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  1. Do you mean "wb-ie7b1.rar" ? Does not have any iesetup.exe, or I cant read it correct from the server. SP2 Vanilla works fine ATM with no updates, but I could not recover the messages only from a backup-DVD. I don't know what is with this PC since I installed on a 6 GB partition Ubuntu 8.10 and after install was finishing has been stooped at some language files near 100%. On XP SP1 I had similar problems wile I have accessed a shared folder on the server and I could only copy empty files, but after upgrading to SP2 Vanilla now is any file is working fine direct from same server.
  2. I lost my messages from more them one year do to a "partition disappearance" and I have on that HDD some downloaded from my ISP server in WLM *.eml format. I did only imported about 10 very important messages and some contacts from the old list to this PC so that I can add them back to Address Book so that not all messages that I receive go direct in Spam Folder and from all other older DVD backups. I try to run WLM so that I can take a more close look on what other emails I have on that PC but there are some dependencies missing from shlwapi.dll that is included with IE7. I do remember that I used on XP SP1a the option /integrate to integrate IE7 B1 it in the C:\CD-Share folder, and I used IE7 with B1 and never worked with B2. I also remember that before I purchased this PC I had a workaround that did come, if I remember correct with "Vista Transformation Pack" to make the kernel use less RAM and the PC worked as works with Base XP. So, I was a little frustrated when I seen that I cant find any copy of IE7 B1, but there are many other ways to make WLM work even to wait 5 minutes for a program to load.
  3. Maybe, since is IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe and not IE7-B1-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe, then there is no update/iesetup.exe, probably we most run update.exe ... P.S. Maybe someone can integrate this on a CD
  4. KernelEx is an Open Source compatibility layer by Xeno86 with an aim to allow running Windows 2000/XP-only applications on Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Windows Millennium operating systems. I remember with a certain version on a Virtual PC with Win98 running some simple programs that do not run on Win2k, WinXP, etc.
  5. Wine (originally an acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator") https://www.winehq.org/about/ ...
  6. It's a Compaq Desktop 5086 with 200Mhz CPU (50x4) and 128 MB RAM (32x4 Edo) where I keep some very old stuff, and I need to recover some old messages and other stuff. SP2 may work but SP3 is out of question.
  7. There is any kernelx for xp that allows to run programs in compatibility mode like in wine ?
  8. Anyone still have a copy of IE7-B1-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe ? I know that B1 may work on Windows XP with sp1a ...
  9. Hello, Aynone knows whatever Calibri font is included in any other package that can be downloaded from download.microsoft.com website, other then MS Office ? According to wiki: Calibri is a humanist sans-serif typeface family under the Microsoft ClearType Font Collection. In Microsoft Office 2007, it replaced Times New Roman as the default typeface in Word[1] and replaced Arial as the default in PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and WordPad. It continued to be the default typeface in Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft Office 2013 applications. Thank you.
