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  1. ok cool, that makes sense about SP1, that's alot better than it not installing, and TBH i already have SP1 integrated, i got an official MS sp1 ultimate image so, i'm solid on that, thanks!
  2. ok cool, where are the .mum files stored? your OS is still stable, and updates install fine right? did you install SP1 after you removed packages???? did windows update offer to install patches for stuff you removed? basically i'm trying to avoid a Vlite bugs, becasue Vlite stripped s*** out incorrectly and basically f***ed up the whole thing
  3. how do i COMPLETELY remove packages? does pkgmgr actually delete the removed packages, or does it disable the feature, but leave the package? pkgmgr won't list all the packages, it will only list the standard packages, not extra ones like updates, is there a way to force pkgmgr to list ALL packages in an image?
  4. ok, i haven't meant to be disrespectful at all, i might have kinda attaked a little, i apploagise for that could you also publish, or PM me with the details on how to remove like the Hyper-V packages and so forth? i can't seem to find where that documentation is
  5. i understand this is an alpha release, i've assited with many other devolepments, including helping Thaimin, at sevenfourums, with his app that changes the Windows 7 boot screen. this is an alpha release, as you have said MANY times, i'm providing you with feedback, but you don't seem to care what i have to say, and you continue to act like i'm demanding you make these changes immeaditly, first, i'm not demanding you do anything, second i'm not saying expect it done immeaditly or anything, i'm trying to clarify what i said, and i'm trying to express the importance of what i've said yes i'm absolutely sure that's how you properly remove packages
  6. the ABSOULTE best way, is to install standard windows 7, then install all your apps and drivers, and updates, and everything, then capture the image
  7. you should look into using Windows AIK and WinPE to deploy your images, support is built into windows, and that's what everyone on this forum, and many more use, we can't really help if your using something none of us have ever used before
  8. i'm not trying to flame, i really would love to use this app, becasue it would make my project a trillion times easier, i'm trying to help keep your good name, if everyone finds out your removing things incorrectly, your app and your hard work will go down the tubes. i was just trying to inform you how do i know your doing it incorrectly? becasue i had a look at your XML files, to be sure your app wouldnt mess up my install, no effence it apperas your just deleteing the files in the System32 folder, when you need to concentrate on the C:\Windows\WinSxS\Packages folder and use the pkgmgr tool. no effence man, i was just trying to inform you don''t call me a n00b, i clearly had information about how Windows 7 works, that you didn't, therefor i'm more "1337" than you it dosent matter "if it worked fine" you HAVE to remove the packages using DISM or PKGMGR, otherwise, as far as i'm concered, your app dosent work, and will casue problems, if you have the time and initive to write an app that does these things, please do it properly i mean no effense, have a great day!
  9. goto System32 folder, right click in some empty space, or over a dll, and right-click>make new folder then rename it to waht you want pretty simple
  10. are you TRYING to make a custom theme? or INSTALL a thirdparty custom theme? if the first, check out Vista Style builder, i use it for Windows 7 themeing.
  11. reupload the pic, i can't see it
  12. the same thing happend to me with my sisters laptop her laptop has x86 my dekstop had x64 both Windows 7, she had an AMD cpu, my desktop had an Intel CPU, i used DDR3 she used DDR2, it was a world different, like day and night, then i put her hdd in, and my computer started booting off it for some reason, and it worked! it didnt have Aero, becasue different GPU's, but it worked fine, i was suprised as hell! maybe that's a hidden feature of Windows 7?
  13. what do you want to edit? the text? the background? the actual window? the buttons/icons? theres a million things in that picture, and i have no clue exactly what your talking about
  14. i installed about 280mb of drivers, for the 3 computers in my house, the total driver size for everything was about 280mb, after i installed the drivers in the image, the Driverstore\FileRepository\ folder takes about 2.9 gb's when it originally took about 800mb's, WTF happend? how do i slim this down? theres about 180 drivers that dism installed in the image, but why does it take up SO much space? undoubtedly there are duplicates, but how do i remove the duplicates but keep the same amount of device support? if i just delete the duplicate folders, then those inf files won't be able to install anything, how do i point the inf files to a different folder?
  15. the AuthUI.dll file is the Login Screen, those bitmaps, are button overlays, that specific one, is the one you see when your at the login screen and you need to restart to install updates, i theme Windows 7, including DLL modding, i've dealt with that file, and tbh, that file is a b***h to mod AuthUI, aka Autherization User Interface which means login screen
  16. i hope you are using DISM for this stuff, otherwise you are gonna f*** the installation all to hell
  17. your removing componets wrong, and its gonna result in f***ed up installs, that don't work, or install updates, just like what happend with Vlite, you need to use pkgmgr, to uninstall packages, not just remove the files, if you just delete the files, the registry keys are still present, that's what causes the problem, go to technet and look up pkgmgr AKA Package Manager
  18. i have disabled UAC also, and i right click run as admin cmd, before i entered the commands
  19. Thanks! i really appreciate you going the extra mile to perfect your script, thanks man!
  20. well, IE9 is completely seperate from IE8, that's why IE9 is so much faster did you look that up? there are more packages i would like to remove, but that way seems a TRILLION times safer than manually deleting the old files i get error code 0x80070005
  21. i have installed IE9, and ie8 is still sitting in my WinSxS, i have no plans to go back or EVER use IE8 again, how can i SAFELY remove it, to free up space
  22. i'm not going to be using this scriopt over a network, it will just run straight from DVD, is there anyway to remove the enter computer name part? i want this to be automatic, and i want it to write the results to a log file
  23. why don't you just use this instead Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\wgalogon] notice the minus - between the [ h that means remove the reg key just save it as WHATEVERYOUWANTTOCALLIT.REG
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