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  1. Hey it's been a while but I figured out what was wrong. Apparently, the first time I successfully integrated drivers without copying files during partitioning...I had already nested my windows XP folder within the BartPE before running DriverPack. Since I ran DriverPack before putting xp files in my BartPE directory this time I had to manually add setuporg.exe and presetup.cmd to the txtsetup.sif in the BartPE I386 folder as well as the XP i386 folder. Duh.
  2. Do You Play Guitar?

    Mike. Here's my music: http://gbadmin.garageband.com/artist/thedogfaceavenger Let me know if you think the song "Rainbow Elephants". This is the quality of musician my ideals created. We didn't have any formal education when we wrote and recorded this last August. Of course my argument is uneducated. My argument is that standards don't matter, it's about musical output. Education requires standards. There is no standard structure that is required to produce a quality piece, Rainbow Elephants is an example of this. Do you honestly think Delta Blues artists like Mississippi Fred McDowell, Robert Johnson and Mississippi John Hurt had any kind of clue as to how to transition from one key to another using "educated" terms? Muddy Waters wouldn't have been able to play what he played without their influence, and without Muddy Waters...rock simply wouldn't be what it came to be during the 1960's through the 1980's. I think most people agree...these guys were important to what music has become. Did they successfully compose original music without necessarily knowing the ins and outs of composition? Absolutely, completely groundbreaking.
  3. Whats The Best Movie That You Have Seen

    Obviously there is only ONE best movie in the world. And the one best movie in the world is Hackers. It's the first appearance of Angelina Jolie's nipple!!! The floating code in the monitors on the hacker's computers was my motivation to get involved in computers!!! I love firing up my dedicated hacking computer so I can watch arbitrary logarithm's glide through space in my 3D command line! </sarcasm>
  4. I call upon this thread to rise from the dead!!! I'm having issues with my WMP11 integrator that has not been addressed anywhere else in the forum that I've seen: I first had the issue where I get the wdrm...dll error...fixed it...then I had the mfplat not found error. I followed these steps to resolve: Now I'm getting this error: unregmp2.exe - entry point not found The procedure entry point MFPlatformStartup could not be located in the dynamic link library MFPlat.DLL Noteworthy: I downloaded mfplat.dll from dll-files.com
  5. Do You Play Guitar?

    I play piano, guitar, keyboard, bass, and drums...but I'm also a hobbyist producer transitioning into professional studio production. Much to my dismay, I'm arranging a song by a crap band for an indie film directed by an Emmy award winning compositor (the green screen guy). It's a bittersweet deal...I'm not supposed to release any details at all so believe it or not. Ha As far as learning guitar...In my professional opinion, if you "learn" to play other peoples songs, that's fine, but you haven't learned guitar until you have expressed your feelings using the instrument in a unique way. Same goes for "guitar teachers". Anyone who says that there's a specific "way" to learn guitar is contributing to the annihilation of music as an art. I have never taken a music lesson, opting for art classes throughout high school and business classes throughout college...I don't feel that I have many songwriting peers local to my hometown, even among classically trained friends. All it takes is the patience to make some HORRID noise for 6 months until you start to find sounds (chords and progressions) that you like. If you like what you do, then you're doing it right. If you keep doing it that way and if someone notices your music, maybe you're good. That's part of how things work anyway. I think if more musicians were visual artists first they would have a deeper appreciation for instrument technique...When you paint you don't read a manual...you paint and learn what you like...then paint again. Same with guitar. I'm glad to see some fellow "geeks" getting excited about music !!! EDIT: Just to note...I disagree with almost EVERYTHING guitar mike said. His detailed analysis is EXACTLY the reason music is a commercial machine and not an art form any more. I've written some of my best songs on guitars with old strings...and one particular song on a guitar that was MISSING a string. The absence of the string forced me to play the tune in a different way using a different string...and changed the song all together for the better. My guitar is dirty. Real dirty. But you can't hear the dirt for christ sake.
  6. I've spent over 10 hours on this issue now...partly because my DVD drive was intermittently failing . I've broken down and added 2 lines in my bartpe autorun script to automatically copy setuporg.exe and presetup.cmd to the i386 folder. I have not seen the additional files missing errors I had originally received, and the manual copy seems to work...but WHY did I not have to do that the first time??? The only significant difference between this build and my working build is that I used the black background and windows 2000 setup style tweaks under nLite's "Tweaks" component. Now I'm having ANOTHER wild error (still related to WinXP unattended Setup). While running my autorun_1.cmd script in BartPE, Diskpart is not creating a 25007 partition...but it will create a 10000 partition just fine (based on my old disc's success). All of my diskpart text files between my working versionn and my new malfunctioning version are the same!! Diskpart WILL create a 25007 partition on 50% of the computers I've tried if I DBAN first...but it will never work if I don't DBAN. Diskpart shouldn't have these limitations...Any ideas?
