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  1. Dell Poweredge server PSU plug

    I know these are generic plugs / sockets as have some on wopping big ups's in the shed, am after the "official name" for the plug needed for them, as in a "kettle" pc lead is an IEC plug, whats the bigger one for some of the larger server hardware called? looked all over dell site this afternoon and loads of refences to the server and psu's but nothing as to the plug.
  2. Server 2003 setup behind a router

    Yeah its a funny setup, we all have and use wireless laptops, have a network printer we would like to use, building isnt good for picking up main router signal so bought an external mag mount wireless aerial, the idea being for the server to do all the work. I did have a t-mobile dongle in at first, used the wizard lazy setup for server so it was then just turned on ICS which worked ok. Now this bt router is running would be great to connect thru that as much better speed. Been looking into it, know in the past when i was IT manager at a high school, we had a microwave link on a 10.10.x.x address that came in from bolton main IT unit and an isa box inbetween that and our internal lans, would it do the same and work for me in this situation? Or even just use sbs2003/8 with isa built in to try and do what i want it too?
  3. This has been driving me nuts all day at work and got to the point where am thinking too hard and need some idea's. I work at a small pc recycling company, the units we work in are small/medium and the owner of them all provides wireless net access via a bt router. Am trying to setup server 2003 for an internal lan and our own wireless access point which is easy till you add the fact I want the WAN connection via a wireless card to the bt router Bt router is setup on the 192.168.1.x so the wireless card gets I cant change any setting on the router as will affect other users What server address should i use and address range ideally for my lan? Do i use ics or rras to get my lan to access the net on the BT router thru the wireless connection? I hope I have explained myself ok, dug around for the last hour or so on google but mine seems to be a unique situation
  4. SISRaid Driver slipstream

    Glad i ain't the only one having this problem today!!! Have used original XP disk to install now after hours of messing about...the latest slipstreamed version i have wouldnt accept the driver off the floppy when installing at the same point as you lol The easiest way around it - just a pain in the bum to then install sp2 and all the updates
  5. Ok heres one to get ur teeth into before i bugger everything up lol. Have just moved house where i had lovely NTL 10mb connected to a server 2003 machine (via ethernet) and 4 machines which connected to the server - server has dhcp, nat etc Ok now i cant get NTL i had to go with BT option 4 (highest one) and now have a BT router 2091 (with wireless) - how do i configure this so it works with my server ( i used to remote into the server from other pc's) i think this is easy - but, how can i do it so that wireless clients use the dhcp on the server and not the router itself !!! Currently i have been plugging the router into the server and all works ok but for remote assistance etc i have to plug into the router directly to get it to work. Cheers for anyones ideas - u will laugh but i am an mcse and run my own pc business but i cant get into my head what i need to do lol WeZ
  6. ghosting xp image

    You can only use a ghosted image on exactly the same spec machine you took it from!!!!
  7. wireless networking

    Thats what ive been trying to do but instead of using ICS am using NAT - think the better way is to splash out on an access point but surely this way must work somehow lol
  8. wireless networking

    nah lol, just added a wireless card to the server, how can i get other wireless devices to access my current LAN and access the internet - currently the LAN uses RRAS NAT/basic firewall - from my laptop all i can see is the server shared folders - no internet :-(
  9. wireless networking

    Help!!!! I have a wired network at the moment using xp machines and a win 2003 server to control them and use RRAS to share internet access from cable modem to the other computers. I would like to introduce a wireless card if poss to enable wireless access to the network and internet. Any ideas how 2 do it?? Just added the card and can see the server and shares but no internet........