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  1. giving fresh life to a 20 year old laptop

    I know you've already bought the hardware but would you not be better running 98SE under something like virtualbox? That way it could run at its best on better hardware. All those old games would run fine if you can get 98 up and running under VB.
  2. Yes as above, easiest way is to use dism command to add all msu's found inside a specified folder. For example: dism /image:C:\Users\max\Desktop\win7lab\mount /Add-Package /PackagePath:"C:\Users\max\Desktop\win7lab\updates32" This single line adds every msu file found inside the updates32 folder to the mounted wim file automatically. I just download all the msu's and put them in the folder. Then after mounting my wim using dism, I run this command and watch it install them one after the other all automatically.
  3. You probably have to disable that in the IEAK9 settings wizard. Alternatively this might do it: start / run / gpedit.msc computer configuration / Administrative Templates / Windows Components / Internet Explorer / Prevent performance of first run customize settings Double click it, set it to enabled and select "go directly to homepage" from the drop down box. Might work, not sure.
  4. Speed up Win7 bootup

    The proper procedure for setting up a duel boot mac is as follows: (When I say proper procedure I mean it's what has worked for me with my duel boot iMac at work.) Install snow leopard Run bootcamp in the utilities folder and split the drive in 2. Insert your windows 7 dvd before restarting the mac. When you do restart it will start the windows 7 installation When it gets to the partition setup section you have to click advanced options and FORMAT PARTITION 3 (Bootcamp) as NTFS file format. Bootcamp creates the partition as FAT32 by default because it was originally written for Windows XP. Once formatted as NTFS continue with the windows install. When windows install finishes (It will restart a few times during install) you should be at the windows 7 desktop or login screen. Windows setup should not automatically restart the installation with the dvd in the drive unless it hasn't completed. In which case the bootcamp process will start it again automatically. Usually as long as you DONT press any key to start install..... it will ignore the dvd. (IF OS installation was successful to begin with.) A few things. When the mac screen goes grey at start up, hold down the D key (and keep it held down) until the partition boot manager pops up. It will allow you to select which disk/partition to boot from. It will also list the DVD as a boot option. (You can also hold down the C key to boot from CD/DVD.) It sounds like the Windows 7 operating system installation isn't completing successfully and that is why the OSX partition is still set as the ACTIVE boot partition on the mac. Bootcamp should have changed this to the windows partition. (You are running bootcamp first right?) There is also a little free utility called bootpicker from the apple website that allows you to select which operating system you would like to boot into. Holing down the eject key during the grey boot screen should force eject your dvd from the mac OR try holding down the F12 key + the Eject key to force eject the dvd from the mac during the grey boot screen. If you do this during an incomplete install of Windows 7 you may find yourself staring at a black screen with a flashing white underscore at the top left of the screen. Restart the mac again and if it's still like that, windows will need re-installed. Possibly you would have to delete the windows partition, re-create it and format it and then continue the install.
  5. You could also: go into control panel Select small icons view Select "Windows update" at the bottom Then bottom left - see also - Installed updates This will list all installed updates on the system.
  6. HP Drivers

    You can download the windows update drivers from the Microsoft update driver online catalogue. They download as cab files. I use 7zip to extract the contents. http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Home.aspx
  7. IE8 RTM has been released

    You can download the IEAK8 kit from the technet site and make a completely silent installer in both exe and msi package format for corporate network installations. But I cant get it to install from the svcpack folder :-( You can sliently install it once windows is up and running with the /q or /quiet switches but try as I might it simply wont run from svcpack.inf at t-13 minutes. Looks like the runonce is the only option for now. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/ie/cc889351.aspx