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  1. dual boot question

    I ran ME on my primary partition (c:) and XP beta on a second hdd (d:) without problems. If i need to modify my MBR i use a proggie called bootpart, check it out @ ht*p://www.winimage.com/bootpart.htm NO active links allowed on forums!........Edited by mod[/color:85be3617d8]
  2. XP Home retail - activation

    nah, xp has no drivers for my usb adsl modem, so it wouldnt have been able to do anything until i installed the drivers. It did not contact anyone ??? (i was waiting for the activation popup box) I think it must be cracked already - oh well I'm not gonna moan. BTW does anybody know if making a norton ghost image of an activated install require activation again when re-ghosting ??
  3. fast user switching - HELP

    updated with pic
  4. BlackICE Defender?

    cool cheers
  5. BlackICE Defender?

    where can i dl tiny firewall from ~??
  6. XP Home retail - activation

    I have installed XP Home retail , popped in the cd key and it has not prompted me to activate yet - is this real ?? Is there no activation on the retail ?? I downloaded from a pub a few days ago
  7. WinXP crashes like hell!

    You could always remove the old detonator drivers using detonator destroyer and then install the XP detonator drivers (21.81 I think) - I'm running detonator build 21.83 and these are fine. Both of these can be found at ht*p://www.3dguru.com No active links...edited by mod[/color:78f97b092d]
  8. fast user switching - HELP

    I am running the XP Home Retail ver and its very, very cool. Everything was running OK till 3 days after installation. Now fast user switching won't function ( I get no nice GUI logon screen (you have to type in ur name)) and I get no piccie on the start button. Not really a serious prob but still I want it running properly !!! When I try to access to Users control panel it pops up a box saying [img:c9c11eaa7b]http://users.tinyworld.co.uk/upload/users.jpg[/img:c9c11eaa7b] I forget the name of the file, i'll update this when I get in from work and have a chance to check !! Anyone had any similar problems ?? Any ideas ??
  9. New Creative Drivers @ Windowsupdate.com

    You could always download them from creatives site as well - soundblaster.com
  10. WinXP Pro Corp. CD Covers - The best ones!

    Nice one dude, these are pretty funky man.....
  11. Anyone Know ??

  12. Thnx for the info guy
  13. Video card recommendation

    My creative geforce 2 ultra (64 meg DDR) kicks a** man, I would recommend creative cards to anyone (theor tech support is top m8) I would suggest either this card or a GF3. All my m8s have prbs with ATI cards too so I personally steer clear !!
  14. One question

    Weird problem dude, have you tried swapping the master and slave around ?? Just see if it detects ur IBM as a slave !!
  15. Speed up the Start Menu

    cheers for the info man