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  1. Well really, no it's not. "How could this happen to me?" Because your a stupid selfesh f***. He should have been asking "Why did it happen to her?". Because he was more concerned about why it happened to him clearly shows how self centered he is.
  2. It's right on their web site.
  3. So does Remote Desktop. If you are useing XP Pro it really is the best solution.
  4. Yes it is a low-spec system, only because it is running 9x. It's kind of funny how just one aspect of a really nice system can make it not as good as it could be. The OS is defecent for modern software.
  5. The first thing I thought of was "Do you in fact have an internet connection?". Are you connecting through a modem or broadband? If a modem: Is it dialing out OK? If broadband: Is the nic setup right?
  6. At the "Run" box type in "control userpasswords2". Then check the box that says "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer".
  7. Why not just download a new evalution that has SP1 in it?
  8. @mattofak I have never seen the results you are describing. In fact, Microsoft has went to great lengths to be sure what you say you are doing is not possible. Sorry, I just don’t see it.
  9. If you install an OEM version using a VLK key you will still have to activate it. The key is not what determens wheather or not your copy requires activation. That is if it really is possable to use a VLK on a OEM disk. I could be wrong but my experinces has proved that it is not possable with out changing the PID in the SETUP.INI file. And that doesn't get around the oobe part which is were the activation takes place. There are 7 differenct types of keys: Home Retail, Home Upgrade, Home OEM, Pro Retail, Pro Upgrade, Pro OEM, and Pro VLK. None are interchangalbe with each other. Just do it right and activate your OEM copys the proper way.
  10. Go to "Manage Your Server" and choose "Add or Remove roles". That's the easy way, the other way is to disable those services.
  11. Did you check to see if Remote Desktop was still turned on at the server? BTW, Terminal Services and Remote Desktop work the same, ie... same port, same protocal and so on. If RD doesn't work, neither will TS. Some of the differences are: RD requires you to be an admin, TS does not. RD will only allow 2 connections, TS will allow as many connections as you have licenses for. You do not need to download anything from Microsoft to get TS working, but you will have to buy TS CAL's. Now that I think of it, are you tring to log in useing an admin account or a user account?
  12. OEM and retail use different numbers. So if you are installing from an OEM CD, use the OEM number. If you are installing from a retail CD, use the number that came with the retail CD. It sounds like you are tring to install from a retail CD because you don't have an OEM CD. Is that right? If so, just use the key that came with your retail CD.
  13. I would bet you have bad memory. Run memtest86 and see if there are any errors.
  14. 80,000 entries is a lot of entries. Why haven't you installed SP2? I have never had that kind of problem with a hosts file but I have never had one that large. Have you checked for spyware/virus?

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