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  1. I'm trying to create a silent installer for my Windows 7 theme, here's my Config.txt ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="2" Path="%Windir%\Resources\Themes\" Progress="No" RunProgram="InstallUxStyle.cmd" ;!@InstallEnd@! and here's my install script. @ECHO OFF GOTO DETECT :DETECT %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% IF AMD64 == AMD64 GOTO AMD64 ELSE GOTO DETECT2 :DETECT2 %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% IF x86 == x86 GOTO x86 ELSE GOTO DETECT3 :DETECT3 %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% IF IA64 == IA64 GOTO IA64 ELSE GOTO END :AMD64 msiexec.exe /i "%Windir%\Resources\Themes\Cloud7\UxStyle\UxStylex64.msi" /quiet GOTO END
  2. I'm trying to create a silent installer for my Windows 7 theme, here's my Config.txt ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="2" Path="%Windir%\Resources\Themes\" Progress="No" RunProgram="InstallUxStyle.cmd" ;!@InstallEnd@! and here's my install script. @ECHO OFF GOTO DETECT :INSTALL :DETECT %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% IF AMD64 GOTO AMD64 IF x86 GOTO x86 IF IA64 GOTO IA64 :AMD64 Msiexec.exe /i "%Windir%\Resources\Themes\Cloud7\UxStyle\UxStylex64.msi" /j m GOTO END :x86 Msiexec.exe /i "%Windir%\Resources\Themes\Cloud7\UxStyle\UxStylex86.msi" /j m GOTO END :IA64 Sorry, your architecture isn't suppo
  3. I've used Audit mode before, and I'm just not a fan of all the kludge that gets left behind, the registry gets battered to hell (although it's incredibly stupid and deserves everything it gets).
  4. I'm running Windows 8, can I force win8 dism to scavage Win7 install wim offline?
  5. @Magic, I don't even know why that didn't cross my mind. sorry guys.
  6. There's a few exe's I'd like to slipstream into windows, like MSE and Directx, is there any way to install it offline? You'd think Microsoft would have gotten this handled by now, but apparently not.
  7. Can't you just remove IIS, then reinstall .Net framework afterwards? like with MS downloadable packages.
  8. It says it's removed them, but the files are still in the WinSXS and it still lists the same packages as being installed after using the /r command on about 100 packages. I've commited, and exported the wim and it's still not gone. :/
  9. What is the Windows 7 BLB-Client? I see it in the Install wim tweak tool, and it sounds unnessacary, is it? and what is this? Display-ChangeDesktopBackground-Disabled and all of these? Common-Drivers-Package Client-LanguagePack-Package Client-Drivers Client-Features BusinessScanning Editions-Client-Package Help-CoreClientUAXX Links-Package Media-Format-Package MobilePC-Client MSMQ-Client-Package NFS-ClientSKU OfflineFiles PeerDist PeerToPeer Personalization PhotoBasic PhotoPremium Printing-Foundation PrintingLocalFoundation RasRip RDC Can I remove Group Policy? How about TerminalServices?
  10. Yeah, I'll run it a few more times, sometimes I'll run it twice, and it doesn't make an XML file either time, other times on the first run, and other times it works the second time. I'll delete and redo the log files so it's all clean and easier to check. give me a couple days.
  11. Well, my Windows 7 partition crashed and I'm on Windows 8 CP right now (I hardly ever use it) but it's saying that It has to run on Windows 7, and I'd like to strip Win7 before I reinstall, is there anyway to run it on Win8?
  12. After a reboot it's working... but still only generating XMLs every other time...? and can I use this to search for say Shell32, and delete all of the old versions of Shell32? How do I go about doing that?
  13. "make sure settings.ini exists" is all I'm getting, it exists, the paths are correct, I even took ownership of the **** thing, it's in the same folder as create along with everything else. WTF IS GOING ON?!
  14. Create.exe -k and either Premium or "Premium" (when searching for Home Premium stuff lol)
  15. I may have to capture the image, but I find that the image isn't as clean that way, there are settings and stuff like that set and I personally prefer to avoid it if at all possible, is there a way to create an installable cab though? because that could be AMAZING.
  16. I've actually just mounted the Ultimate wim, as it's less messy than extracting hundreds of files, here's my create.exe version and settings.ini contents. Create.exe version 1.0 copyright 2012 Daniel Just. ; This file is absolutely needed! Do not delete it! ; Adjust the paths below to their correct location [paths] ; path where the windows installation source manifest files can be found ; path must be absolute; no backslash at the end manifestPath=D:\Users\Marcus\Desktop\Remove_Componets\mount\Windows\winsxs\Manifests\ ; path where output xml and log file should be saved ; path can be relati
  17. It works when I run it is a regular user, but says it can't find that dll that's right next to it when I run it as admin. :confused:
  18. How am I supposed to get this to work? It runs now, but I type in a search such as "HomePremium" and it just prints a **** log, then sometimes I run the same command and it creates an XML, other times nothing. what's going on here?
  19. No, but I could easily make one, I'm just starting this out, I'm even willing to mount the image registry and try to copy the registry settings. like, there's NO possible way to inject them?
  20. They're *.dll x64, and I'm making an x64 win7 image. There are a few in *.ax as well, but is there much of a difference install wise?
  21. I'm trying to preinstall a few explorer RAW codecs in a windows image, so they're installed automatically, how can I do this?
  22. The xml files have the type of component before the name of the components to be removed in the default xml filenames. For example, accessories_notepad.xml or drivers_modems.xml. This should automatically be sorted alphabetically. Also, what doesn't work? What were you doing manually? I don't remember what I was doing back then, but I'm trying it again, adn this time it's saying that libexpat-1_.dll can't be found, and it's right next to create.exe, and I've also copied it to the System32 folder and treid registering it, and it doesn't work, and I've also got Strawberry PErl installed (at C:\
  23. Nice thread, I was looking through the XMLs earlier when it didn't work and was manually doing it myself (OMG that's mind numbling boring and tedious) and I noticed that they weren't listed alpphabetically, could you make them alphabetical?
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