So, again, MY VOTE GOES to Firefox.
  16. Killjoy

    Windows Updates

    F1 people, F1!!! Which of those two should I integrate into Windows? KB973685 or KB973687???
  17. Yes I did. For example, in your opinion, WINDOWS INSTALLER 4.5 and hotfix for Windows Installer (KB942288 v-3 and KB958655-v2) is NOT an "IMPORTANT" update for Windows??? It is if you ask me. By the way, every time when I've slipstreamed AdobeAX from your page, IE asks me to update AX component. Why should I slipstreamed that update from your page if it is not working properly??? By the way, 2564958 WAS NOT AVAILABLE that moment when I was starting to use your update page. What's wrong with optional updates??? ROOT Certificats for example? Or AGAIN Windows Installer??? IT'S NOT IE or MESSENGER OK? Those are very important imho. For a few updates, you should expect to get those "file is not present in ISO to be updated" dialogs. Because these updates do contain files not present in the disc (for some reasons). Here they are: KB2564958 (file: uiautomationcore.dll) KB2603381 (file: customaddreg.dll) KB2661637 (file: iacenc.dll) Time zone updates such as KB2633952 (file: tzchange.dll) EDIT: Still another thing. I checked Killjoy's list of updates he integrated and I see no problem except 971513 and 955759. I have mentioned 971513 already, but for 955759, I think it could be removed as well. Because, the high-priority 955759 update can be replaced by the optional 2492386 and Killjoy have decided to integrate 2492386. Is it OK to leave them both on my list or should I delete 955759? @ -X- @ If you are already updating your update page, you should definitely offer OPTIONAL UPDATES WITH High Priority. Not software as IE or WLM or PowerToys and things....or new calculator. What I want to do? I have Windows XP with SP3. With components: IE6, Movie Maker etc. I only want updates for them, for SYSTEM COMPONENTS and for system itself. NOTHING MORE. No new WMP 11 or IE8. Here is complete list of my updates. I've excluded AdobeAX. IF you find solution to my problem, I'm gonna probably kiss your sweet as*!!! OK??? Thank you all. Thank you all for wasting your time on me. Third time today........2675157 for IE is not integrated as it should be. He is not even in Add or Remove Progs under SOFTWARE UPDATES. By the way, I've looked at SVCPACK folder on ISO and it shows ONLY "CA_" type of file of 2675157. It was all in one integration -X-. You've said that multiple nLite runs aren't OK. That reminds me. You've said that you are "provider" for only HIGH-PRIORITY updates. Why Microsoft reports me that KB961118 is available???
  18. Well, first time when I was using YOUR updates, 971513 was shown under WINDOWS UPDATES in IE. Here it is. IE hotfix, obviously is not integrated as it should be. Also 923789 for Flash. WHY???? I don't know and I don't even care.
  19. Those dialogs are expected. nLite is simply complaining that either (1) the file in the patch is not present in the CD, or (2) the file in the CD is newer than the patch. EDIT: Wait a minute! Killjoy, you don't need the KB971513 as it was replaced by KB2564958. Remove KB971513 and you'll fix your problem. Really? I'll try. Tnx. Oh yes! I've tried to do what you've said. Put all hotfixes together and try to integrate them all at once. About 30 errors poped-up. OK??? I'm not doing anything special. Just trying to install all of them. Look -X-, I'm just following your package. How da hell should I know that 971513 is replaced by 2564958 IF you didn't wrote that on your "update" page??? There are no traces of 971513 there.
  20. There should be a kb2564958.exe /q /n /z /o line there along with the binary, KB2564958.exe, in the svcpack folder. Start over with a fresh copy of your XP source and do everything in one go and check that those 2 things are there. You already told me about that here. Fresh copy??? Where da hell should I find fresh copy of XP??? I have XP with SP3. Only that. My original disk is destroyed long time ago. What do I have to do? Trying to find "PURE" XP online??? You must be joking. I'll try with the one I have. EDIT: Success!!! Only if I integrate that hotfix, not with the others, it's working. Installation grew 1,35MB. But IF I integrate along with the others, that little prick is making problems. STUPID Microsoft!!! Tnx man! EDIT: More problems on the way. Some hotfixes reporting something like "file is not present in ISO to be updated" etc. Before fixing the problem with KB2564958, I didn't have problems with other hotfixes. Btw, there are some conflicts between some hotfixes. I'll try again all over from the beggining and post problems in pictures. I MUST put some hotfixes in separate folder because in you "package" you don't have all of them, only "high risk" hotfixes, for example 971513. You should check this out.
  21. I have that Windows 9 years. SP2 was not available back than. So, I've slipstreamed Sp1, than Sp2 and in 2008 Sp3. All three files are in RAR. Download from here http://www.mediafire.com/?o554ki5v1ppad7k. By the way, I'm integrating files in 3 sessions. I've separated hotfixes on those with NON DIRECT integration and others. Only that. Dx, DotNET and others are also integrated after hotfixes.
  22. No errors reported. That one you gave me is identical with the one that I have. I've downloaded that hotfix at least 100 times. nLite says after integration: The installation grew 0,01MB. Right now, I'm going to install VirtualBOX and test that Windows. I'm slipstreaming these hotfixes, in 3 or 4 sessions. Btw, I'm using Windows XP SP3 clean for integration of hotfixes. At first, that was ONLY Windows XP. I've slipstreamed SP1, than SP2 and SP3 at the end. Last Session.ini
  23. You didn't understand. Using nLite, KB2564958 WON'T integrate into Windows at all. Every other hotfix from YOUR package is integrated, only that (KB2564958) is making problem.

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