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  1. Hi all, Scenario; Need to do a complete silent install of OSs (Windows 7) in 25 different languages and some applications to VMs. Is it possible to use one Deployment share and different Task Sequences to install individual OSs with matching Apps silently. Currently I can do a successful complete silent installation of Windows 7 EN but need to replicate the same for the other languages, Some Apps will be common and some not. CustomSettings.ini [Settings] Priority=Default Properties=MyCustomProperty [Default] OSInstall=YES SkipWizard=NO SkipAdminPassword=YES SkipApplications=YES Applications001={40d02ad1-b32e-454f-b576-1854f5c33dd2} Applications002={5f3eedf5-515f-49f9-8928-b5fd02c1e403} SkipAppsOnUpgrade=YES SkipBDDWelcome=YES SkipBitLocker=YES SkipCapture=YES SkipComputerName=YES SkipComputerBackup=YES SkipDeploymentType=YES DeploymentType=NEWCOMPUTER SkipDomainMembership=YES JoinWorkgroup=QA-LAB SkipFinalSummary=YES SkipLocaleSelection=YES KeyboardLocale=en-GB UserLocale=en-US UILanguage=en-US SkipPackageDisplay=YES SkipProductKey=YES SkipSummary=YES SkipTaskSequence=YES TaskSequenceID=WIN7_EN_INSTALL SkipTimeZone=YES TimeZoneName=GMT Standard Time SkipUserData=Yes UserDataLocation=NONE Thanks
  2. Breaking down in to two steps works. Thanks
  3. I am sorry, here is the Autounattend.xml file I used and Autounattend-processed.xml is the file in C:\Windows\panther\unattend.xml file on the first boot of the OS, which is audit mode Autounattend.xml Autounattend-processed.xml
  4. Microsoft VBScript runtime error

    No the only error I have is
  5. When I run a simple VBscript I get an error on Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Code: 0x80020009 Microsoft VBScript runtime error ActiveX component can't create object: 'WScript.Shell' line = 15, col = 6 (line is offset from the start of the script block). Error returned from property or method call. I have tried regsvr32.exe jscript.dll regsvr32.exe vbscript.dll regsvr32.exe wshom.ocx regsvr32.exe msxml3.dll regsvr32.exe -i shell32.dll then I get The module ‘wshom.ocx’ was loaded but the call to DllRegisterServer failed with error code OOO4O2O1. Any Ideas?
  6. here is the output of the setuperr.log Above settings are in the file only once but system installed already has these settings!! @Tripredacus: I am installing IIS using the answer file as the application we test on these VMs is dependant on IIS to be installed. Did I understand you correctly? Now I added audit Mode to Autounattended.xml file to get me in to audit mode straight after a install then do sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown as unattend.xml file is already cached. [EDIT] OK, now I am using Autounattended.xml I get most of what I want. The problem is that I now get the OOBE Wizard, which ask for user comp name, username, password etc. and two users I added in XML are not created [/EDIT] Thanks
  7. Tripredacus: This a VM on a VMWare ESX 3 which I installed using a DVD (no Answer file). I used WSIM to produce the XML file. The error withing the setuperr.log file doesn't say much, so I attached the whole Panther folder. On the running VM I run following command start %WINDIR%\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /audit /reboot and after reboot I do start sysprep /generalize /oobe /shutdown /unattend:Unattended_Win7_en-US.xml myselfidem: I have removed the servicing part to no avail. How can I test the xml with WSIM, when I hit validate I don't get any errors. Panther.zip
  8. Hi All, I am trying to sysprep a Windows 7 VM on VMWare to be a template for future VMs. I get Windows could not parse or process the unattend answer file for pass [specialize]. A component or non-list setting is specified more than once in the answer file. after rebooting machine from sysprep shutdown. I am attaching the answer file I am using Sample.xml
  9. Vista unattended Guide

    because the Guide instructs so!!!!
  10. Vista unattended Guide

    I have followed the guide to create an AutoUnattend.xml, but my system doesn't boot into sysprep mode, Any ideas why? Thanks AutoUnattend.xml
  11. [How To] Multi-boot DVD Guide

    I am trying to create a Multi-boot DVD using this guide. I am calling install.cmd from SVCPACK.INF AVG Free installer comes up with error "AVG Free does not support this version of Windows" as it thinks Windows XP SP3 is older than 2k3 sp4 NERO 8 warns for another reboot operation is being asked eventhough I am trying to install it first Office 2003 would roll back install at some point All three would just install fine once the OS installed Any ideas?
  12. Hi everyone, I have created Wim image of vista on BartPE and restored image to another machine with same specs but Vista keeps rebooting itself. crcdisk.sys is the last driver loaded before it reboots. What I did; 1) Create image on Master PC using BartPE 2) Boot Target PC using BartPE 3) Create a partition and activate it using diskpart 4) Restore image to the newly created partition 5) Restore boot loader using bootsect ( bootsect /nt60 c:) 6) Reboot target PC Thanks from now
  13. [HOWTO] Using DriverPacks w/ Sysprep

    Hi, I have been trying to create a Universal Ghost, but Sysprep does nothing after it install Mass Storage drivers, It just says "sysprep is working" and thats about it really nothing else happens even left it running over weekend. Deleting Mass Storage entries works but then I have no drivers?????
  14. Intel Raid & WinXP PRO

    I haven't installed anything. it is only OS itself and I used the integrator included with the driver package
  15. Intel Raid & WinXP PRO

    Hi everyone! I have been trying to install XP PRO to SATA RAID on intel ICH7 DH F6 method does not work after formatting it complains about not finding iastor.sys. So I slipstreamed the drivers from the driverpacks.net which allowed me to install XP PRO. Now I cannot boot into Windows, Windows logo will appear then it will just hang there, I can boot into Safe Mode just fine, however I can't even boot into Safe Mode wiht Networking I even tried to disable everything from msconfig still it did not work My Mobo is ASUS P5DL2-VM DH http://uk.asus.com/products4.aspx?l1=3&amp...amp;modelmenu=1 Thanks from now.