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  1. Just Fixed My Drive Got my RS232-TTL adapter this morning, backing up my data right now. But only after figuring out that the connections are TX to TXD, and RX to RXD. Should've been the first thing I checked Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to this solution, and Gradius for putting up this guide, and putting up with the naysayers.
  2. I know, that's a little selfish. You could just host it yourself though. Don't let a few greedy people stop you from helping hundreds of others.
  3. Has this fix been tested on other non-SD15, 7200.11 drives?
  4. Seagate are already in deep trouble. It will become very apparent when they realize that no one trusts them enough to buy their drives. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing they can do now to amend this screwup
  5. I just ordered an RS232 board, but I'm gonna wait till all the kinks are ironed out. Maybe someone with basic programming skills will release a simple GUI/program that automates the whole thing. As for mounting the logic board, I'd use a teflon strip on the motor contacts, and pull it once the 2 screws next to either contact grids are secured down.
  6. Thanks For putting this together Gradius. For those who can't find the "RS232 to TTL" board locally, there are plenty of them on ebay, just search for "RS232 -usb" or "MAX232" Also, make sure its rated for 5v, then you can power it from your PSU. And if anyone can find the little jumper cables on ebay too, please post a link. In Windows XP SP3, the HyperTerminal is in "C:\Program Files\Windows NT\hypertrm.exe"
  7. Model: ST31000340AS Firmware version: SD15 Date Code: 09045 Serial Number: 5QJ0**** Site Code: WUXISG Made in China Seagate-Tool says: AFFECTED ... (after typing serial in upper-case letters).... Date of purchase: Aug 2008
  8. Can you please link me to the tool that reactivates the drive? I can't find it.
  9. I don't know how to get the EEPROM, maybe you could post a guide. Anyway, I uploaded a pic of the PCBs that I have, I hope it helps.
  10. They're chasing their next paycheck, but I think most people just want their data back. I'd take that over a refund.
  11. There is one. If you come home, and notice that you've bought a seagate drive, backup your data ASAP. Failure is imminent.
  12. Anyone still trying to recover that password, I've just run the ARCHPR 4.5 english.dic with smart mutations with no luck. It's also not a number between 0 and 2000000. I get the feeling its Chinese, which is even more impossible to guess. Even if you had it, you'd have trouble getting winrar to recognize it.
  13. A. We are not cracking anything. That would be illegal and a violation of forum rues. What we are trying to do is recover a password to a publicly available file. B. An ATA/Serial sniffer has been suggested a dozen times, but first we need someone with an HD Doctor who is willing to do that. But you are right, that would be the best solution to this problem.
  14. Just found a 2 GB word list. Gonna crank my quad to 3.6 and do exactly as you suggested.
  15. That would be great, except none of the RAR password recovery tools are multi-threaded, so my quad core is working at 1/4 possible load. At this rate the "english with smart mutations" is gonna take about 20hrs. If anyone can find a GPU (Cuda) powered RAR recovery program, please let us know. Those chips brute force about 20 times faster than consumer CPUs. By the way, this is all assuming the password is actually a WORD. A true brute force would take a few decades. Yeah, those pillocks a complete cun*s. As soon as they start to figure something out, there's as storm of back peddling and covering up/post removals, as it may affect their "bread and butter". WTF is the point of having a help forum if any actual "help" is removed on the grounds that it's bad for their bottom line. Pr*cks, the lot of em.
  16. I'm running a 1-7 digit numerical brute force, and an English dictionary brute force with smart mutations in ARCHPR right now. If it don't find anything with the standard wordlist, I'm gonna try some of the ones here: http://www.theargon.com/achilles/wordlists/ keep us updated.
  17. I'm betting the password is Chinese, but I'll try an english attack with smart mutations anyway. And a 6 digit numerical while I'm at it. Silly single threaded software
  18. Could you at least post some pictures of the kit so everyone can see it? We're all very curious here.
  19. Can you please post a picture of the Serial to SATA cable? I've never seen one of these before.
  20. Is the 0 GB bug the same as the BSY bug? Or do they both happen at the same time? It's either 2 different problems, or people are using the terms interchangeably.
  21. I know a lot of people are desperate to get their data back, but, just be careful who you send your drive to. You don't want to end up losing it forever.
  22. Well, my drive 100% failed in 4 months, so that's and Annualized Failure Rate of 300% !! I Win !! Awwwsommmme !!! i think we should all throw in and get Fuzzy a WD Black as a first place drive, for real, that really is bad luck dude............ Heh, already bought one, but Thanks Has anyone contacted this man? He may be able to listen to the TX - RX lines and give us exactly the commands we need.
  23. Well, my drive 100% failed in 4 months, so that's and Annualized Failure Rate of 300% !! I Win !!

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