  7. My Windows UA boots to BartPE, partitions my HDD, copies files to my system partition, then reboots to continue installing windows unattended. The problem I am experiencing comes AFTER partitioning is complete, AFTER windows files are copied to the system partition, AFTER the system reboots, after the Blue "Windows XP Pro Setup" screen begins copying files. Files start copying until we get to the Driverpack files. Setuporg.exe won't copy. I tried using the expand method described on MSFN UACD guide...btu then I just get copy errors from other files. I know this problem is with DriverPacks...but I don't know what I'm doing differently from the last time I successfully created a UA disc... I've used DriverPacks to integrate all driverpacks for my XP unattended CD (including txt mode sata drivers). I also used driverpacks to integrate txt mode sata drivers into BartPE. I tried redownloading the drivers, re-integrating the drivers in both my BartPE and my UA XP disc.
  8. I have been playing with a particular windows unattended disc and I've got it down to 1.1 GB. It first boots to BartPE to create partitions; meaning that the final step in my process is to use PEBuilder to create an image of a directory. I'd like to explore compression possibilities beyond what PEBuilder does by default. I imagine that RE-compressing the iso would be useless...but perhaps I could compress some other files in a way that would be automatically extracted as they are called by windows setup? Could I change the parameters of mkisofs to amp up compression without hindering the functionality of the end result? I don't care if it takes longer to install...I just want it on a CD. I have no idea and I can't find any relevant threads. Anyone have thoughts on the subject? Thanks in advance!
  9. Description: This document is a pseudo step by step guide to creating a boot disc that requires no touches to fully install Windows with selected components removed, selected programs integrated, and a customized partition scheme. It is not the only way, but it is my way and it works. It’s not dummyproof and your process may need to deviate from what I’m describing here, but this is a great start. I typed this up quick, so I would read the whole post and then ask questions because I may answer the problem later on in the post. I’ll revise this as you ask questions. Necessary Programs: nLite, Bart’s PEBuilder, Windows XP source disc (ideally, unbranded by OEM’s), Driverpack BASE, 7zip, and IMGBurn (my iso burner of choice, yours will work fine too presumably). Google search will reveal all of these programs if you don’t know where to get them Step 1: Know your Rights Know what your rights are to the software you are going to be using. Licensing is important and these programs typically are only licensed for funnzies (If you’re planning to make money off of someone else’s work…stop now). If you’re curious about how Windows XP works and want to make a slick version of the operating system for your personal use, then let’s get to work! Step 2: Know what you need Are you looking for a disc that will install a reduced version of Windows to conserve disc space? Or maybe you are looking for a disc that has programs, updates, and other configurations built in? Maybe you’re a glutton for punishment like me and want a disc that automates partitioning, reduces some Windows functionality, and integrates programs, updates, amd configurations. nLite can reduce Windows components, we’ll discuss that later. If you want to have programs built in you will need packages called “Add-Ons” for nLite. Many can be found at http://www.winaddons.com and other easily googled sources. Properly configured add-ons can save you hundreds of megabytes in disc space. RyanVM has some fantastic catch all add-ons to get you started like a comprehensive .NET package and a relatively up to date windows update AIO add-on, google him, thank him, and enjoy his hard work. Create another folder on your desktop called “add-ons” and put all your add-ons in it, you will reference this folder later when using nLite. In addition to addons, you’ll want to make sure you have SP3 downloaded if your version of Windows XP doesn’t have it built in. Note: You won’t find an Office 2007 add-on. I’ll address this suite and other programs that you may want to integrate, but cannot find an add-on for later on. Step 3: Rip your Source, Add Programs, Remove Windows Components -Create a folder on your desktop, name it “XP”. -Put in your Windows XP CD in your optical drive. -Start nLite, use your Windows XP cd as the installation source. When you are prompted to choose a destination, select the “XP” folder you created on your desktop. nLite will copy the files to the new location. -The next pertinent screen will let you select nLite tasks to perform…for my purposes I select: Service Pack, Hotfixes, Addon’s and Update Packs, Components, Unattended, Options, and Tweaks. I don’t integrate drivers in nLight, the DriverPack BASE does a better job IMHO. -Next we’re going to slipstream SP3. Just hit browse and select your service pack that you downloaded from Microsoft. Note: You can also perform this task without nLite using an “/integrate” switch on the SP3 package, if anyone’s interested -On the next screen we will insert addons. Hit the “Insert” button and browse out to your “Add-Ons” folder where you stored the programs you want to integrate. Choose all the add-ons you want now, you won’t be able to later. -The next screen will allow you to select Windows components to be removed from your installation disc. This is where you