  10. Done with the attach. Also worked on how the get the servers list for syncronising the time-date: ' ' TimeDate Server List Script - ServersList.vbs ' ' '*************************************************************************** Option Explicit Dim WSHShell Set WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Dim Tme Set Tme = WScript.CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemDateTime") Dim objWMIService Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\cimv2") '-> Text Output Objects Dim ARW ARW = Chr(160) & Chr(187) & Chr(160) Dim RegKey, strDefault, strList RegKey = "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\" Dim strTimeServersKey strTimeServersKey = RegKey & "Windows\CurrentVersion\DateTime\Servers" '-> Read RegistryKey/DefaultValue Function GetList (strTimeServersKey, strDefault) On Error Resume Next Dim i,j,k Dim Servers Servers = " " k = 0 Do k = k + 1 WSHShell.RegRead(strTimeServersKey & "\" & k) Loop While err.number = 0 Err.Clear j = k - 1 Dim ServersDigit() For i = strDefault to j Do i = i + 1 ReDim Preserve ServersDigit(i) ServersDigit(i) = WSHShell.RegRead(strTimeServersKey & "\" & i) Servers = Servers & VbCrLf & i & ARW & ServersDigit(i) Loop While err.number = 0 Next GetList = Servers strList = " DateTime Servers List " & ARW & ServersDigit End Function if WScript.arguments.count<1 then strList = GetList(strTimeServersKey, 0) MsgBox "Date-Time Servers: " & strList, vbinformation, "DateTime Servers" else MsgBox "Usage: CScript ServersList.vbs", vbinformation, "DateTime Servers" WScript.quit end if Can be fixed a little more on how the array is builded etc. ServersList.zip
  11. I ported the GetKey() function to a simple VBS script: ' ' GetKey.vbs v1.0 by flory ' ' '*************************************************************************** ' ' Option Explicit 'Use VbCrLf ON ERROR RESUME NEXT Dim WSHShell, KEY, ID Set WSHShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") Dim strResultKey, strResultId Dim Tme Set Tme = WScript.CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemDateTime") Dim objWMIService Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\.\root\cimv2") '-> Text Output Objects Dim ARW ARW = Chr(160) & Chr(187) & Chr(160) Dim RegKey RegKey = "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\" Dim strProductKey, strProductID, strProductOS strProductKey = RegKey & "Windows NT\CurrentVersion\DigitalProductId" strProductID = RegKey & "Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProductId" Dim strDefault strDefault = "ProductId" '-> Get The TimeDate Server Key Function GetKey(ByVal rpk) Dim i, j Dim dwAccumulator, KeyProductID dwAccumulator = "" KeyProductID = "" Const rpkOffset = 52 : i = 28 Dim szPossibleChars szPossibleChars = "BCDFGHJKMPQRTVWXY2346789" Do dwAccumulator = 0 : j = 14 Do dwAccumulator = dwAccumulator * 256 dwAccumulator = rpk(j + rpkOffset) + dwAccumulator rpk(j + rpkOffset) = (dwAccumulator \ 24) And 255 dwAccumulator = dwAccumulator Mod 24 j = j - 1 Loop While j >= 0 i = i - 1 : KeyProductID = Mid(szPossibleChars, dwAccumulator + 1, 1) & KeyProductID If (((29 - i) Mod 6) = 0) And (i <> -1) Then i = i - 1 : KeyProductID = "-" & KeyProductID End If Loop While i >= 0 GetKey = KeyProductID KEY = " " & ARW & KeyProductID End Function if WScript.arguments.count<1 then strResultKey = GetKey(WSHShell.RegRead(strProductKey)) strResultId = Left(Replace(WSHShell.RegRead(strProductID),"-",""),8) MsgBox "ProductKey: " & strResultKey & VbCrLf & "Product PID: " & strResultId, vbinformation, "Windows Install Check" else WScript.echo "Correct usage: Cscript GetKey.vbs" WScript.quit end if I'm wondering how can such function list all key / values from a simple registry key as for example: strTimeServersKey = RegKey & "Windows\CurrentVersion\DateTime\Servers" for let's say an array of 6 values : [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\DateTime\Servers] @="2" "1"="time.windows.com" "2"="time.nist.gov" "3"="timekeeper.isi.edu" "4"="usno.pa-x.dec.com" "5"="tock.usno.navy.mil" "6"="tick.usno.navy.mil" GetKey_vbs.zip
  12. Sure, I will try a workaround with your method next time I will create a personal fonts package with @ 3000 fonts :-) that I most need, all types supported couse some are comercial and I can't convert nor play with them. This method I showed is just a simple implementation using only core MS Windows features that any newbie can use to backport some fonts for friends or a printer shop were he whan't to open hes documents. BTW, is a small tutorial:Sorry about my por English.
