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  1. DriverPack Chipset V5.07.2

    I have a Asus A8N-SLI mb, but after installing WinXP with the latest driverpacks included it doesn't instaal the following components: - smbus - ethernet - sound Is anyone with the same mb having the same problems?
  2. WMP10 Complete Slipstream

    I have a problem slipstreaming wmp10. When i startup the process i get the fiollowing error: Invalid folder. Check if the map exists or that it is read-only. My i386 map is read-only. When i try to change it either through explorer or using attrib it doesn't change this. Does anyone have a solution for this problem? I use the dutch xp pro sp2.
  3. I have the following problem. When i install in VMWare every driver i integrate on my dvd installs perfectly. When doing a clean install the drivers for my raid, sound, ethernet and sm bus aren't installed and i have to manually install these. For this installation i point to the drivers on my dvd and it installs without any problem. Does anybody have an idea how to solve this? I use the following: Asus A7N8X DeLuxe AMD 3200+ 1,5 G PC3200 nVidia driverversion 4.27 sata driverpack from Bashrat Maxtor Sata 120 G
  4. @esp: I found the solution in another thread, namely modifying the file SFC_OS.DL_ and the file HIVESFT.inf. SFC_OS HIVESFT This works perfect for me. With this you can use any theme you want. Thanks to the guys who posted this.
  5. Hi everyone. I'm also having troubles with the themes. I use a theme called RedDragon form themexp.org. I modified my uxtheme, disabled WFP and placed the theme in the resourcesmap. Everything is applied, background, icons and sound, but not the msstyle part. Is this an indication that mu uxtheme isn't patched right? I use XP pro sp2 slipstreamed Dutch.
  6. DVD X Copy

    I'm having trouble installing this silently. The installer is NullSoft, but /S doesn't work. When installing with this switch it still asks to select a language and wants a confirmation about the drivers it wants to install. After this it comes with the setup of DVD X Rescue which isn't silent at all. Anybody?
  7. Hi there. This may sound like a stupid question, but how do you all get all the text in the setupscreens. I use photoshop, but i can't seem to figure out how to insert text in my image. The sort of text i mean is like in the Whitehouse screen of Hoverhead.->Special Whitehouse XP and so on. Edit: Sorry. Clicked wrong option. I wanted this to go into the completed setupscreen thread.
  8. DotNet Framework 1.1

    All my apps are installed of the cdrom drive. In my case it's a dvd but that shouldn't make a difference.
  9. DotNet Framework 1.1

    When installing this program i get the question to insert CD1. I use the following switch: REG ADD %KEY%\15 /V 1 /D "%CDROM%\Software\DotNet\netfx.msi /QB" /f Anyone has an idea of what's wrong here. I use the redistributable package from MS.
  10. NSW 2004

    Hi there. I've been working on my unattended disk and wanted to include NSW2004 Pro in there. All the switches that are needed for the silent install i allready have. Now i want to preselect the different applications for the install. I, for instance don't want to install Norton Ghost and Rescue Disk. I've been searching in this forum and couldn't find the right solution. I know i have to look in the nsw.msi file. I use orca for this. But now the question is where do i alter this file so i get what i want. Anyone?
  11. runonceex result

    This is my runonceex. My OS is WinXP Pro SP1 RunOnceEx.cmd
  12. I've searched i think the whole forum for this question but couldn't find it: After compiling the runonceex.cmd file i tested it by doubleclicking on it. After this i went into the registry to see the result. I found that for all my apps there was a line in the reg. My question however is; can i be certain that the apps will install now? I saw that for some apps there were lines like this one: Nero Burning Rom and nothing more and for example moviemaker2 gave this line: \Software\MovieMak\mm20.msi /qn. I'm a bit confused about these differences.
  13. DAP 7

    Thank you very much Mazin. This is exactly the answer i was looking for.
  14. DAP 7

    @ big poppa pump: nice to see that there are still some people who know to be polite. Furthermore i read this thread and didn't understand it. The lines i use, in runonceex all start with reg add %key% and so on. This doesn't look like the lines you posted in the thread. Therefor my question. Do i have to put the taskkil programm in the DAP dir and what commandline should i use that gives the right command, seeing my lines differ from yours.