can get rid fo crap you don’t want. At the very least, disable the Search Assistant. You will never have to look at that stupid animated dog again. Be very careful in this section not to remove a component you will need later. Be especially careful with items marked in red, as these can affect operating system usability/basic functionality. -After you make it through the component removal, now you can automate windows configuration. Nuhi couldn’t have made this section easier, I won’t both explaining, and you (probably) won’t bother asking. -Once you have your unattended installation tweaked, then comes the options page. Another self explanatory page. -After the options page, another skillfully planned Tweaks page. Figure it out, genius. -Hit next, click yes to start the process. When nLite is done processing the “XP” folder on your desktop will be ready for our next step. Step 4: Drivers! Gobs and Gobs of them! Next we need to add drivers so you won’t have to go through the whole 20 minutes it takes to download and install them. The DriverPacks are incredibly versatile packages, incorporating most drivers for computers 3-4 years old and newer. If your missing an important driverpack, don’t sweat it, you can find miscellaneous driver packs online or make your own http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=279. Start the DriverPack BASE, select the “from disc” radio button and choose the “XP” folder on your desktop…not the actual disc. Select the checkboxes for the driverpacks you want, download them, hit the checkboxes (including the “text mode” for sata drivers) if they aren’t already selected. The rest of the features of the DriverPack BASE won’t matter for our purposes; hit “Slipstream!” The result will be an unattended XP folder with driver’s integrated. If you DO NOT want to automate disc partitioning and DO NOT want to add a Microsoft Office suite unattended install then run nLite again selecting only the bootable ISO option create the ISO, then burn using IMGBURN. If you do want to continue tweaking, keep reading. Step 5: Office 2007 unttended…how I got it to work, anyway -Plenty of resources on this. I created an mst file and referenced it with the “/adminfile” switch in a batch file that runs when Windows first boots. I like the following thread for this task: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=72392. -Don’t forget to investigate the Office Slipstramer to keep your Office install up to date! (google it) -We’ll use the folder with Office files in it and the mst file in a little bit. Step 6: “I want multiple partitions to install automatically!” Your Windows disc won’t let you. You can accomplish this using WinPE or BartPE. I used BartPE (PEBuilder). Essentially, Bart’s pre execute environment will give you an opportunity to script disk partitioning using the diskpart command. You will need to use the DriverPack BASE to integrate TEXT MODE SATA drivers in BartPE or you won’t be able to boot to see SATA hdd’s in the PE environment. You will need to download the DriverPack BASE plugin for BartPE (obviously), you will need the Startup script plugin for BartPE, and you will need the Shutdown plugin (see link at bottom of this step) because winnt’s shutdown will not work. Integrating drivers using DriverPack BASE for BartPE is identicle to the process used to integrate drivers into XP, but you select a radio button for BartPE instead of “from disc”. You will not be able to integreate drivers into your BartPE disc until you have a BartPE folder to deal with. Here are some important concepts to understand when using BartPE to automate disk partitioning: -BartPE has an i386 folder that must reside at the root of your disc image in order to boot to the BartPE environment -The previously configured Windows XP Unattended files should be placed in a arbitrarily named seperate folder('xp' in my example) in the root of the disc image to be referenced by Winnt32.exe -BartPE partitions the HDD using a script as specified by a txt. -Winnt32.exe is started in the BartPE environment; which copies the UA XP install folders to the specified partition ('C'), reboots the computer, and the UA install proceeds as usual. Reference the following thread for your BartPE scripting explanations (also for link to BartPE shutdown plugin)… http://www.911cd.net/forums//index.php?sho...mp;#entry154715 I had a fun time experimenting with BartPE plugins, so don’t be afraid to go nuts. You won’t hurt anything as long as you have your TEXT mode SATA drivers, your autostart script plugin, and your shutdown plugin. Breath By now you should have a disc that you can boot to disc and walk away to come back an hour later and enjoy a fully functional OS. But what about office? What about those other programs you couldn’t find addons for? What happens if one of your addons breaks the disc? Obviously remove the addon, but how do we get that sucker installed if we can’t find a slick addon for it? Keep reading, you curious learner, you. Step 7: WINNT.SIF and Batch Files WINNT.SIF is referenced when Windows is auto-configuring stuff you entered way back when you were using nLite. Scroll to the bottom of the document to the [GUIRunOnce] section. You’ll see a “command9=” entry used by the DriverPack BASE. Mimic this and create a new line: “command10=yourscript+path.BAT”. Putting this command in GUIRunOnce will kick off a batch file where you can run your office installation with the /adminfile switch and any other scripts you might need. I use iexplore.exe pointed at the windows update URL so I can be sure to get all my Windows updates before