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  1. very nice work .. thanks

  2. Want Animated ShutDown Dialog Box

    Probably, but not with .gif, it is done with .avi... Load a file above, and try it
  3. ntoskrnl.exe

    I´m interested - but it`s russian. I can`t understand it - maybe a translation would help. Could you do that for us? I shall describe all, but later... Not all is found...
  4. ntoskrnl.exe

    To everyone to whom it is interesting... Here a forum where have found as to change position progress of a bar across
  5. Here animation in 2 examples: 1. A pattern in .psd a format for users Photoshop Pattern Activity_PSD.rar 2.In .bmp files (105 pieces), for other programs of creation of animation, including it is possible to keep a pattern in .avi, simply add the first the staff in VirtualDub and save...Pattern Activity_BMP.rar 2 variants in one archive Patterns Activity_PSD + BMP.rar The note: Patterns in original size Microsoft 200х200 if to whom that is required with greater expansion, write, I shall make... ... Excuse for English, I from Ukraine
  6. ntoskrnl.exe

    Possibly in the file of ntoskrnl.exe to change position progress bar on a horizontal line? Excuse for English
  7. About ntoskrnl.exe?

    http://www.geocities.com/thejjoelc/XPbootcolors.html#make or TuneUp and http://forum.oszone.net/thread-135284-6.html
  8. How can i edit border color

    You decided this question?
  9. Windows 7 Boot Screen for Windows 2000

    To ALL http://www.geocities.com/thejjoelc/XPbootcolors.html#make
  10. For Windows XP style classic explorer.exe....
  11. Want Animated ShutDown Dialog Box

    Send me your msgina.dll, I try to do, sorry for English, I from Ukraine ..
  12. Where is this screen?

    For 2 screen OOBEResources.dll
  13. boot screen for Windows 7

    download bootscreen for Windows 7 (bootres.dll) 200x21000