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  1. Hi,I installed Win2000-PFW000001-x86-INTL.exe . still wont work. How do i start paltalk in XP compatible mode ? Win2000-PFW000001-x86-INTL.exe is the Runtime for Dynamic Library Application. PalTalk is Static Library Application. Plz register paltalk.exe XP Compatible mode with fcwin2k.exe Ok sorry,at first i did not understand. useing fcwin2k.exe, Paltalk now Works ! Thank You ! Any chance of geting Paltalk to work with KernelX ?? If not it's ok.As long as Paltalk works,i dont care.
  2. Hi,I installed Win2000-PFW000001-x86-INTL.exe . still wont work. How do i start paltalk in XP compatible mode ?
  3. Well Paltalk Messenger updated agian. and it will not run on win2k anymore. So i hope Blackwingcat can help. Here is the Event Log. Event Type: Information Event Source: DrWatson Event Category: None Event ID: 4097 Date: 7/20/2015 Time: 10:33:13 PM User: N/A Computer: 2KUSER Description: The application, , generated an application error The error occurred on 07/20/2015 @ 22:33:13.343 The exception generated was e06d7363 at address 7C59BCB1 (RaiseException) I Have got version Windows2000-KB935839-v24d7-x86-ENU.exe of Blackwingcats kernel installed.
  4. Few things I hate more than attempting to defend the good M$ guys, but I fail to see how they (or their policies) can be held responsible for (or connected to) the paltalk developers using in their code (knowingly or unknowingly) a dll function that is not present in Windows 2000 (and AFAICU not one of those "essential" or even "needed" ones). Since you are a paltalk user you could tell them how they broke Windows 2000 compatibility and how much this (BTW senseless) move affected you. jaclaz I understand what you are saying.They "Paltalk" broke 2000 compatabillity back in june of this ye
  5. Thank You,Thank You,Thank You, Blackwingcat ! Works Great. I just hope they dont add another API next time they update. Thanks Agian.
  6. Why do you think UURollup is no longer maintained? I may be slow at updating it but I've never said anything about stopping maintenance. The CheckNameLegalDOS8Dot3 doesn't seem to be included in the newest version of BWC kernel32.dll either (which is integrated into the newest daily release of UURollup-v11). I see,well thats unfortunate. well then i have no choice to upgrade.sad it seems M$ is been trying to get rid of 2000 even before 2010.maybe because it dont have WPA. oh well ,Thanks for your work Tomasz86 and thaks to Blackwingcat. I will keep checking back at theses forums in c
  7. Sorry i forgot to add im runing KernelEx version Windows2000-UURollup-v11-d20140103-x86-ENU
  8. This Post is for BlackWingCat, or anyone that can help... So i use Windows 2000 everyday for one program. Paltalk Messenger. i talk to all my friends on paltalk,and i have a chatroom also. So i finely installed Windows2k on my main PC,installed Extended Kernel like always. Well, the new Paltalk Build no longer workes with Extended Kernel ! when ran is says... The procedure entry point CheckNameLegalDOS8Dot3W could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll. As you can see,the new paltalk will not work even with BlackWingCats Kernel. I have Windows 2000 installed on alother P
  9. Sorry i should have Named the Tiltle something else. I will try to install Windows 2000. Thanks for replying to my post
  10. wow,no replys.Blackwingcat?,Anybody? Everytime i try to serch the forums i get a Database Error or something like that.
  11. Hey guys,i would like to know if Windows 2000 will run on this PC with the XP drivers. Its a Gateway DX4822 PC from 2010,gaeways website onley had drivers for windows 7. However intel's website had XP drivers for it. I even remember seeing something in the Bios for XP. sorry i cant find a pic of the PC. Right now im runing Linux on the PC. Heres some info about what Linux says about the PC... System Information Manufacturer: Gateway Type: Desktop Pentium® Dual-Core CPU E5800 @ 3.20GHz Product Name: DX4822 Base Board Information Manufacturer: Gateway Product Name: EG43M More i
  12. Thanks for the link Blackwingcat! I edited the inf file and it installed,and it Works!! Thank you!
  13. I did not change it.,The inf file will not work on windows 2000,it will not accept the inf. I was asking if someone could make the inf work,with Windows 2000. Like i said,Windows 2000 will Not accept the inf.
  14. Hey Blackwingcat. I Have KernelEx installed,i have a Belkin Wireless USB Adapter.But windows 2000 will not accept the driver.i was wondering if you or somebody that knows anything about inf files would take a look at the file.The computer i have Windows 2000 installed on,the Eithernet port dont work on it.A power surge fryed the port.So i need to get this USB Wireless working. Here is a copy of the inf file,and the driver. Thanks for all your work. net8192su.inf Driver.zip
  15. Blackwingcat, Thank you for your hard work ! I just installed Yahoo messenger,and it works Great...Now if i could just get my webcam to work.My webcam is a Logitech C120. I extract the drivers,then install it with Device Manager.The drivers seem to install fine.But in Device Manager it says the Device Cannot Start.I really wish it worked. I guess Logitech dont want people useing Windows 2000.lol Like i said,all the Drivers are listed in Device Manager.But it just wont load the drivers.
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