  13. PFM font files are not compatible with Windows and only can be installed by dragging them in the fonts folder via explorer if they have a PFB script file. I use a conversion tool from fontlab dot com to convert them usualy to TTF before I include them in a package such as a installer. http://pubory.uv.ro/pub/index.php?thumbnail=./dev/fontinst00.png Font files can be best installed on Windows XP or newver creating a compact package such a microsoft cabinet file with a information file wich can be included or merged with another pack later. There are more ways to create a inf file. The most hard one is for Windows 95 using fontreg and the most easy is using fontinst. I use IExpress Wizard included in Windows to make standallone selfextract cabinet files and is best if this is done / build on the lower version of Windows witch should be supported using or including last versions of system files that ever work. http://pubory.uv.ro/pub/index.php?thumbnail=./dev/fontinst01.png Will show as example the "European Union Expansion Font Update" for both Windows 9x and NT based. 1. The layout inf file using FontReg should look like this, FontsUPD.inf: ; FontsUPD.INF;; This is the Setup information file for some optional aditional fonts; not included in the Windows 98 product.;[version]LayoutFile= FontsUPD.inf, Layout.inf, Layout1.inf, Layout2.infsignature="$CHICAGO$"SetupClass=BASE[SourceDisksNames]1 = "Fonts Files Upgrade for Windows 98-XP", , 01[SourceDisksFiles]PANMAP.DLL=1FONTREG.EXE=1FONTEXT.DLL=1MFC30.DLL=1FONTVIEW.EXE=1ARIAL.TTF=1ARIAL__R.TTF=1ARIAL_YM.TTF=1ARIALB_R.TTF=1ARIALBD.TTF=1ARIALBI.TTF=1ARIALBIR.TTF=1ARIALCAPS.TTF=1ARIALI.TTF=1ARIALI_R.TTF=1ARIALN.TTF=1ARIALNB.TTF=1ARIALNBI.TTF=1ARIALNI.TTF=1ARIALUNI.TTF=1ARIBLK.TTF=1ARLRDBDO.TTF=1ARLRDBDT.TTF=1CALIBRI.TTF=1CALIBRI0.TTF=1CALIBRIB.TTF=1CALIBRII.TTF=1CALIBRIZ.TTF=1SEGOE.TTF=1SEGOEB.TTF=1SEGOEPR.TTF=1SEGOEPRB.TTF=1SEGOESC.TTF=1SEGOESCB.TTF=1SEGOEUI.TTF=1SEGOEUIB.TTF=1SEGOEUII.TTF=1SEGOEUIL.TTF=1SEGOEUIZ.TTF=1SEGUIBD.TTF=1SEGUIBK.TTF=1SEGUISB.TTF=1SEGUISYM.TTF=1TIMES.TTF=1TIMESBD.TTF=1TIMESBI.TTF=1TIMESI.TTF=1TAHOMA.TTF=1TAHOMABD.TTF=1TREBUC.TTF=1TREBUCBD.TTF=1TREBUCBI.TTF=1TREBUCIT.TTF=1VERDANA.TTF=1VERDANAB.TTF=1VERDANAI.TTF=1VERDANAZ.TTF=1[DestinationDirs]CustomTTFonts = 11 ; LDID_SYSfolder.sys = 11folder.win = 25MultiLangInf = 17[DefaultInstall]CopyFiles = folder.sys, folder.win, CustomTTFontsAddReg = folder.addre[BaseWinOptions]CustomTTFonts.Base[CustomTTFonts.Base]CopyFiles = folder.sys, folder.win, CustomTTFontsAddReg = folder.addreUpdateInis= CustomTTFonts.inis;** Add Registry Entries ***;** Register Font Review for Win95 ***[folder.addreg]HKCR,CLSID\BD84B381-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534,,,"PANOSE Core Mapper"HKCR,CLSID\BD84B381-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534\InprocServer32,,,"panmap.dll"HKCR,CLSID\BD84B381-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534\InprocServer32,ThreadingModel,,"Apartment"HKCR,CLSID\BD84B380-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534,,,"%Font_Folder_Desc%"HKCR,CLSID\BD84B380-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534\InProcServer32,,,"fontext.dll"HKCR,CLSID\BD84B380-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534\InProcServer32,ThreadingModel,,"Apartment"HKCR,CLSID\BD84B380-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534\DefaultIcon,,,"fontext.dll, -101"HKCR,CLSID\BD84B380-8CA2-1069-AB1D-08000948F534\Hierarchical,,,"0"HKCR,ttffile\shellHKCR,ttffile\shell\openHKCR,ttffile\shell\open\command,,,"%25%\fontview.exe %%1"HKCR,ttffile\shell\printHKCR,ttffile\shell\print\command,,,"%25%\fontview.exe /p %%1"HKCR,fonfile\shellHKCR,fonfile\shell\openHKCR,fonfile\shell\open\command,,,"%25%\fontview.exe %%1"HKCR,fonfile\shell\printHKCR,fonfile\shell\print\command,,,"%25%\fontview.exe /p %%1"; Set the System attribute on the Fonts folder:; R=1; H=2; S=4; HS=6; SHR=7HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RenameFiles\Win,,,%25%HKLM,Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RenameFiles\Win,FONTS,,"FONTS,4";****************************************************;** Copy files ***;**************************************************[folder.sys]panmap.dllfontreg.exefontext.dllmfc30.dll[folder.win]fontview.exe,,,8;****************************************************;*** This section added for Custom Fonts Support ***;****************************************************[CustomTTFonts]; the "8" flag forces a rename since the files may be in use and we can't detect it.ARIAL.TTF,,,8ARIAL__R.TTF,,,8ARIAL_YM.TTF,,,8ARIALB_R.TTF,,,8ARIALBD.TTF,,,8ARIALBI.TTF,,,8ARIALBIR.TTF,,,8ARIALCAPS.TTF,,,8ARIALI.TTF,,,8ARIALI_R.TTF,,,8ARIALN.TTF,,,8ARIALNB.TTF,,,8ARIALNBI.TTF,,,8ARIALNI.TTF,,,8ARIALUNI.TTF,,,8ARIBLK.TTF,,,8ARLRDBDO.TTF,,,8ARLRDBDT.TTF,,,8CALIBRI.TTF,,,8CALIBRI0.TTF,,,8CALIBRIB.TTF,,,8CALIBRII.TTF,,,8CALIBRIZ.TTF,,,8SEGOE.TTF,,,8SEGOEB.TTF,,,8SEGOEPR.TTF,,,8SEGOEPRB.TTF,,,8SEGOESC.TTF,,,8SEGOESCB.TTF,,,8SEGOEUI.TTF,,,8SEGOEUIB.TTF,,,8SEGOEUII.TTF,,,8SEGOEUIL.TTF,,,8SEGOEUIZ.TTF,,,8SEGUIBD.TTF,,,8SEGUIBK.TTF,,,8SEGUISB.TTF,,,8SEGUISYM.TTF,,,8TIMES.TTF,,,8TIMESBD.TTF,,,8TIMESBI.TTF,,,8TIMESI.TTF,,,8TAHOMA.TTF,,,8TAHOMABD.TTF,,,8TREBUC.TTF,,,8TREBUCBD.TTF,,,8TREBUCBI.TTF,,,8TREBUCIT.TTF,,,8VERDANA.TTF,,,8VERDANAB.TTF,,,8VERDANAI.TTF,,,8VERDANAZ.TTF,,,8;*** TTF End[CustomTTFonts.inis]win.ini,fonts,,"Arial (OpenType) = ARIAL.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial RO (TrueType) = ARIAL__R.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Simbol (OpenType) = ARIAL_YM.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial RO Bold (TrueType) = ARIALB_R.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Bold (OpenType) = ARIALBD.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Bold Italic (OpenType) = ARIALBI.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial RO Bold Italic (TrueType) = ARIALBIR.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Caps (OpenType) = ARIALCAPS.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Italic (OpenType) = ARIALI.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial RO Italic (TrueType) = ARIALI_R.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Narrow (OpenType) = ARIALN.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Narrow Bold (OpenType) = ARIALNB.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Narrow Bold Italic (OpenType) = ARIALNBI.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Narrow Italic (OpenType) = ARIALNI.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Unicode MS (OpenType) = ARIALUNI.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Black (TrueType) = ARIBLK.