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  1. A Step by Step guide to setting up WDS for PXE

    nice guide, thanks ! are the steps the same when using server 08 r2 ?
  2. Guys, Usually i do this with a exchange server, and its easy to do a restore after a OS crash.. but this office is using just POP3 accounts, Is it possible to make a universal ghost image, and once the image loads, just have the user enter in there email addy and password, BUT have all the other server info in there.. cause all the server info will be the same for all PCs, just not the email and passwords.. I know there is a reg. entry and the wizard you can use.. but that adds the same setting for one user.. it wont be universal
  3. Maybe someone can help and see what im doing wrong.. I have 3 paritions- C - Dos (Ghost Recovery) *boots ghost and restores the D parition only, all unattended* D - WinXP E - UserData This is in my sif, ProfilesDir="E:\Documents and Settings\" works fine, all the profiles go there.. BUT the problem is after i make my ghost image of that partition and do a recovery of D:\.. when i log in, instead of using my old user name, it will make username.name of PC... so now when i look at my doc and setting folders i have John & John.office-PC.. so then i have to move all my data.. is there a way to use the same user name, without windows adding the .office-PC
  4. Vista unattended Guide

    Martin, Im using Vista ultimate with IE7 It could be that the images are causing the problem...
  5. Vista unattended Guide

    fire, great site....but its seems its too slow, for example it loads but i it gets delayed on when i scroll...is anyone else having these problems
  6. XPe boot from cd tutorial

    Im also using a External HD,except that it being used as my boot drive for XPe Still no luck booting from it, did you fix your problem a better description can be found HERE of my problem any info would be great.............