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  1. Is there any chance that someone would finish the service pack or at least update it?
  2. You could always download from the mdgx website if you have problems. Thats what I do.
  3. I do have other .net installed. I guess I will have to tell windows update to ignore this one installation, even though I hate doing that. Unless someone else knows a fix, I will block the installation I guess...
  4. When going to Windows Update, everything installs fine except an update for .net. The error code is this: Error Code: 0x8007F070 The update is this: Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 Security Update It downloads, but wont install, it gives me the Installation Failure message, and produces the error code shown above. (0x8007F070 ) Anyone know how to fix it? I have tried uninstalling .net, but it wont install. .NET cleanup utility doesn't work either with this one.
  5. Thanks, I just replaced explorer.exe with a new one that hasn't been modified. Thanks for the solution!
  6. Ah, I believe that's the program I used. Do you know of a way to get the text back? It seems as if reinstalling it and unpatching does not restore the text. The same problem occurred after I tried unpatching it the first time.
  7. I'm having another weird problem with my copy of Windows XP... My shutdown/log off icons are kinda messed up. The buttons themselves are there, but the description after them are missing. Like the shutdown button is there, but it doesn't say shutdown. Below is a pic of what it actually looks like. I'm pretty sure it was from a program that i used to remove it, but it never fully replaced the text. The program was for replacing the icons with a mac look alike menu, but it never fully reverted itself when i uninstalled it. Besides telling me that the program was a mistake, or reinstall wi
  8. Thanks to vinifera for attempting to help... I have found the source of the trouble and have successfully fixed the problem. A program never fully unloaded its icon skinner, therefore permanently making the recycle bin black. By reinstalling and uninstalling, the problem resolved itself.
  9. @vinifera nothing seems to work. Icon is rebuilt to that black recycle bin, deleting iconcache.dll does not produce any results either.
  10. Ok, so I cannot get my recycle bin icon to look like its default is supposed to. I have never changed it, so I have no idea why it would have changed by itself in the first place. I cannot reset it to default through desktop properties (windows displays the default here, but its displayed differently on the desktop). I have tried rebuilding my icons with TweakUI, but it does not fix the problem at all. System restore doesn't restore the icon either. I suspect that either something is wrong with the icon path, or the actual icon in System32 is messed up. I am the only user with this problem
  11. All is ok here! Installed on a fresh install of IE6. Keep up the good work
  12. This is why I always change my network to Windows Logon, it seems to make it bypass this step for me. I used to get annoyed with Windows asking me for a domain and a password everytime.
  13. "If anyone wants the welcome video I made, do tell. I'll try to make a higher res one because the current one looks kinda ugly when launched by mplayer in WinMe." Please post the video, I have windows ME and would love to have that screen u showed. Plus I have been looking for one for such a long time...
  14. I was wondering if there was a way to repair Windows XP MCE without losing files that I want? Like I don't want to lose all the items in My Documents, My Music, etc. I heard that there was an option like this for Windows XP PRO, but I haven't seen or found anything that would repair a current Windows XP MCE installation. I need to repair it because something is causing the machine to malfunction, especially when downloading and installing updates to any .net or office program. I have been putting up with it for awhile, but now I just want the machine to handle hassle free, especially when up
  15. This seems to be working well so far. The only problem I have is the start button. While using RP9, it seems to get corrupted after closing IE6, or by changing the RP9 skin and wallpaper.
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