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  1. Nlite error report

    K trying to intergrate all the update and fixes into win xp pro sp3 Nlite tell me that the following can not be intergrated and I have to do it manually. some off the files are dotnetfx, gditool etc. so can someone point me in the right direction on how to intergrate these files into xp Thanks p.s. if their is a guide on how to for this would be great also attached is my last session.ini LAST_SESSION.INI
  2. nLite hotfix, newbie questio

    Found the solution
  3. nLite hotfix, newbie questio

    1 question, i'm at the part where you can add the hot fixes/add-on etc. I've d/l all the update that i need using the utility WUD found on this site. Now i'm ready to insert all the fixes/updates My question is is thier a specific order to installing all these update/fixes/add-ons If answer is yes, how can i tell in which order their are supposed to be installed. Thanks
  4. Boot cd/ Menus

    Ty for info
  5. How do you make a plain xp boot dvd So it just bots computer up?
  6. I'm not sure if this is where i'm supposed to post this? What i'm trying to accomplish is the following I want to boot on a dvd and it will come up with a menu asking what i want to install e.g. xp sp2, office, worpad. etc K I used Autorun Design to create an autorun cd with menus Now i need to make it bootable. I tried using nero and pointing it to boot.img and it did mot work This is how my dvd is setup right now boot directory contains the following files autorun.exe, autorun.ico, autorun.inf <--- files creeated by autorun design then i have the following directory AutorunScr <---this is where all the menu, picture are stored from the autorun design prg Office 2007 <-- contains all office 2007 setup files Win XP <--- contains all of win xp once i burn the following disk i get the following error missing NTLDR but if i move all of the directory win xp into the root directory I can boot the cd, but i go right to the installation of win xp. What i want is to see first is my autorun menus. Thanks Navop
  7. K been looking around on how to make a window xp disk with drivers and prg, been reading the unattended xp guid, but i'm sure that thier is other prg that can help me out What I'm looking to do is change the boot screen, the billboard, add my favorite prg, and have windows do it all on its own So can some one tell me what prg to use for making a good xp unattended cd/dvd These are the prg that i have already, 1. RVM Intergrator ... used to intergrate rayan pack and utils 2. Windows Unattended CD Creator ... use it for adding users, network id and serial # now I must be missing other prg to make my boot screen, login screen, and also to load some prg like office 2003, winzip, mirc etc I've looked all over the net and mirc for help and for pdf and guides and the only one that i have come across is the msfn unattended guid, which helps. SO i hope some can help me out.
  8. SISRaid Driver slipstream

    K followed all instruction on how to insert raid drivers in the files, Now tried to install on system, I get pass the " Setup is loading files ("") section I get to format my hdd It creats a list of files to copy and then come my problem I get the following error msg Setup cannot copy the file: SiSRaid.sys ( this is my raid driver file) Now it asks me to retry or skip file. So what am I doing wrong, please help me Thanks