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  1. Hello, Fernando. Thank you for your work but it seems your links in the first page are dead. Can i ask if you can update your post with the latest sata drivers for XP from AMD, found here - http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/raid_windows.aspx version 12.10. I want to install XP on a HP 655 laptop and i need to integrate the sata drivers. I try'd to make a package with all "AMD AHCI Driver" for all of the SB7,8,9xx series but it seems i have failed and integrated Win7 Sata drivers also and geting the "the file amd_sata.sys could not be found" error. So can you please update your package with all of amd sata drivers for XP and update your first post please? Ah and btw one final question. Can amd sata drivers and intel sata drivers co-exist in the same iso? Thank you.
  2. Sorry i may ask a stupid question but is there AIO package with all of intel sata drivers? I wanna make my new clean build and i wanna include all of intel sata drivers from the start till now. Or i need to download each package and then integrate them?
  3. Thanks for the help guys. After changing other components i think its the mobo. Now the PC is changed with a new one . About time xD .
  4. Well its Windows Xp Sp3. Well the NTLDR may be damaged(because of all those restarts) now idk. But the problem with the reboots was available even after a clean XP install. As i read in google it may be hard drive, the hdd cable, the CPU or the mobo. Its like this after i cleaned the PC and changed the bad capacitors and installed a fresh XP the problem with the reboots was still there. When i first start(cold start) the PC it reboot itself few times before its able to successfully load the OS.
  5. Hello guys. I got an old PC that's giving me problems. Its reboots from time to time, when you first start it and sometimes even after that. Its an old socket A(462)(AMD Duron 1.4Ghz) system with AGP video and 3 sticks DDR400 RAM(1GB total) and 40GB HDD. Nothing much for these days standards but still good for my parents. I have scanned the memory with memtest86+ left if all night and no errors were found. Scanned the HDD for bad blocks and its all OK. Changed the PSU with new one.... problem is still here. There were few capacitors in the mobo that were bad and i have changed them + the PC is clean with new termal paste. So now i got a feeling the mobo or the CPU are the source of the problem. My bro told me that he noticed ones that the PC reported the CPU speed to be 2.4Ghz on the post msg, and after that the PC rebooted and the CPU clock speed was normal again 1.4Ghz. Oh and i will attach a strange picture the PC showed. I really have no idea what it means T_T. And by the way today i think i noticed another strange msg on the post screen and it was something with "Your evaluation period have ended" or something like that. But come on what evaluation period when the PC is still on post msg and no OS was loaded? Share your opinions please i kinda wanna get to the bottom of this problem - strange and interesting. Thank you. http://i48.tinypic.com/19l4d1.jpg
  6. Tnx guys. Well the problem wasn't in the updates i have included. After some testing i have found that the problem was from M$ virtual PC. After installing VirtualBox by Oracle i didn't have any problem installing and testing my iso. Tnx again for your time . P.S. Topic is for locking or deleting.
  7. Hello, dudes. I have decided to update my January XP build with all the update till May. But after including them, XP is stuck at 37 minute of the install. Which of those updates i must not include to get full working install? Tnx for your help. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/10/updatesf.jpg
  8. Hello, i know many topics where written about including framework in XP install CD, but its kinda hard for me to understand it. So i wanna ask can somebody be so good to make nLite add-ons or something that i can include easy in my XP install, because every time, when i do a clean install i must wait 1-2 hours, only because of the framework updates. I wanna include the following: - FrameWork 2.0 - Link - KB951847 - KB2418241 - KB2416473 - KB983583 - KB9982524 - KB979909 - KB982168 - KB963707 - KB961118 Tnx in advance.
  9. Hello people. You all know when customizing installation with nLite you can select, after installation windows to log you in automatically with the administrator account. But after that if you create new account and want to use it, first you need to type "control userpassword2" in the run box, apply a tick there and after that you will be able to select other accounts. And now my question is, is there a way to make that automatically. After installation to enter with the admin account but to skip the step when i have to enter "control userpassword2" and to click the tick. P.S. It's about customizing windows xp install.
  10. For me the best way to get speed for your Win 7 is to install it on a SSD , and keep your data on a HDD .
  11. Hello First tnx for the great program and i have some questions. First i wanna make a multiboot usb flash with the following windows editions - WinXpSp3, WinVista32/64, Win732/64. So first i have included WinXp+Win7 32bits, and after that i have included Win7 64bits? So is this the correct way!? Next on the boot screen when i have to chose what to boot, how can i understand which is the 64 and which is the 32bits install? Is there a way to change the names of the OS's on the boot screen? Tnx
  12. Hello, all. I wanna ask is it possible to create a multiboot USB Flash for install? Lets say WinXP+Vista32/64+Win732/64 on the same USB Flash!? Tnx in advance.

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