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  1. Yes, ME goes up to 1995 MB memory, e.g. in file System.ini write the value: MaxPhysPage=7CB00. It is maximal value!
  2. Thanks all, who wrote me answer. I´m unhappy to work with XP, not mention Vista and 7. I´m fan of ME, but things go worse and worse. You ask me with detailed information about my PC: Motherboard: MSI 865PE Neo3-V, memory: Kingston 2xKVR400X64C3AK2/2G kit of 2, (ME run with 2 modules 1024+512, but I thing, it is not good combination, but if I used 1024+1024 ME crashed), Graphic card: MSI FX5500 TD128LF 128 MB). In BIOS I have IDE Devices Configuration: enabled + auto, SATA Devices Configuration: Enhanced Mode/SATA1 master!!!!!!!! It is very important, it is only one combination, when OS ME is able to boot with: Primary IDE Master - HDD, Primary IDE Slave - HDD, Secondary IDE Master - HDD, Secondary IDE Slave - DVD-ROM, Third IDE Master - none, Fourth IDE Master - SATA HDD. Only two problems are to resolve: reading and writing from IDE HDD is almost fast like at XP, but writing on SATA HDD is very slow. Copying - frozened PC - copying - frozened PC - copying - frozened PC... Many softwares don´t work under ME. Motherboard MSI P4M900M2 don´t support ME. I tried installation, but I must add soundcard to PCI port, but there is no slot AGP, only video-regime VGA is disponible... I apologize you, I have problems with English language, I hope you understand me and thanks for answers
  3. I have ME maybe from 2002 and I´m very content with this OS, because it is very strong against viruses, malwares and so on. I have full controll of all doing, this is not the same thing like at XP, some three or four minutes on Internet and anyone can send message to XP, that he is very important update from microsoft.com. With ME, it is unpossible thing. But, I have more and more difficulties with ME. New MB don´t support ME, no new drivers for SATA (small speed of reading and writing SATAdiscs), no drivers for NVIDIA graphic cards. I tried XP, Vista and Windows 7 a I´d like to demolish my house with stupid messages and settings of new OS´s. I´d pay to Microsoft some 150 euros, if they repaire ME or 98SE with letting their original images and not buing Vista or 7...
  4. I have the following problem. I have ME and 2 GB memory, it is in fact 2 048 MB, and it is trouble. Installation is crashed, so I remove one of my two memories, so I effected installation with 1 GB memory. After installation process I made: Run - msconfig - Advanced and Restrict using memory on 999 MB. I have Czech version, my translation is uncorrect, but I hope, you know, what I mean. Then I returned memory-module in slot, so Windows XP can work with 2GB memory, ME with 1 GB memory. But, is this possible increase value from 999 MB on 1 900 MB? After all, it si almost 2 times...

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