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  1. IPv4 is not going away anytime soon. Anyway, your router should be able to translate IPv6 to IPv4.
  2. I don't know for sure, but I installed over 4.5, rebooted as prompted and it seems to be working OK. Glad it's still working, still be interested to know the correct method though. Xeno86, in the third post in this thread: "Also the installer is now more familiar and supports installing new version on top of previous installation. "
  3. Use the latest version of Opera or K-Meleon along with KernelEx. Opera works great on my Pentium MMX 200 MHz, 128 MB EDO RAM, Windows 98 SE system with KernelEx. It's fast and responsive and works with almost every website now. And with Opera's steadily growing extension ecosystem, I don't miss anything from Firefox except Xmarks, which doesn't have an Opera extension yet. If you tried Opera before but didn't like it, give it another try. It's improved immensely and is on par with all the modern browsers. This is coming from a Firefox fan. KernelEx was just updated to 4.5.1 to work with the latest version of Opera, so grab it here: http://kernelex.sourceforge.net/
  4. This sounds like a bad stall. I hope some new developers are able to grab the controls and recover. Our household's two XP machines are currently down and out, so we have resorted to this 14-year-old Pentium I with Win98SE. Thanks to KernelEx, we're able to use a fully modern browser (Opera) and get done what we need to. Xeno86, thank you for all your work on this project! I have a suggestion for future development, whoever might be doing it. For me, the most important software BY FAR to get to work on Windows 98 is Opera, followed by K-Meleon and Adobe Flash. No other software is important to me. Maybe the project would demand less time If the developer(s) focused on these programs only, especially Opera.
  5. P6CPU.VXD was written for GOM. It does not support Flash or mjpegtools. I have not updated P3CPU.VXD since it did not seem to solve the Flash problems even though it Patched the Illegal Instructions. Misinterpreted Instructions cannot be detected or Patched using a Trapper, Code analysis is needed. I have attached it for your experimenting. NOTE TO EVERYONE! This is NOT Production Code. It is for Experimental use only. How do I use p3cpu.vxd? (Sorry, total noob.) Thanks.
  6. Dave-H, the MSI installer is here: ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1101/autoupdate/Opera_1101_int_Setup.msi You have several choice to get a running Opera with Windows 98/Me: - MSI installer - Autoupdate is suppose to work (didn't tried this time), but as I had explained here: post #1105, I got a crash me too when I tried with Opera 11.00 but the installer was in the %Windir%\TEMP directory - Unpack the regular installer with 7-Zip - Create a standalone install with this installer on a supported OS, and copy it back on Windows 98 - or Download a portable version at Opera@USB , PortableApps.com or Kejut.com Opera 11.10 is out now and it works fine with latest KernelEx on 98SE. To install it, I referred back to Charles' helpful instructions above. I chose option one and downloaded the MSI installer. It's here: ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1101/autoupdate/Opera_1110_int_Setup.msi. The buttons are labled with placeholder text and so aren't helpful, but if you just keep hitting Enter you'll be fine. Enjoy! And remember to run Opera using KernelEx Windows 2000 SP4 mode. Hot tip: There's a new, proper AdBlock extension that shows up on Opera's extension site only after you've updated to Opera 11.10. Works marvelously! (Although if you have NoAds installed, it may roll over to the new extension automatically, I'm not sure. When you view the popular extensions using 11.01, NoAds is in second place, but when you upgrade to 11.10, Opera AdBlock is in second place, so they must be different versions of the same extension, only AdBlock is much better.)
  7. Hi Jumper. I'm confused on how to use FineSSE. If I add this info to the WIN.INI file, will FineSSE run automatically when I run another program, or do I still have to drag and drop the program onto the FineSSE icon? If it doesn't run automatically, what if I want to run Flash embedded in my browser? Also, do you know if FineSSE will make Flash 10.x work? I have a Pentium MMX processor. I was glad to see that it meets the minimum requirements to run FineSSE. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thank you for those recent post updates. Do you use this new opera? I suppose we will just need to wait and see if anyone reports anything bad about it on Windows 98. Works fine on my machine without KernelEx enabled.
