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  1. Well, we're still using microchips and keyboards too. SSD drives have a whole host of problems inherent in the technology. While they may not fail as frequently, when they do, data recovery is that much harder, and in some cases, a spike may simply wipe the data out completely. Only time will tell, but I don't think hard drives will be made completely redundant any time soon.
  2. We need a new Topic for the 7200.11 Failure List, it's clogging up this thread. Maybe Poolcarpet could start one, and get a mod to clean out irrelevant posts. EDIT: Or maybe start a thread for finding a solution and leave this one for the google stats / failure list.
  3. Keep in mind that Seagate has a team of lawyers, and this thread is one threatening fax away from being deleted. This problem is going to be too big to hide in a few months, but you know they'll do everything they can to keep the public oblivious.
  4. That's true, but all I'm concerned about right now is getting the data back. They can keep their sodding POS drive for all I care. I want to keep this topic on fixing the problem, unless that's become an afterthought. I'm guessing most people have come to terms with losing the data by now. Maybe you should start a separate thread to go after Seagate and their complete failure with this drive. And their nazi controlled forum. And their non existent tech support. And their general asshattery.
  5. In all seriousness this "data" is irrelevant to finding a solution, but I guess that's all some of us can do right now. What you need is a poll: I own a Seagate 7200.11 drive and: [it's working fine] [it's dead] Though you wouldn't be here if you drive was working so that wouldn't help much either. I'm guessing this will snowball as more and more drives drop like flies.
  6. You're right, Didn't notice that. We need a list of variable extremes, but I think we'll end up encompassing all 7200.11 drives. Were also missing "Country of origin" and "Symptom" from the current list. I'm wondering how many of those have the bios detection with spinup problem, and not just a genuinely dead drive.
  7. Sorry to break up the streak we're having but: 5QJ0****:ST31000340AS:9BX158-303:SD15:09045:WUXISG:CHINA:August2008:Dec24th08:Fuzzy_3D It's obviously a SD15 firmware issue with the Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 drives. For the crawlers: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 Firmware SD15 drive fix repair solution disappeared disappears not reported recognize bios bootup boot-up boot up windows
  8. I've got a ST31000340AS from China that's not being recognized. Bought it on August 22nd, failed on Dec 23rd. Christmas eve, the day before I got an external drive from Santa.
  9. So were you able to recover the data off the failed drive? I've tried a PCB swap to no avail, but the boards were noticeably different anyway.
  10. I found it here on eBay None of my local electronic shops had one.
  11. I got a 1TB Caviar Black the week after my seagate failed too. As far as 1TB drives go, it's got the best rating, and that's really all I have to go by. Whereas before, anything seagate would do, I guess now they've shown their true colors.
  12. And if you sold it once you were done, it would end up being even cheaper.
  13. Do NOT backup anything onto flash media. It's the most volatile of all storage methods. Unless its a micro drive.
  14. You will be better off just getting an external hard drive, and do weekly backups / syncs. Raid is the lowest form of data backup. I stopped using raid storage years ago, since I've had quality Raid controllers fail and take all the data with them. A virus will do the same thing to both sets of your precious data. As will a bad power surge or more commonly, a PSU malfunction. I worked with a guy who kept a separate machine for his backups, and lost all his data anyway due to a leaky toilet while he was out on vacation. Yet another customer lost everything in a house fire. He now keeps his backup server in a fridge in his shed, 15 meters from his house with a gigabit line. I've been using external drives since my 2 last Raid failures, and it works. In this case I didn't have anywhere to backup a 1TB drive to, so now I'm screwed. If you have any money, buy whatever external drive you can comfortably afford (You can get good ones for about $100), and backup whatever important data you can fit on it. It may not be an emergency right now, but you'll be glad you did when your drive inevitably fails.
  15. Now that we're not under the heel of seagate or the corporate data recovery shills, I think it's time someone re-posted this: http://members.shaw.ca/imgref/PC3000_BSY_Fix.avi This is the PC3000 seagate BSY fix. I found this on some Russian site through google. Just so you can see how trivial this fix actually is, if you have the right hardware. It's encoded in x264, so use VLC if you can't watch it as is.

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