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  1. Thanks very much for info! Tried Skydrive but didn't find that drag'n'drop option . How does it work?
  2. Thanks very much for answer! I've done what you've suggested - I've looked at registry entries for .bin and .mov and just exported them before package installation: Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.bin] "NoOpen"="" [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.bin\PersistentHandler] @="{098f2470-bae0-11cd-b579-08002b30bfeb}" Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.mov] [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.mov\PersistentHandler] @="{098f2470-bae0-11cd-b579-08002b30bfeb}" There were no entries for binfile and movfile. Then I've installed my package and .bin and .mov entries aren't changed, but t
  3. Hi W3bbo! Since even in light installation mode xpize 5 installs 128x128 file type icons, I've decided to try to create a small anolis package which contains only cut down versions of file type icons (I've taken most of them from original xpize 5 release 6, removed hi res parts from them, left only 16, 32 and 48, and created several more icons with same sizes by myself for iso, bin and torrent extensions). I've tried to add several more extensions, e.g. .bin and .mov, but Anolis installer doesn't register them . Here are parts that work perfectly: ... <fileType typeExt=".qt" icon="Icons\qt
  4. The file has been downloaded 20 times, so I want to thank you guys for interest in my package . Hope you enjoy the package's revised tree and visual schemes' subcomponents previews. And 'coz there's still no problem reports I hope that the package is not that buggy .
  5. Hi W3bbo! Sure, I'll do this today as soon as I get back from work Also please consider including my fixes into your next release of you find them good enough Edit: Changed the package and uploaded it here (also changed link in the first post). Cheers
  6. Xpize 5 release 6b (and 6a) is not an official xpize release, only my fan package. Hi again . As I've said, I've created another version of slightly improved release 6 - xpize 5 release 6b. This time I've done everything I wanted to do and most likely this version will be the one I'll keep for myself for everyday use (lol). Here is change log including previous version: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - xpize 5 Release 6b ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- = Changes to xpize * Added black Luna Element
  7. No problems, I like you like lite
  8. Also placed it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7W8YMA9V (what I like on FileSavr is that it shows how many times the file has been downloaded...) Btw, xpize 5 release 6b is almost ready, and I'll release it as soon as I finish testing... today or tomorrow . The change log will be: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - xpize 5 Release 6b ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- = Changes to xpize * Added black Luna Element shutdown and logoff screens * Added preview images to all visual styles subcomponents (W
  9. There should be no difference, however I did not test i386 folder patching.
  10. This is not official xpize release, only my fan package. Hi everyone . After I've done xpize 6 lite 0.1 I though I got familiar enough with package structure and xml to try to improve original xpize 5 release 6. The main problem with 5R6 is that the package is very mixed... I mean It's too hard to select exactly needed elements (that's why I've made that xpize lite in the first place). E.g. you try to select only standard icons and bitmaps and you still get logoff screen changed. You unselect winrar patch but still get *.rar file type icons patched. You unselect Windows Branding but still get
  11. Here you go - http://www.sendspace.com/file/d7esy6
  12. Yeah, it has been downloaded 8 times, and it was removed automatically after a week of non activity. Please advise me some nice upload server, and I'll upload it once more .
  13. Okay, I've uploaded it here - http://www.filesavr.com/xpize5lite01 . Remember this is customized package that I use myself, and it may not meet your personal needs. Also this is my first experience and it may contain some bugs (and I'm sure it does ). Thanks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - xpize 5 lite 0.1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- = Changes compared to xpize 5 Release 6 * Removed all custom visual styles and themes (except some Luna Element bitmaps) * Removed custom WinRar and 7-zip themes
  14. Hell Racer

    xpize 5 lite

    Okay, there's no possibility to save selections during xpize install and I do a lot of them , e.g. I don't install visual styles (except some Luna Element bitmaps for wizards), themes, cursors and skins, also I have to remove some files from temp directory during install to keep logon/logoff buttons unpatched. Therefore I decided to try to create some lite package without all of these elements just for myself, which exactly meets my personal needs. Well, I still can't believe it, but it seems like it works . The question is: does anyone also interested in the xpize 5 lite? Remember that it onl
  15. Thanks for reply! Yes, I've installed R6 already, but that's really not a big deal for me to revert back (since I always have OS backup which takes about 1.5-2 mins to rollback to, since I have a fast SSD drive ). The problem with *.rar file type icon is that there is about 40 more associations for archive tomes, e.g. *.r01-*.r40. Again that's really not a big deal just to skip custom file type icons during install, I just pointing for caveats which W3bbo (or someone else) may want to fix later. If the descritions are from *.anop, where can I get latest (xpise 5 release 6) to try to fix myself
  16. I use it almost the same way most times . +1! Well, I could try to improve the package itself (not installer) to remove some artifacts (e.g. changes in unwanted elements, incorrect file type names etc). Could you please point me to how to get this package (xpize 5 release 6) separately to be able to change it (and the tools needed for that)?
  17. Okay, now let's get down to problems 1. A lot of elements in Advanced tree aren't properly labeled and contain no description. I want to skip *.rar file type icon install, but can't find it... (not WinRar theme, that's what I can find and uncheck) 2. It still changes power off and log off screen buttons even I unselect all themes. I think I can work around this problem by deleting some temporary file, but it's quite annoying to do that every time. 3. Advanced options dialog's font is different from wizard font. For some languages it's quite annoying (also it's taskbar icon is default Visual
  18. Thank you so much, W3bbo! Just installed it, it feels so nice and complete!
  19. Here's Russian: Почему вы решили удалить пакет? Ваш отзыв будет отправлен разработчику и поможет ему в дальнейшем улучшить пакет. Почему вы решили удалить {0}? Ваш отзыв будет отправлен {1} и поможет ему в дальнейшем улучшить {0}.
  20. Hm... I've tried not to install any additional visual styles (I use XPize w/o any style most times - just updated icons, bitmaps and animations), and now I have this incorrect turn-off screen again. I think there's a bug anyway.
  21. I've been on Black Sea in Divnomorskoye (which means Wondersea) Settlement near Gelendzhik . Yeah, thanks a lot to him!!
  22. Sorry, I was on summer vacation Already posted ru file for 5R6 in that thread
  23. I think the problem is not only corners, the shutdown screen doesn't belong to the selected theme. E.g. I've selected Darkside when installing 5R5, but this windows is still blue (like the one in baunegaard's screenshot).
  24. Hi there, I'm back from summer vacation B) Here's Russian file . ru.zip
  25. This could be visual style problem. Which style do you use? Try to select another one and reboot.
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