  9. These you should move from "Others" to "System Information": ONGD - FREE - SIW --- http://www.gtopala.com ONGD - FREE - Fresh Diagnose 8.02 --- http://www.freshdevices.com/freshdiag.html ONGD - FREE - HWiNFO32 2.38-207 --- http://www.hwinfo.com/download32.html This can be moved from "Others" to "Internet Browsers": ONGD - FREE - GreenBrowser 4.9.0111 --- http://www.morequick.com/IndexEn.htm This can be moved from "Others" to "Instant Messaging": LAST - FREE - BORGChat v1.0.0 b438 --- http://borgchat.softnews.ro/download.php
  10. Almost a year ago I posted these, and they never did get added to the main list. I think galahs overlooked the post, since he did add another list of programs I posted in a later post. Several of these programs have been updated, and I've changed the numbers to reflect that. I've also categorized everything to make it clear what goes where. Edit: These have all been added to the first post in the thread. Thanks galahs. Internet Browsers LAST - FREE - Avant Browser 11.0 build 46 --- http://avant.it-mate.co.uk/?c=Download&amp.../11_Series/11_0 System Information LAST - FREE - AIDA32 3.94.2 --- http://www.oldversion.com/AIDA32.html LAST - FREE - EVEREST Home Edition 2.20.405 --- http://www.oldversion.com/Everest-Home-Edition.html ONGD - FREE - Belarc Advisor 8.1e --- http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html Defragmenters LAST - FREE - WinME Defrag 4.90.3000 --- http://www.mesich.com/framed.html?page=defrag ONGD - FREE - ScanDefrag 5.6 --- http://www.blueorbsoft.com/scandefrag/ Windows Components LAST - FREE - Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 SP1 --- http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en Uninstallers ONGD - FREE - MyUninstaller 1.55 --- http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/myuninst.html ONGD - FREE - ZSoft Uninstaller 2.4.1 --- http://www.zsoft.dk/index/software_details/4 Updaters ONGD - FREE - SUMo (Software Update Monitor) --- http://www.kcsoftwares.com/index.php?sumo ONGD - FREE - FileHippo.com Update Checker 1.035 --- http://www.filehippo.com/updatechecker/ Others LAST - FREE - Peer Monitor 1.6.74 --- http://www.peermonitor.com/download.aspx ONGD - FREE - DING! 1.05.005 --- http://www.southwest.com/cgi-bin/systray?action=download ONGD - FREE - Find And Run Robot 2.80.01 --- http://www.donationcoder.com/Software/Mouser/findrun/ To update only: LAST - FREE - Autoruns 9.13 --- http://www.filehippo.com/download_autoruns/3847/ LAST - FREE - Process Explorer 11.11 --- http://www.filehippo.com/download_process_explorer/3854/ I will cross off items from this list as they are added to the list on the first page.
  11. that's a good question .. does anyone know the answer? i don't ... This noob wants to know, too. What does this update do? And does it add any processes? If it does, I hope it has some benefit for the average, everyday user. RAM is a limited and precious resource for many of us.
  12. Thank you for this list! It's just what I needed. I hope you come back to update it regularly. But what do you mean by "as far as I'm concerned"? Even better than this list -- someone update the service pack! Please.
  13. A few more: ONGD - FREE - GreenBrowser 4.9.0111 --- http://www.morequick.com/IndexEn.htm ONGD - FREE - Double Driver 2.1.0 --- http://www.boozet.org/dd.htm LAST - FREE - BORGChat v1.0.0 b438 --- http://borgchat.softnews.ro/download.php ONGD - FREE - Fresh Diagnose 8.02 --- http://www.freshdevices.com/freshdiag.html ONGD - FREE - HWiNFO32 2.38-207 --- http://www.hwinfo.com/download32.html Edit: The above crossed-out items have been added to the main list. Thanks galahs. GreenBrowser seems to handle multiple tabs a little better than Maxthon classic on my 200MHz Pentium. Opera still does tabs better than any, though. A lot of features didn't work in Fresh Diagnose, though that may be an incompatibility with my motherboard and not Win98.
  14. I previously tried and failed to run v10 without KernelEx, so I would say no. You would need v9 if you don't have KernelEx.
  15. Is anybody working on this? I would love to see it finished.
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