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  1. Hello, I apologise if has asked a question in not a proper place or such theme already exists (stick with a nose - where?). Help me to write the program (it is desirable on C++) which independently would copy files (files themselves show - patches of graphic resources, are created by the editor of resources, program Restorator), from the specified place in system folders (Windows, System32, Resuorces and etc.) with automatic application of necessary access rights on files (i.e. those files which it is necessary patching)on Windows 7. Help to write, please, the code as itself in programming is not strong (I prefer applied programs, design, registration of Windows-systems). I wait for the help, I will be grateful for responses... Thanks
  2. Your Accaunt Picture: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\user.bmp All Accaunt Pictures: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\Default Pictures
  3. Hi, help me, please I have decided to modify system hours in Windows 7 but I can not find parametres responsible arrows of system hours. Where there are resources or parametres responsible for colour of arrows in system hours? see screen shot and sorry for my bad English & screen on Russian, because i am from Ukraine tnx all for help
  4. Likely it is impossible as ХР in this plan is not exposed to editing
  5. change aero.msstyles file 659 and 653 resources in IMAGE section
  6. you wont to create unattended windows xp with new Logonui, themes, setup billboard, wallpapers and other? ??
  7. Resource Hacker: http://angusj.com/resourcehacker/ Freeware Resouce Tunner => Resource Tuner, OK: http://www.restuner.com/ $39.95 Restortorar=>Restorator, OK: http://www.bome.com/Restorator/ Price: 60 Euros (approx. US$ 85) Other Freeware ones: http://www.wilsonc.demon.co.uk/d10resourceeditor.htm http://www.resedit.net/ jaclaz but it’s not work

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