the OS even starts for the first time. The possibilities for using batch files during GUIRunOnce are many, so I won’t bother telling you what to do. Play with it. Step 8: When Addons aren’t enough… When I created my unattended install disc I had trouble with an IE7 addon, but I still needed IE7 to install silently without any interaction from me. The key lies in the xp\i386\SVCPACK folder and the xp\i386\SVCPACK.IN_ file. Take your exe that you want to use and put it in the SVCPACK folder. Use 7zip to extract SVCPACK.INF from SVCPACK.IN_. Scroll to the bottom of the file and add a line mimicking the format of the addons you integrated using nLite making sure to add any necessary silent switches to avoid user interaction. Save the INF. Use the built in windows tool makecab to re-compress the INF with the following settings: makecab /D COMPRESSIONTYPE=LZX /D COMPRESSIONMEMORY=21 C:\mysource\myfile.inf C:\mydestination\SVCPACK.IN_ Replace the original SVCPACK.IN_ file with the one you just created. Step 9: Merge your XP folder with your BartPE In order for BartPE to copy your unattended windows install folder to the hard drive obviously you’ll need to put the “xp” folder on the disc too. Once you have your BartPE folder created, drop your “XP” folder in the root of your bartpe folder located in C:\pebuilderxx so your can copy it using the scripts mentioned earlier. Once you’ve dropped the XP folder into the root and once you’ve added all the files/scripts necessary to get your drives partitioned correctly you’ll need to make an image out of the folders. Use PEBuilder to do this. Ensure that your “Output folder” is pointed at the folder that you wish to create an image out of. The ISO name isn’t important, as long as it’s the same ISO that was created when you built your original BartPE folder. Don’t click build…this won’t do what you want it to. Hit F5. F5 will create an image out of the output folder and ignore that Windows source field. Like I said…this is a haphazard account of my XP UA install disc procedure. It’s meant to answer the tough questions and not necessarily ALL questions. I’m hoping to save the people who helped me from developing carpel tunnel from writing the same advice over and over on the same topics for different people…I don’t actually want to help YOU at all. Hah j/k. Ask questions, I'll answer. Use Verbatim CD-R’s for burning medium. Use Sun’s VirtualBox to test ISO’s. Keep in mind that drivers may show up as spotty in VirtualBox when they really work fine on “real” hardware. Special thanks to cdob, Kellsen, and Nuhi. I wouldn't have a working disc without those guys.
  10. Hello Brucet! I have received another request via PM to write a step-by-step to accomplishing unattended partitioning, driver/app integration, and OS configuration. I will be working on a full featured guide this week...but in the meantime let me give you some basics to my successful build: -I have used unattended.txt methods before...but I had more success using nLite for the most customization latitude. -Windows will not let you automate multiple partitions right out of the box. You must use a pre-execute environment to accomplish this. I used diskpart which comes in BartPE. -Try working with ProClub's guide posted here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=68252. It will help you along the way but I understand that it is full of gaps. I will be writing my own guide in the coming week to address those points which are not addressed explicitly. However...ProClub does a great job explaining how to achieve automated disk partitioning using BartPE, which is your immediate goal.
  11. Hello Brucet! I have received another request via PM to write a step-by-step to accomplishing unattended partitioning, driver/app integration, and OS configuration. I will be working on a full featured guide this week...but in the meantime let me give you some basics to my successful build: -I have used unattended.txt methods before...but I had more success using nLite for the most customization latitude. -Windows will not let you automate multiple partitions right out of the box. You must use a pre-execute environment to accomplish this. I used diskpart which comes in BartPE. -Try working with ProClub's guide posted here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=68252. It will help you along the way but I understand that it is full of gaps. I will be writing my own guide in the coming week to address those points which are not addressed explicitly. However...ProClub does a great job explaining how to achieve automated disk partitioning using BartPE, which is your immediate goal.
  12. Office 2007 Standard integration

    DELETE ME. My name is Quincy, I enjoy long walks on the beach, and double posting.
  13. Office 2007 Standard integration

    Hmm. I didn't get that error. Create a folder on your desktop, pull all the files from the disc to the folder you created and run the office slipstreamer. Alternatively, you could use the /integrate switch with the update. Google for usage. Here's a great MSFN resource for your project: http://www.msfn.org/board/Office-2007-Unat...tun-t72392.html
  14. Anyone know of any good websites dedicated to tracking the progress of stem cell research? I'm sure all those for and against stem cell research have an interest in the progress being made. Post your favs and I'll surf around and see what I can find... The National Institutes of Health resource for stem cell research - http://stemcells.nih.gov/
  15. Tweaking compressed SVCPACK.IN_

    What's this uxtheme.dll business? What's it used for?