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  1. OMG! I've cleared icon cache and my Device Manager looks nice too Also, icon arrows are updated (they are green now)...
  2. Personally I like standard 3D-White (system theme). But it contains two flat icons - Help Select and Link Select. I've made two replacement icons that fit the theme nicely (see attachment). But I don't know where the original resources located. Cursors.zip
  3. and even there it has some display problems - arrow's shadow isn't erased in some cases... Maybe it's better to left it as is.
  4. I'd like to test Russian too
  5. Actually, my pic taken from fully unexpized XP (since I was at my work PC where I can't install XPize due to "omgillkillyouifyouinstallsomething" limitation). BUT I've already posted the same screenshot from xpized XP elsewhere on this forum and there were all XP-style icons except BT... So strange you have xpized BT icon...
  6. Wow, thanks a lot Also I have another question: in beta 3 I've seen green shortcut arrows on my desktop icons... In release 4 they are back to old b/w. Did I do something wrong?
  7. Is it possible to xpize these icons? I hope it should fix this:
  8. Nice question from Anolis developer
  9. I think you have some Vista-style icons because of Windows Search 4.0 itself being Vista-style...
  10. I don't see this string in the resx too Well, I've updated my translation, please find it attached - ru.zip
  11. Do I understand correctly that most of unchanged icons in previous 5 posts will be updated in next version? I'm interested mostly in Computer Management which has a lot of 16 and 256 color icons .
  12. Where's string for "Uninstall >" button? Also what should I do with "Lang_RTL" string?
  13. I think there is a problem with russian translation... Sometimes the release notes page containg english strings at the top of window. Here are the steps: 1. I start xpize5R4.exe. 2. Russian lang is selected by default (as I have russian OS locale). 3. I proceed through steps until Package Release Notes appear: 4. I go back to first page, select any other language and proceed to this page again. 5. I go back to first page, select Russian again and proceed to this page... again . 6. Here's what I see: The page's header is translated correctly now... Does it make any sense? Edit: Also there'are some strings which is left untranslated ("Select the directory to recover from" and "Uninstall"):
  14. First, try to start calc.exe, as I had problems with it in Beta 3
  15. Computer Management (My Computer - Manage) has a lot of 256-color icons. Also the Bluetooth icon in the Device Manager is old-style (while the Bluetooth icon in the tray is fine). Also, I've tried beta 3 and calc.exe didn't work after install, got some memory problem.
  16. Russian # A_DisableAV Перед тем как продолжить, отключите Windows Defender и другие антивирусы, так как они замедляют установку. # C_A_notFileExists Файл "{0}" не существует # C_A_selectEmbeddedPackageFirst Выберите встроенный пакет перед продолжением # C_B_conditionError При проверке возможности установки пакета на этот компьютер произошла ошибка. Свяжитесь с автором пакета. # E_A_notValidDirectory Указанная папка не содержит корректный набор файлов для отката # G_Title Пожалуйста, подождите... # G_WaitMessage Компьютер перезагружается # Wiz_CancelConfirm Вы уверены, что хотите отменить установку?
  17. I've finished Russian translation, sent it to W3bbo.

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