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  1. All updates downloaded from Microsoft are digitally signed using a security certificate issued by Microsoft. You can check properties of every update and click on tab Digital Signatures. If file is altered you would see : "one of the countersignatures are not valid".
  2. Howto translate a "hlp" file

    I am afraid software translators wont translate perfectly, specially if technical documents are involved.
  3. need driver help

    I did that. but there is not a .inf file in there. I have even downloaded it many times on different PCs and get the same thing . Inf file is present : If not working in normal way, try unzip to a folder and right-click on inf file and select Install, then reboot your PC.
  4. What kind of plugins are you talking about?
  5. It never worked for me either.
  6. need driver help

    Unzip them to a folder. You would get .inf file along with others. Now Open Device Manager, right click on your device and select Update driver. In the process, select install from a location, choose the folder with .inf files.
  7. need driver help

    Did you have a look at this : http://forums.linksys.com/linksys/board/me...message.id=2699
  8. Huh? SP3 requires SP1a or SP2 first?

    You can slipstream SP3 on no-SP, SP1 or SP2 CD. But if you install SP3 on an existing installation, it would require that you already have at least SP1.
  9. Batch Patcher 2.11

    Thank you Mr Glenn I was using 1.01 so far. I hope 1.03 to be even better
  10. Why beta? IE Final was released on 19th March 2009. Download IE 8 Final for your Windows: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-...wide-sites.aspx
  11. From Microsoft: So you cannot slipstream using update.exe in XP. Links: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-...ess/it-pro.aspx http://blogs.msdn.com/ie/archive/2008/06/2...eaming-ie8.aspx