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  1. where can i get it? it would be nice to see my 98se running with 8gb ram
  2. @ Xstyle: if you have no time that is ok if you have no knowlege it is ok, too. But you have done with it very much for me you can give out the code bricks, you have , so sombody else can work on it and you don't have worked for nothing you have made the first step to an fast win 9x sidebar, my friend, one stap in the evolution of win 9x and one step from you is good on a long way from win9x. we need everyone how can help. I hope my friend you givs out the code bricks to publik (because it was time and work to making this) are there a registry key wich can change the area of a full screen windore? Bier.jpg
  3. Hi, Xstyle I'm now using your sidebar now since you made it (on near to every 98 pc i have) it just looks very good and it match near to perfect, with the ZuneXP skin (i will make screen shots), and the black Thinkpad t23 I have I have just found some problems: 1. If you are gaming on small resolutions like 640*480 afterwards it is in the middle of the Desktop, so you have to click on the traybare symbol to get it on the side back. (this is not worse, but the message you are getting then is ) 2. I always want to have it on top (just like the Taskbar) so if i maximize an application i can see the sidebar (I hope you know what i mean) 3. If you have an wav and a mp3 in the audio player you cant swap between them it is saying wrong file formate what i am missing in it: 1. An option from the audio player for opening all fills in a folder at the same time (just like a cd one song after the other) 2. I just want to swap the fast start icons on it (the most are good but time to time you have an application you need often, like dev-cpp or Firefox) 3. A source in c++ to compile it your self (because it is faster) It also runs on linux with wine (i don't know if I'm allowed to say it here) Thank you for that nice sidebar my friend Xstyle you have found the right way to build Software (small and fast) waiting for the next version... Bier.jpg p.s. Keep on p.p.s. I love it p.p.p.s. sorry for my bad english
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