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Rouded MT Bold (OpenType) = ARLRDBDO.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Arial Rouded Bold (TrueType) = ARLRDBDT.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Calibri (OpenType) = CALIBRI.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Calibri Caps (OpenType) = CALIBRI0.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Calibri Bold (OpenType) = CALIBRIB.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Calibri Italic (OpenType) = CALIBRII.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Calibri Bold Italic (OpenType) = CALIBRIZ.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe Condensed (OpenType) = SEGOE.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe Condensed Bold (OpenType) = SEGOEB.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe Print (OpenType) = SEGOEPR.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe Print Bold (OpenType) = SEGOEPRB.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe Script (OpenType) = SEGOESC.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe Script Bold (OpenType) = SEGOESCB.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe UI (OpenType) = SEGOEUI.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe UI Bold (OpenType) = SEGOEUIB.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe UI Italic (OpenType) = SEGOEUII.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe UI Light (OpenType) = SEGOEUIL.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe UI Bold Italic (OpenType) = SEGOEUIZ.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe UI Bold Alfa (OpenType) = SEGUIBD.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe UI Alfa (OpenType) = SEGUIBK.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe UI Semibold (OpenType) = SEGUISB.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Segoe UI Simbol (OpenType) = SEGUISYM.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Tahoma (OpenType) = TAHOMA.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Tahoma Bold (OpenType) = TAHOMABD.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Trebuchet MS (OpenType) = TREBUC.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Trebuchet MS Bold (OpenType) = TREBUCBD.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Trebuchet MS Bold Italic (OpenType) = TREBUCBI.TTF"win.ini,fonts,,"Trebuchet MS Italic (OpenType) = TREBUCIT.TTF"; User-visible strings[Strings];Non-Localizable strings:;Localizable strings:MSFontSizeOptions="Font Size Options"TTFONTS ="True Type Fonts"CustomTTFonts ="Custom True Type Fonts"Font_Folder_Desc = "Fonts"Bold ="Bold"Italic ="Italic"Bold.Italic ="Bold Italic"PUI_DESC_FONTS = "Windows Setup - Fonts"PUI_VERSION = "4,10,1,1";Normal StringsCustom.Desc="Custom Fonts";endMake sure that in wizard you include all files including the inf file if you plan to add a uninstall section, except the text files (License, etc.) to be show before and after extraction and the SED file used by the wizard. In the wizard box select the layout information file: http://pubory.uv.ro/pub/index.php?thumbnail=./dev/fontinst02.png 2. Using fontinst both executable and layout information file have to be named "fontinst". The layout file using FontInst should look like this, fontinst.inf: [fonts]arial.ttfarial__r.ttfarial_ym.ttfarialb_r.ttfarialbd.ttfarialbi.ttfarialbir.ttfarialcaps.ttfariali.ttfariali_r.ttfarialn.ttfarialnb.ttfarialnbi.ttfarialni.ttfarialuni.ttfariblk.ttfarlrdbdo.ttfarlrdbdt.ttfcalibri.ttfcalibri0.ttfcalibrib.ttfcalibrii.ttfcalibriz.ttfsegoe.ttfsegoeb.ttfsegoepr.ttfsegoeprb.ttfsegoesc.ttfsegoescb.ttfsegoeui.ttfsegoeuib.ttfsegoeuii.ttfsegoeuil.ttfsegoeuiz.ttfseguibd.ttfseguibk.ttfseguisb.ttfseguisym.ttftimes.ttftimesbd.ttftimesbi.ttftimesi.ttftahoma.ttftahomabd.ttftrebuc.ttftrebucbd.ttftrebucit.ttftrebucbi.ttfverdana.ttfverdanab.ttfverdanai.ttfverdanaz.ttfIn this case select in the wizard box the fontinst.exe and IExpress will add automaticly the paramenters if any neccesary: http://pubory.uv.ro/pub/index.php?thumbnail=./dev/fontinst03.png I will post the SED file only for the fontinst: [Version]Class=IEXPRESSSEDVersion=3[Options]PackagePurpose=InstallAppShowInstallProgramWindow=1;HideExtractAnimation=0HideExtractAnimation=1UseLongFileName=1InsideCompressed=0CAB_FixedSize=0CAB_ResvCodeSigning=0RebootMode=NInstallPrompt=%InstallPrompt%DisplayLicense=%DisplayLicense%FinishMessage=%FinishMessage%TargetName=%TargetName%FriendlyName=%FriendlyName%AppLaunched=%AppLaunched%PostInstallCmd=%PostInstallCmd%AdminQuietInstCmd=%AdminQuietInstCmd%UserQuietInstCmd=%UserQuietInstCmd%SourceFiles=SourceFiles[Strings]InstallPrompt=DisplayLicense=eula.txtFinishMessage=Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update is now installed!TargetName=FontsEUupdate.EXEFriendlyName=Microsoft European Union Expansion Font Update!AppLaunched=fontinst.exePostInstallCmd=<None>AdminQuietInstCmd=UserQuietInstCmd=FILE0="ARIAL.TTF"FILE1="ARIAL__R.TTF"FILE2="ARIAL_YM.TTF"FILE3="ARIALB_R.TTF"FILE4="ARIALBD.TTF"FILE5="ARIALBI.TTF"FILE6="ARIALBIR.TTF"FILE7="ARIALCAPS.TTF"FILE8="ARIALI.TTF"FILE9="ARIALI_R.TTF"FILE10="ARIALN.TTF"FILE11="ARIALNB.TTF"FILE12="ARIALNBI.TTF"FILE13="ARIALNI.TTF"FILE14="ARIALUNI.TTF"FILE15="ARIBLK.TTF"FILE16="ARLRDBDO.TTF"FILE17="ARLRDBDT.TTF"FILE18="CALIBRI.TTF"FILE19="CALIBRI0.TTF"FILE20="CALIBRIB.TTF"FILE21="CALIBRII.TTF"FILE22="CALIBRIZ.TTF"FILE23="FONTINST.EXE"FILE24="FONTINST.INF"FILE25="SEGOE.TTF"FILE26="SEGOEB.TTF"FILE27="SEGOEPR.TTF"FILE28="SEGOEPRB.TTF"FILE29="SEGOESC.TTF"FILE30="SEGOESCB.TTF"FILE31="SEGOEUI.TTF"FILE32="SEGOEUIB.TTF"FILE33="SEGOEUII.TTF"FILE34="SEGOEUIL.TTF"FILE35="SEGOEUIZ.TTF"FILE36="SEGUIBD.TTF"FILE37="SEGUIBK.TTF"FILE38="SEGUISB.TTF"FILE39="SEGUISYM.TTF"FILE40="TAHOMA.TTF"FILE41="TAHOMABD.TTF"FILE42="TIMES.TTF"FILE43="TIMESBD.TTF"FILE44="TIMESBI.TTF"FILE45="TIMESI.TTF"FILE46="TREBUC.TTF"FILE47="TREBUCBD.TTF"FILE48="TREBUCBI.TTF"FILE49="TREBUCIT.TTF"FILE50="VERDANA.TTF"FILE51="VERDANAB.TTF"FILE52="VERDANAI.TTF"FILE53="VERDANAZ.TTF"[SourceFiles]SourceFiles0=[SourceFiles0]%FILE0%=%FILE1%=%FILE2%=%FILE3%=%FILE4%=%FILE5%=%FILE6%=%FILE7%=%FILE8%=%FILE9%=%FILE10%=%FILE11%=%FILE12%=%FILE13%=%FILE14%=%FILE15%=%FILE16%=%FILE17%=%FILE18%=%FILE19%=%FILE20%=%FILE21%=%FILE22%=%FILE23%=%FILE24%=%FILE25%=%FILE26%=%FILE27%=%FILE28%=%FILE29%=%FILE30%=%FILE31%=%FILE32%=%FILE33%=%FILE34%=%FILE35%=%FILE36%=%FILE37%=%FILE38%=%FILE39%=%FILE40%=%FILE41%=%FILE42%=%FILE43%=%FILE44%=%FILE45%=%FILE46%=%FILE47%=%FILE48%=%FILE49%=%FILE50%=%FILE51%=%FILE52%=%FILE53%=I hope this will help.
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